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featured image sync intel videotech Intel Quick Sync Video happens to be Intel’s hardware video technology for encoding & decoding that is incorporated into certain Intel’s CPUs with HD Graphics that are built-in. Intel has decided not to rely on the computer processor alone, so they are introducing a graphics process for encoding and decoding digital video. This technology has been very useful to people who want to create Blu-ray discs or DVDs, create as well as edit 3D videos, change 2D videos to 3D, and change video to formats that can be played on portable media players. Plus for uploading videos to your best social networking website because it works within a short while. Quick Sync ensures lower quality outcomes compared to CPU-limited encoders. It prioritizes speed over quality. According to our programmers, Intel’s Quick Sync has a conversion speed that is 2.5 times faster than its predecessors. The below graphic shows you everything you need to know.

Set-up using PCI-e Graphic Card

As for desktop PCs with Intel™ processor that supports Intel Quick Sync Video tech coupled with AMD PCI-E or NVIDIA graphics card running, this tutorial explains how to have Intel’ Quick Sync Video set up on desktop PCs without connecting an Intel HD graphics card to the monitor.

Enable Intel graphic Card Inside BIO

Confirm from your computer BIOS instructions or user manual how Intel integrated graphic (iGPU) can be enabled. Get the Intel graphics enabled and save the BIOS changes. Install the most recent Intel graphic drivers for the Intel HD graphics card model you have.

Open Settings for Windows Screen Resolution

For Windows 7, 8:

You need to right-click an empty space around the desktop for the Screen Resolution to be displayed. Click on Detect for the detection of video outputs that are not active.

windows7 screen resolution

For Windows 10:

Navigate to your Desktop, and right-click the mouse to go to Display Settings.

windows10 screen resolution

From the panel that comes up, click on Advanced Display Settings. There will be more options regarding screen resolution here.

advanced display settings

Click the Detect option above.

Force Display for Intel HD Graphic Output

Choose the display output that has been detected for Intel HD Graphic output Graphics and choose "Try to connect anyway on VGA" in the dropdown that says Multiple displays.

install hd graphic output

Before effecting any further changes click on Apply.

Extend Display

Choose your major display and choose to Extend these displays in the multiple display dropdown.

extend display

Click on Apply to effect changes.

Exit Settings for Screen Resolution

The setup for your displays should look like what’s on the image beneath. Click on OK to exit the Screen Resolution setting.

screen resolution

Restart our Software

Run our application so you can get the needed Intel acceleration applied.

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