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5 Ways to Solve Apple Screen Time Passcode not Working

screen time passcode not workingThroughout the years, Apple, Inc. has never stopped creating or thinking of new features to improve its consumers' security and user experience. One of these new features that Apple implemented was the Screen Time. Screen Time lets you access real-time statistics about how much time you spend on your iOS devices and their children's activity in parents’ cases. Aside from that, the feature can also set a time limit for applications that you think should be limited. The passcode for the Screen Time feature is set to ensure that the restrictions or limitations are enforced. Without the password, the feature's settings will be inaccessible, and once the time limit for an app runs out, using it any longer will not be possible unless the user enters the Screen Time Passcode. However, some users have issues with the Screen Time passcode not working. The said error can be caused by different reasons, which also needs different solutions. This post will tell you everything there is to know about what might cause the problem and how to fix it, including the best solution to solve any passcode problem.

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Reasons for Screen Time Passcode not Working

Sometimes, even a trustworthy device such as Apple devices gives us problems like Apple ID cannot unlock iPhone, or in the case of this post, the Apple Screen Time passcode not working. Before going into the solutions for the problem, you should first know why it happens in the first place. Below is a list of possible reasons.

screen time passcode not working

  • You could be entering the wrong passcode. Either you forgot your passcode, or you are not the device owner.
  • Your device is not updated to the latest iOS version and is experiencing bugs or glitches.
  • The device is lagging and taking long to recognize the password.
  • Limit of passcode trial is reached (10 failed attempts).
  • Someone changed the password without your knowledge.

Solutions for Screen Time Passcode not Working

1. Update your iOS to the Latest Version

If you are confident that you are typing the correct password, but it is still not working, a glitch or bug with the operating system could be causing the problem. Updating to the latest version of the Operating System can help resolve the iPhone Screen Time passcode not working. Here’s how to update your device.


  • On your application drawer, open Settings, which is usually represented by a gear logo.
  • Scroll down and choose the General options.
  • Tap the Software Update button and hit the Download Update if you are not updated to the latest version.

go to settings, go to general, then click software update

2. Restart the iPhone/iPad

If the iPhone or iPad is already updated into the latest iOS version, and you are typing the correct password, but it is still not working, you can try restarting your device instead. A soft reboot usually fixes problems that are related to the phone performance, including the device taking long to load or recognize the passcode, making it look like the passcode can’t unlock Screen Time.


  • Press the sleep/wake button, then hold it until the power off slider appears.
  • Drag the power off slider from the left to the right to turn off your iPhone.
  • Wait for a while, then turn on your device again by holding the sleep/wake button again.

press and hold the power button, then slide the power slider to the right

3. Reset Passcode with Forgot Passcode

Another possibility is that you forgot your passcode, or someone changed it without you knowing. In this case, you can reset the passcode of your Screen Time by doing the Forgot Passcode method. However, you must know the Apple ID and password associated with the device to do this.


  • Go to Screen Time’s Change Passcode screen and click the Forgot Passcode? Option below.
  • Enter the Apple ID and password logged in to the device to verify that you have the authority to change the passcode.
  • Create a ‘NEW’ Screen Time passcode by typing the passcode that you want.

click forgot the passcode, enter apple id credentials, then enter a new passcode

4. Reset Passcode by Restoring with iCloud

You can also reset your passcode remotely with the help of iCloud. This is also an alternative in case of the Screen Time forgot passcode not working problem. But to do this method, your device should have an enabled Find My iPhone feature and be associated with an Apple ID.


  • Visit the iCloud website and then log in with your Apple ID.
  • Drop down the All Devices menu at the top and then select the name of your device that you want to reset.
  • Click Erase iPhone at the bottom to reset your iPhone and set a new Screen Time passcode when setting up the device again.

log in to the icloud website, select the device, then erase it

Solve Every Passcode Problem with an Unlocking Tool

What it is Best For: It is best for unlocking iOS disabled or password-protected iOS devices. It can also wipe Apple ID and Screen Time.

Extra Functions: In case of bug problems, restoring the iOS firmware with the software can help you repair the operating system of your device or update to the latest iOS version.

If Screen Time password reset not working, the best thing you can do is to seek help with an unlocking tool. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker can solve any problem involving passcodes in iOS, including Screen Time. It is capable of removing the passcode in a matter of seconds without causing any data loss. It guides you with directions and warnings, in addition to having an easy-to-navigate design. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and it provides a simple solution for users of both operating systems. It can also run without a problem on a system with a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or higher, 1024 RAM, and 200MB of free hard disk space. All models between the iPhone 4 through the iPhone 12 Pro Max are supported.

Download the correct version below and install the program to start unlocking

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Step 1 Choose Screen Time Mode and Connect Device

To fix the Screen Time passcode not working, start by clicking the button at the bottom. This will activate the software's Screen Time mode. The application will then prompt you to connect your iPhone to your computer. Use a USB cord to connect the device. Allow time for the software to detect your device.

select screen time then connect device

Step 2 Press Trust on Your iPhone

The software will need you to allow it to make changes to your device by clicking the 'Trust' button on your mobile. Open your iPhone and, as instructed in the tool, tap the 'Trust' button. This confirms that the device has permission to wipe the screen time password. And you're aware that it won't result in any data loss. After you've confirmed on your iPhone, click Done.

click trust on mobile

Step 3 Turn Find My iPhone Off

This step can be skipped. If Find My iPhone is not turned on, click 'Start.' If it is, proceed to the next step. Go to Settings after you've opened your device. Then click [Your Name], and then Find My. Toggle off the Find My iPhone setting if it's on. As an added security measure, it will ask for your Apple ID password. Click 'OK' after entering the password.

click start if find my iphone is disabled, disable it if not

Step 4 Set Up Later in Settings and Create New Screen Time Passcode

By setting up Apps & Data and selecting Don't Transfer Apps & Data, you may ensure that no data will be lost. When setting up Screen Time, click Set Up Later in Settings to see if the passcode has been erased. Finally, press 'OK' to begin the process and clear the screen time passcode. Then you can create a new Screen Time passcode again after the reset.

don’t transfer apps and data, set up screen time later in settings

To Sum Up

There are various reasons that could cause Apple Screen Time Passcode not working and there are also a lot of solutions available to solve the problem. However, using AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is the best and easiest way, as it can fix the problem no matter what the cause is. You won’t have to try to troubleshoot everything as the tool will do it for you.

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