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  • Step 1

    Select the source of the audio - system, microphone, or both to record.

  • Step 2

    Once the settings are done, click the red Record button to start the recording.

  • Step 3

    Click the Stop button when you are done recording to end and save it as audio.

record audio online

One Click to Start Audio Recording

This tool is the best for recording audio because it is straightforward to use—it is free and only requires you to click once to begin the recording. There are no other complicated steps to follow. The highly functional user interface allows you to start and stop the recording and adjust many other settings with ease. The sound recording will be in the clip's original quality, which means the recording is as good as the sound you hear live. You can record the sound from your system, microphone, or both.

Record Audio from Any Online Stream

With this intelligent streaming audio recorder, now you’re able to record music from all online sources, including VEVO, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. You can also record news and podcasts from BBC, iTunes, AOL, and more. In addition, recording audio callings from Skype, Wechat, and others. It can record any sound played on your computer, including the system sound and voice from the microphone. Getting whatever you hear in high-quality audio is just a click away!

record audio from any site
edit ID 3 tag with online app

Organize Your Audio Library

The task window allows you to rename recordings easily, ensuring that your audio library is well-organized and that you do not waste any time finding the right file. With the ID3 tag editor, you can manage your recordings using various parameters, such as cover art, artist name, year, album, and so on. While playing the tracks, the saved metadata of the songs will be recognized and displayed.


Record Whatever Plays on Your Computer to Quality Audio

Educational Use

Educational Use

Record online lectures without having to watch the actual video of the speaker. Also, you can record your own lectures and demonstrations using a microphone.

Entertainment Use

Entertainment Use

Extract audio from your favorite music videos by recording. Transfer the recorded audio to any mobile device or portable storage to listen anytime and anywhere.

Business Use

Business Use

Record online meeting and conference without worrying about taking notes as you can listen to it again. This is an effective way to absorb and get more information.

User Testimonials

Helped Me So Much

It helped me so much! I am not limited to a single audio source anymore. It lets me record the audio from my PC along with audio overlays from the mic with high-quality outputs.


Amazing Software

No complicated installations and a simple interface were what I needed — and that is what I got with this amazing software. It’s surely the best way to get high-quality audio without getting into any hassle.

Michelle Michelle

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