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PDF Tools

Find the professional evaluations of pervasive PDF applications over the internet.

Open Source PDF to Word Converter

No matter you're working on browser, mobile, Windows or Mac, you will find a suitable solution with detailed reviews here.

Reviews of PNG to Excel Applications

Looking for a tool to extract text from PNG and organize in Excel or PDF? Check the best options here.

Top 3 Picture to Word Converters

We have evaluated online application, desktop program and browser plugin for you to easily extract the text from image to Word Doc.

List of PDF Editor without Watermark

A practical list of PDF tools for you to edit, organize and export PDF files seamlessly, most are free without watermark.

Edit PDF

A collection of options for you to simply change the contents on PDF pages including all common elements.

Make 2 Pages into 1

A explicit guide for you to splice multiple PDF pages or documents into one file.

Edit Bank Statement PDF

Editing your bank statement PDF allows you to fine-tune your financial history, ensuring that every transaction is precisely documented.

Replace Text in PDF

Discover the efficient methods to replace text in PDF documents seamlessly just like in Word.

Remove Empty Page in PDF

With the instructions in this post, you can remove the unwanted pages in PDF in a few minutes.

Convert PDF

We have covered almost all purposes in converting PDF to desired formats in this section. The tips also includes the approaches to convert scanned doc to regular files.

Effortless Image to Word Conversion

Our expert guide walks you through the process, making image to Word conversion simple and efficient.

Convert PDF to Excel

Unlock the power of seamless PDF to Excel conversion for bank statements precisely.

Change PDF to PowerPoint

Elevate your presentations! Learn how to effortlessly convert PDFs to editable PowerPoint slides.

Convert Images to HTML

Our expert guide provides instructions for a flawless transition from image to functional web page.

Annotate PDF

A learning section for you to seamlessly annnotate PDF by utilizing callouts, boxes, lines, shapes, color highlights, texts and more.

Change PDF Text Color

Discover easy-to-follow instructions to change the text color in PDF documents so as to improve readability and customization.

PDF Annotator Review

Explore the world of PDF annotators with our in-depth reviews. From features to usability, our expert analysis covers it all.

Underline in PDF

Our expert guide walks you through the methods to emphasize and highlight crucial information in your documents.

PDF Highlighter Chrome Extension

Uncover tools that seamlessly integrate, making text highlighting and annotation a breeze.

Organize PDF Pages

Explore the tips and art of organizing PDF pages like rotate PDF, merge PDF pages, split a PDF into multiple ones, extract specific pages, etc. with simplicity and ease!

Replace Page in PDF

Dive into the guide on replacing pages in PDFs. Discover efficient tools to replace, update, and enhance your PDF pages.

Identify PDF Fonts

Easily identify the font from the PDF document before starting to use it. Our expert guide provides simple methods to do it.

Change PDF Page Size

Learn step-by-step methods and tools to resize documents. Optimize your PDF files with portable file size.

Combine Multiple JPGs to PDF

Effortlessly compile your visuals! Discover our expert guide on combining multiple JPG images into a single PDF file.


Refine your PDF and transform scanned documents into editable text!

Search Word in PDF

Instructions on searching for specific words within PDFs. Explore the time-saving techniques in this post.

Free Scan to PDF Software

Learn about feature-rich tools that make scanning and converting documents a breeze. Click now to embrace paperless journey!

Convert Scanned PDFs to Text

Our guide walks you through turning scanned PDFs to editable text in Word/Excel/PPT. Click now to discover the steps.

Free Scanner Apps for iPhone

Discover feature-rich tools that make on-the-go document scanning a breeze. Click now to simplify the process with must-have apps!

PDF Templates

Find the guides along with free resources for createing eCards, contract templates, letters and more.

Formal Letter Writing

Express yourself with sophistication! Explore our collection of formal letter templates from business correspondence to professional announcements.

Job Offer Letter Templates

Simplify the hiring process with job offer letter templates, and provide a professional and welcoming touch.

Top Ecard Sites for Every Celebration

From birthdays to holidays, discover platforms that offer a delightful range of digital greetings. Send heartfelt wishes on any occasion.

Top Holiday Card Templates

From cheerful designs to heartfelt messages, these templates make creating and sharing holiday joy a breeze. Click to find out.

AcePDF (Converter & Editor)

Easy to use but powerful document processing software to help you with all changes on PDF including OCR.

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