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  • Type Signature
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Create Digital Signature to Sign Your PDF

  • Digital signatures on a PDF shows the authentication and identity of the signer and help to protect the integrity of the document. With this PDF signer tool, you can digitally sign your PDF files with required information to provide security, authenticity and legal validity in clicks.

Draw Your Own Signature with Ease

  • Create and e-Sign PDF through a drawing method. It can be used by people who frequently need to digitally sign PDF documents. This feature lets you create a unique signature and easily draw it using your computer mouse. It is particularly valuable for individuals who still need a physical signature or want to create a more personalized signature for their documents.

Type Your Signature for a Professional Look

  • Type your name and have it converted into a electronic signature that looks handwritten. This feature is ideal for people who want to create a signature that looks neat and proficient without the hassle of actually signing a physical document. It is easy to use and allows you to customize your signature's font, size, and style, ensuring that it looks professional and authentic.

Create Signature with Existing Image or PDF

  • Do you have a signature image or PDF saved on computer? You can quickly import your signature file and use it to sign PDF documents. It’s ideal for people who want to use their existing signature for their digital documents. Plus, you can set a password for your signed PDF. This way, you can ensure your confidential records remain secure and protected.

Sign Multiple PDF Pages at Once

  • Signing multiple pages can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Our product makes it easy to fill and sign PDF in all pages simultaneously. Whether you are signing a contract, a legal document, or any other important paperwork, it allows you to sign all the pages with just a few click efficiently.

How to Easily Sign a PDF Document

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    Add your PDF File

    Launch AcePDF and navigate to the "Sign PDF" menu tools list. Then, browse and select the PDF you want to sign.

  • 2


    Choose a Signing Method

    Select your preferred method to insert signature in PDF. Hit "Handwritten Signature" to draw, import, or type your signature. The "Digital Signature" option allows you to sign using a digital certificate.

  • 3


    Finalize and Save

    Customize the signature and set password protection if desired. Lastly, tick the "Save" button to apply the signature and securely save the signed PDF document.

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Can I sign a PDF document without printing it?

Yes, you can sign a PDF document without printing it. A powerful and reliable PDF software lets you add an e-signature to your PDF file. This tool enables you to create and apply a digital signature to your PDF document without printing or scanning. It is a simple and efficient way to electronically sign PDF,, saving time and resources.

What will happen when I lose my digital certificate?

If you lose your digital certificate, you will no longer be able to sign PDF documents or use any other service that requires using your digital certificate. To avoid this situation, it is recommended that you keep a backup copy of your digital certificate in a secure location. You should also take extra precautions to protect your digital certificate from theft or loss. If you lose your digital certificate, you can request a replacement from the issuing authority.

Can I verify the validity of a signed PDF document?

To ensure the authenticity of a signed PDF document, you need to verify its digital signature. The digital signature contains important information, such as the signer's identity, the time of signing, and the document's integrity. You can verify the signature's validity using a PDF reader supporting digital signatures. If the signature is invalid, the document has been tampered with, or the signature is fake. To be completely sure about the signature's validity, verify the certificate used to sign the document and ensure a trusted authority issued it.

Why must we set password protection for signed PDF documents?

Setting password protection for signed PDF documents is crucial to guarantee their confidentiality and integrity. Password protection serves as an additional layer of security, which keeps unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the document's contents. This is particularly important for confidential or sensitive documents that contain personal, financial, or business information. By setting a password, you ensure that only authorized individuals can access the document, minimizing the risk of security issues like data breaches and identity theft.

Can multiple pages be signed in a single PDF document?

Yes, signing multiple pages in a single PDF document is possible. Most PDF software allows you to add your signature to various pages in a document with just one click. This is a convenient way to sign long documents, such as contracts, agreements, or reports, without signing each page individually. Some PDF software also allows you to customize the placement of the signature on each page, ensuring that it appears in the correct location on every page.

How can I redact sensitive information in a signed PDF document?

Redacting sensitive information in a signed PDF document is important to protect the confidentiality of the document's contents. To redact sensitive information, you can use a redaction tool most PDF software provides. This tool enables you to select the text or image you want to redact and replace it with a black box or other color. Once the redacted information is replaced, it cannot be accessed or viewed by anyone, including the document's signer. It is important to note that redaction should be done carefully, as it is irreversible and can permanently remove information from the document.

What Do Our Users Say?

“I have been using this sign PDF software for a while, and it has made my life much easier. The feature that allows me to sign multiple pages at once is a game-changer. I no longer have to spend hours signing paperwork. Additionally, I love the secure password feature that keeps my confidential records safe from prying eyes. Overall, I highly recommend AcePDF to anyone who needs to sign and protect their documents.”

Smith, Kyla

“This sign PDF software is fantastic! The redaction feature has been a lifesaver for me. I work with a lot of sensitive information, and the ability to quickly redact confidential details from the document has saved me a lot of time and effort. The user interface is also straightforward, and the software is very reliable. I recommend this software to anyone needing a reliable PDF signing and protection solution.”

Reyes, Justine

“ I recently started using this sign PDF software and am impressed with its ease of use. The ability to sign multiple pages at once has streamlined my workflow and allowed me to focus on other tasks. I also appreciate the redaction feature, which has made it easy to protect sensitive information. Overall, AcePDF is an excellent tool for anyone who needs to sign and protect their documents.”

Garcia, Anthony

AcePDF Editor

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