• Edit Text & Image
  • Insert Link
  • Add Watermark
  • Change Background
  • Header and Footer

Edit Text & Images on Your PDF File

  • With this PDF editor, you can freely add text and images to your PDF files easily and delete any unwanted content. This is particularly useful when you need to add a watermark, insert some additional information, or any other graphic element. It allows you to select the position and size of the text or image, as well as the text's font, color, and opacity. This feature helps you make your PDF files more professional and personalized, saving you time and effort by removing the need for manual editing.

Insert Clickable Hyperlinks Without Hassles

  • It enables you to link to external websites, email addresses, or other pages within the same PDF file. This is particularly useful when you want to provide additional information or resources to your readers.Moreover, it also lets you customize the link's appearance, such as changing the color and underlining, and you can also set the link to open in a new window. This feature makes your PDF files more interactive and user-friendly.

Add Customized Watermark With Ease

  • You can easily add text or image watermarks to your PDF files to protect them from unauthorized use. You will be able to customize the watermark to make it more distinct by adjusting the watermark's position, size, opacity, and rotation. This feature is particularly useful when ensuring your PDF files are not copied or distributed without your permission. It will definitely helps you to keep your PDF files secure and professional.

Change PDF Background Color or Image

  • With our PDF editing software, you can easily edit the background of your PDF files. It allows you to select a color, image, or pattern as the background, and you can also alter the opacity and size of the background. Additionally, you can apply the background to the entire PDF file or just specific pages. Make your PDFs stand out with a unique and eye-catching background right now!

Add Headers and Footers to PDF Instantly

  • This feature is useful when you need to include information such as page numbers, dates, and author names in your PDF files. Our product allows you to customize the font, color, and position of the header and footer, and you can apply them to all pages or just specific pages. It helps make your PDF files look more professional and organized. With headers and footers, your readers can easily navigate your document and find the necessary information.

Easy Steps on How to Edit PDF Content

  • 1


    Open the PDF File

    You can import a PDF file by clicking the "Open" option from its main interface. Then, navigate to the directory of the PDF file you like to edit and select it.

  • 2


    Start the PDF Editing

    Head to the "Edit" tab in the toolbar and choose the editing option you want to perform. For example, if you want to add text to the PDF, select the "Add Text" option.

  • 3


    Apply and Save Changes

    After making the desired edits to your PDF file, press the "Save" or "Save As" option in the File menu to apply all your changes.

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What type of PDF documents is supported for editing?

The PDF editor supports almost all PDF documents, including those created from scanned documents or images. Its OCR technology converts scanned PDFs into editable documents, making it easy for users to edit and make changes as needed.

Are there limitations to the editing features of the PDF editor?

PDF editor software offers a wide range of PDF editing features, but certain features may be limited depending on the complexity of the document. For example, editing complex graphics or formatting may not be as straightforward as editing plain text. However, AcePDF is designed to make editing PDF files as easy and intuitive as possible.

How can I change the font and formatting of text in a PDF document?

The PDF text editor allows you to easily change the font and formatting of text in your document. Select the text you desire to edit and use our formatting tools to make the desired changes. The software supports various fonts and formatting options, allowing you to customize your document.

How can I edit the layout and design of a PDF document?

Various tools for editing your document's layout and design are offered by AcePDF. You can add or remove pages, adjust margins, and even change the overall design of your document. Simply drag-and-drop interface makes rearranging elements easy and creates a professional-looking document that meets your needs.

Is there any formatting change when editing a PDF?

Online PDF Editors are designed to preserve the formatting and layout of your PDF document as much as possible when making edits. However, depending on the complexity of the document and the specific changes being made, there may be some slight formatting changes. Our software previews the changes before you save them, allowing you to ensure that the formatting remains intact.

What Do Our Users Say?

“I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to use this PDF editor. The interface is intuitive, and the functionality is impressive. I particularly like the batch processing feature, which saves me much time. The customer support is also fantastic and always willing to help. I highly recommend this software!”

John Davis

“I have used several PDF editors in the past, but this one stands out from the rest. The editing options are extensive, and the software is reliable. I like that I can merge multiple PDFs into one file, insert text to PDFand add watermarks to protect my documents. The pricing is also reasonable, making it a great value for the money.”

Michael Thompson

“As a freelancer, I need a reliable PDF editor to manage my documents efficiently. This software has been a game-changer for me. The OCR feature is accurate, and the editing options are comprehensive. I also appreciate the security features, such as password protection and redaction. Overall, I highly recommend this PDF editor to anyone who requires working with PDFs on a regular basis.”

Olivia Wilson

AcePDF Editor

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