• Set Password
  • Redact PDF
  • Add Watermark
  • Sign PDF
  • High Encryption

Add Password to Encrypt Your PDF

  • It offers a password protection function that enables you to encrypt your PDF files with password and assures that only trusted users with the accurate password can access your PDF files. You can set Open Password to protect your PDF from viewing and set Permission password to safeguard your data from copying, editing or printing.

Remove Sensitive Information from PDF

  • With this PDF protector, you can permanently extract and remove sensitive information from a PDF document in just one click. This feature helps to protect the privacy of individuals and confidential information. Once you redact specific content from a PDF, it cannot be retrieved or recovered.

Watermark PDF to Claim the Copyright

  • This PDF protect tool lets you add text or image watermarks with personalized settings to protect your copyright and maintain information security. It’s quite useful for users who want to protect their documents by adding a watermark that identifies the document as their property.

Insert Digital Signature to Protect PDF

  • A digital signature is a method to affirm the authenticity and confidentiality of a PDF document. It involves adding a digital signature or autograph to the document that can be verified by anyone who accesses it. You can add customized electronic signatures with customized texts and images to PDF freely.

Protect PDF with Up to 256-bit AES Encryption

  • To ensure the complete safety of your PDF files, AcePDF uses the strongest encryption algorithm available today, 256-bit AES encryption to password protect a PDF. This ensures that your PDF files are fully protected and cannot be accessed by hackers or unauthorized users.

How to Protect and Secure Your PDF

  • 1


    Launch AcePDF

    Download and install AcePDF on your computer and launch it after successful installation.

  • 2


    Import PDF

    Import the PDF you want to protect and go to the Protect option on the toolbar to access the functions.

  • 3


    Save the Protected File

    Lastly, set password, add signatures, watermarks, etc. as you need and click save to finish the process.

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Why is it important to protect PDF files?

Protecting PDF files helps safeguard the document's contents from unauthorized access, copying, and editing. It secures the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data.

What are some ways to protect PDF files?

Some ways to protect PDF files include adding passwords, applying encryption, using digital signatures, and restricting permissions.

How does password protection work for PDF files?

To answer how to protect PDF with password protection, AcePDF involves adding a password to a PDF document to restrict access. The password must be entered by anyone who wants to open or view the file.

What is encryption for PDF files?

Encryption is a technique that involves converting the contents of a PDF file into a coded language or text that can be deciphered by someone with the correct decryption key or password.

What is restricting permissions for PDF files?

Restricting permissions involves limiting actions on a PDF file, such as printing, editing, or copying. This helps to prevent unauthorized use of the document.

What are some best practices for protecting PDF files?

Some best practices for protecting PDF files include using strong passwords, avoiding sharing sensitive information in unsecured networks, and regularly updating security software.

What Do Our Users Say?

"I've been using AcePDF for a few months now, and I must say, I am impressed with the level of security it provides for my PDF documents. I particularly like the password protection feature and the ability to redact sensitive information from my documents. Highly recommended!"

Lumaine Lesendor

"AcePDF is the perfect tool for protecting my PDFs. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for me to add watermarks, passwords, and encryption to my documents. I feel confident that my sensitive information is secure with AcePDF."

Patrick Blake

"I needed a reliable PDF protection tool for my business documents, and AcePDF exceeded my expectations. The redact and password protection features provide an extra layer of protection that gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend AcePDF for anyone who needs to protect their PDF documents."

Eduardo Eliazar

AcePDF Editor

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