Functionality of The FREE PowerPoint Recorder Online


Capture any part of your screen to record your PowerPoint presentation.


Record yourself with your webcam while giving your PowerPoint presentation.


Record audio from your microphone or system sound to accompany your presentation.

The Best Free Screen Recorder for PowerPoint Recording

Smooth and Seamless Recording

Capture your presentation with a smooth and seamless recording experience. No more choppy or lagging videos - our PowerPoint screen recorder ensures your content is recorded flawlessly.

High-Quality Video Output

Expect nothing but high-quality video output. Your presentation will look sharp, clear, and professional, perfect for sharing with colleagues, clients, or friends.

No Watermark on Recorded Videos

Say goodbye to annoying watermarks on your recorded videos! Our free PowerPoint recorder allows you to record your presentation without watermarks, so you can use the video however you like.

Easy Sharing and Downloading

Experience incredibly easy to share and download your recorded presentations. You can quickly send the video to anyone through email or social media or download it for later viewing.

Draw and Highlight During Recording

Easily draw and highlight important points during your presentation. This feature lets you emphasize key concepts and ideas, making your recording more engaging and informative.

Unlocked the Premium Features with Pro Version

Purchase the pro version of the PowerPoint recorder to unlock additional features and enhance your recording experience.
  • Pick from a variety of video formats for output
  • Access advanced editing tools
  • Automatically record slides with the task scheduler
  • Enjoy priority customer support and updates

Start MS PowerPoint recording for free today and upgrade to the advanced version for more interesting features and benefits.

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Mac OS
Android OS

Latest Version – 1.2.1 | Release Date: 03 Jan 2024

  • Free from Viruses, Spam and Ads
  • Immediate Private Sharing
  • 56,73,526 Downloads & Counting

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

This free PowerPoint recorder has been a game-changer for me! I can easily record and share my presentations with my team within minutes. The interface is intuitive, and the sound quality is crystal clear.

I highly recommend this free PowerPoint recorder to anyone creating engaging presentations. It's easy to use, and I love how I can customize my recordings by adding annotations and voiceovers.

As a teacher, I find this free PowerPoint recorder invaluable for online classes. I can easily record and share my lectures with my students, making teaching more interactive and engaging.

This free PowerPoint recorder has saved me much time and effort in creating training materials. I can easily record my training sessions and share them with my colleagues for review, making our team more efficient.

I love this free PowerPoint recorder! It's perfect for creating tutorials and walkthroughs for my clients. The recording process is seamless, and I can export my recordings in multiple formats, which is a huge plus.

Does PowerPoint Recorder include audio?

Yes, the Free PowerPoint Recorder includes audio. It allows you to record your voiceover while presenting your PowerPoint slides. It makes your presentations more engaging and informative.

Can I record a PowerPoint presentation with voiceover online?

Yes, you can easily record a PowerPoint presentation with audio online using the Free PowerPoint Recorder. The software allows you to record your presentation with your voiceover. It's an effective tool for creating engaging tutorials and presentations.

Where will the recorded PowerPoint presentations be saved?

The location where your recorded PowerPoint presentations will be saved depends on your preferences in the software. However, the recordings are saved by default in your computer's local storage. You can save your recordings using cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Are there any limitations on the recording duration?

Free online PowerPoint recorders may have limitations on the recording duration. The recording duration will be based on the storage capacity of your device or the limitations set by the tool. Moreover, it may restrict the number of recording sessions or impose a time limit per recording, especially for free software versions.

Which file format is best for sharing recorded PowerPoint presentations?

The Free PowerPoint Recorder allows you to export your recorded presentations in multiple formats, such as MP4, WMV, and AVI. However, the best format for sharing recorded PowerPoint presentations depends on the platform you are sharing them on. For example, if you share the recordings on YouTube, MP4 is the best format.

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