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iPad Stuck in Boot Loop? 6 Useful Ways to Fix it

feature ipad stuck in boot loop The iPad is an effective and reliable machine that lets users browse the internet, get work done at home, and enjoy their preferred media. But what happens if the iPad is damaged and begins to reboot while you're using it randomly?iPad problems with reboots, also called iPad reboot loop, are not expected. Still, they can arise when the iPad is old or is dealing with issues like malware and outdated software. iPad boot loops can be annoying, but they can be relatively simple to solve if you have the right tools.

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Why My iPad Stuck in Boot Loop?

Before we learn how to get our iPad out of the boot loop, it is necessary to discover why the iPad is stuck in the boot loop occurs. As the name suggests, a boot loop is when the device is rebooted repeatedly. It is impossible to access a familiar interface until the device has no power.


A variety of reasons are connected to the boot loop. The most frequent explanation is the fact that your gadget is jailbreaking. Specific software might not work on your iPad. Be aware of security. It will help if you use secure and trustworthy software.

The software bugs

If you're operating an outdated iOS version, the iPad boot loop problem could be a problem. It is recommended to update your iPad's latest iOS version to the most recent iOS version is an effective way to correct problems or bugs.

Damage to hardware

Damages to hardware such as batteries could also trigger the boot loop. For this issue, you should seek assistance from technical experts. Beyond these three elements, it is possible to determine if your device is running an update to the system since iPhone and iPad stuck in a boot loop could be due to updating the iOS system.

The Ultimate Way to Get Your iPad Out of Boot Loop – AceThinker iOS System Recovery

AceThinker is a professional iOS repair tool that works equally well to fix all sorts of operating system-related problems. It can help you fix the issue that has your iPad stuck in a boot loop with no hassle. Most crucially, it can restore iOS issues to normal without data loss. In fact, it can also help recover deleted photo from ipad. It's the only system recovery software that can also solve over 50 different iOS issues at speed much faster than any other similar solution available in the market. It can also fix iPhone updates, stuck iPhone applications, and many more.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery

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  • Enables you to fix common iOS issues without losing any data
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How to get iPad stuck in reboot loop issue resolved using AceThinker?

Step 1 Download the Software

Download AceThinker Fone Keeper from the official webpage or use the download links given above. Once downloaded successfully, install it on your computer, and in the main interface of the software, select iOS System Recovery.

launch fonekeeper

Step 2 Connect Your iPad with the computer

With the help of the USB cable, get your iPad hooked up to your system. Then, click the Start button for the procedure to get started.

start process

Step 3 Select the Standard or Advanced Recovery Mode

Once your device is successfully identified, enter the interface to verify the information on your device. To resolve common issues on your iPad, you can first try the option that says "Free Quick Fix. Once this solution has solved your issue, there is no need to select a more advanced alternative. If the methods above do not solve your iPad problem, you must look for an advanced solution. For that, find the Fix Button and click on it. This will bring you to another page or interface where you need to select the type of repair you want to make. Here, you will have two options, i.e., standard mode and advanced mode. Make sure to consider your choices carefully about the method to help resolve your issue. Once you've selected an option, click the Confirm button to proceed.

select advanced mode

Step 4 Download Firmware and Fix iPad Stuck in Boot Loop

Following that, the firmware details need to be verified. Download the required firmware and proceed to the next step by selecting Continue. If you want to fix your device, press Repair; after the firmware has been downloaded and installed, your iOS system recovery software will automatically begin to repair your iPad's problems. After this process is completed, the issue of the iPad stuck in boot loop will be resolved, and your device will begin functioning normally.

fix ipad

Other Ways to Fix iPad Stuck on Boot Loop

1). Hard Reset Your Device

The most basic method to take note of forcefully restarts your device when you find your iPad stuck in a boot loop. In general, this method can help. Two ways are possible:

iPad with Home button:

Simultaneously push both the power as well as the Home buttons for approximately 30 seconds or so until the iPad shuts down and then restarts itself. If it shows the red Apple logo appears that it is shutting down, remove the buttons.

iPad that does not have the Home button:

The first step is to release and press the volume up button; after that, quickly press and let go of your volume down button. Finally, hold and press the Power button until the Apple logo appears.

2). Check the Charging Port and USB Cable

It may seem obvious that if you do not have a solid link between your power supply and iPad and a sufficient battery, you won't be able to complete the boot sequence and then turn the device on after plugging it in. The iPad is in the loop mode and does not get beyond that Apple logo. Make an inspection of your charging cables, USB adapter, and charging port. If everything is in good order, Charge the iPad before turning it back on. If your iPad shuts off in a loop while charging or doesn't charge at all, the issue is likely to be an issue about the battery. It is possible to reach Apple Support.


  • Make sure to check the USB cable as well as the USB adapter for damage. Be sure to use the original Apple-certified device.
  • Clean the port to remove dirt and debris to ensure that everything is securely connected while the iPad is being charged.
  • Allow your device to run for half an hour before charging it.

3). Try Updating Your iPad to the Latest Software

Sometimes, the restart cycle suggests the older versions running iPadOS (or iOS). The most effective way to get your iPad from the loop of reboots is to upgrade the device with the most current software through iTunes and Finder on your computer. Don't worry! It won't erase the information and settings saved on the iPad.


  • Connect the iPad to your computer via USB cable.
  • Open iTunes or the Finder.
  • Find your iPad, and then click it.
  • Click to check for updates
  • If you've found a new release, you can download and update it.

4). Restore iPad Stuck in Boot Loop with the Help of iTunes/Finder

Another way to resolve the iPad stuck in boot loop is to use iTunes and Finder. It's possible to lose your data using this method. However, you can try it if you are an iTunes or Finder selector.


  • You'll need to open the iTunes/Finder app on your PC and then connect your iPad to start the process.
  • iTunes should identify the iPad. If you cannot locate your device, you must follow the steps for a hard reset iPad to place it in recovery mode. Make sure to hold the buttons during the last step until you get to the screen in recovery mode.
  • Click the "Restore" option. This will resolve the problem with the boot loop by setting your iPad to default settings.

5). Use DFU Mode to Repair Your iPad

In the last instance, we suggest DFU mode to resolve the stuck iPad on boot loop issue by restarting your iPad. You'll also need iTunes/Finder for this procedure, and be sure you join your laptop to your PC.


  • After your iPad is connected to your PC, you can boot into iTunes/Finder and then begin to put the iPad into DFU mode.
  • Switch to DFU mode on an iPad without using the home button by pressing the volume up button simultaneously with the volume down button. Following that, you'll hold the Power button until the screen turns black. Once the screen is black, you can hit the volume down button. Make sure you're holding the Power button as you go through this. Continue to hold the button for five seconds. Then, release the Power button but make sure don't release the volume down button for another 5 seconds.
  • If the iPad's screen is black, it has been in DFU mode. In this step, you can click the "OK" button to confirm the message displayed in iTunes/Finder and then click the Restore iPad option. This will complete the process and repair your device.

use dfu mode

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. iPad is stuck in a boot loop; it is not charging or has a low battery. What should I do?
If this happens, it is possible to recharge your iPhone. If the Apple logo appears displayed, you must unplug the charger. Re-plug the charger when you can see an iPhone security screen. Charge your iPad continuously for up to 15 minutes. This method might also help if your ipad keeps crashing.
2. Do I have a solution to the boot loop issue if I cannot to type in the correct password for iTunes?
Sure. You can try force restarting your iPad to start. If this doesn't work, you could try AceThinker iOS System Recovery to fix your iPad. The use of AceThinker iOS System Recovery will need no password.

In Conclusion

We hope that these methods will restore your iPad to normal. If your iPad is stuck in the boot loop or facing trouble due to any other iOS problem, consider using the AceThinker iOS System Recovery! It's an all-in-one iOS repair tool that lets users solve dozens of issues and not cause any damage to their device.

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