Free PDF Tools for All Your Document Needs

Check out all the essential PDF tools you'll need to be more productive with your documents. Completely free and user-friendly. Say goodbye to complex software! Easily convert to PDF or from PDF without sign up in clicks.

Convert from PDF

PDF to Word

Convert your PDF to Word documents without losing the original format.

PDF to Excel

Extract tables and datas from PDF and turn them into editable Excel file.


Convert PDF to TXT for free online with the highest accuracy.


Convert your PDF document into HTML web page content in clicks.


Turn PDF to editable DOCX file format online for easy editing.


Convert PDF files to XLSX spreadsheets accurately and quickly.

Convert to PDF


Generate a PDF document from your Microsoft Word file for free.

Convert Other Documents


Upload your Word DOCX document to convert to HTML in seconds.


Convert DOCX file to TXT online with the best quality.


Change RTF document to PDF for convenient sharing.


Convert RTF files to DOC (Word) format at once online for free.

OCR Images

Free Online OCR

Convert picture to editable text with the latest OCR technology.

Image to Text

Easily and quickly extract text from images such as JPGs, PNGs, etc.

JPG to Text

Convert JPG image files to actionable text within clicks.

WebP to Text

Convert WEBP to TXT online from any device quickly and free.

PNG to Text

Effortlessly extract and copy text from PNG images for free.

GIF to Text

Convert GIF image into editable TXT format with no registration.

BMP to Text

Convert BMP files to text with OCR application for free.

Looking for Premium PDF Converter & Editor?

AcePDF Converter & Editor

Get the comprehensive all-in-one desktop PDF converter & editor to access all the additional features. Easily view, convert, edit, create, annotate, organize, protect and sign PDF with ease. Boost your productivity right now!


What is a free online PDF converter?

A free online PDF converter is a web-based PDF tool that allows you to convert PDF to Word, Excel, TXT, etc. or vice versa in the browser as long as there is the internect connection.

How does a free online PDF converter work?

Generally, users upload the document they want to convert into the PDF converter website. Afterwards, the PDF converter website will process the file and convert it to the format you've selected. After the conversion, users can download the file with desired format.

Do I need to provide any info to use an online PDF converter?

No, you don't need to provide any personal info as there is no need for registration. Simply upload the PDF files you want to convert and wait for the conversion process to complete.

Do online PDF converters maintain the formatting?

Typically, online PDF converters aim to maintain the formatting of your original documents as much as possible. However, complex layouts or advanced formatting might not be replicated accurately in every instance.

Are free PDF converters safe to use?

It depends on the converter you select. While most of the reputable free online PDF converters are secure, others might contain adware or malware. It's crucial to use applications from reliable sources to guarantee safety.

Are there limitation for free online PDF tools?

Yes, for most online PDF converters and editors, there are indeed some limitations. For instance, there may be file size limit, conversion option restrictions, watermarks in outpu files, etc. And the lack of some advanced features is a common disadvantages compared with paid programs.

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