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How to Mirror iPhone or Android Screen to Computer

Follow the easy steps to mirror and cast the screens of iOS/Android devices onto computers.

Step 1 Get the Phone Mirror Software

Install the phone mirror software on your computer to begin the phone mirroring process. Connect your available phone device, either iOS or Android.

Step 2 Connect Your Phone to Your Computer

Choose the preferred connection method, such as a USB cable or wireless connection, to establish a link between your phone and computer.

Step 3 Start Screen Mirroring

Follow the corresponding instructions of your chosen connection method. Afterward, allow the share permission using the phone mirroring app to enable the phone screen to be mirrored on your computer.

Top Phone Mirror Software for Wider Screen Viewing

Are you struggling to show photos and videos to your friends on a small screen? Look no further than phone mirror software! You can now watch your phone screen on your computer or TV screen for a wider, more comfortable watching experience. Whether you need to share photos, play mobile games, or watch streaming videos on a larger screen, phone mirror to PC is the ultimate solution for your needs.

Full-Screen Mirroring
Full-Screen Mirroring

The best phone mirror to PC software has a full-screen mirroring feature. It enables users to display their phone's screen on a bigger screen, specifically on PC’s. This feature is useful when watching videos, playing games, or using apps on a larger screen. The software mirrors your phone's display in real-time, ensuring no lag or delay in the display. It is an excellent tool for presentations, meetings, and sharing content with a larger audience.

High-Quality Display
High-Quality Display

Phone mirror display offers high-quality mobile content on a larger screen. The software uses advanced compression algorithms to ensure no loss of quality during the mirroring process. As a result, you can enjoy your mobile content on a larger screen with the same crisp and clear quality or even in 4K resolution as your phone's display.

Record Phone Screen
Record Phone Screen

One of the prominent benefits of phone mirror software is its ability to record your phone or the connected display screen. This feature lets you easily create tutorials, demos, or training videos from your mobile device. You can also use this feature to capture important moments while playing games, watching videos, or doing other activities on your phone.

Easy Control
Easy Control

Mirror phone display on PC lets you control your phone from your computer or TV screen. This feature enables you to smoothly manage your phone's apps, files, and settings from a much larger, more convenient screen. You can operate your mouse or keyboard to navigate your phone's interface and make necessary changes or adjustments.

Flexible Connectivity
Flexible Connectivity

Phone mirror software offers flexible connectivity options to connect your phone device to your PC or TV screen. You can utilize a USB cable or WI-FI to link your phone to the larger screen. This flexibility makes it easy to connect your phone to different devices and display your mobile content on any screen you want.

Additional Feature for Smoother Phone Mirroring

This mobile mirror software has all-one features that enhance the overall phone mirroring experience. Explore more of its features to achieve professional and seamless phone mirroring.
Screen Recording Options

You can take a video recording of the entire screen, a custom window, or a selected area. It also allows you to customize the recording settings like resolution, and audio quality.

Multi-Device Support

It allows you to display content from different devices simultaneously. You can connect your iOS, Android, tablet, or other devices to the larger screen and switch between them as needed.

Low Latency

There is no or minimal delay between the phones and larger screens. This feature ensures the content is displayed in real time and provides a seamless viewing experience.

Customizable Display Settings

Users can freely adjust the screen resolution, aspect ratio, and orientation to match the larger screen's size so the content is displayed clearly and accurately.

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