Why Does iPad Gets Stuck in Headphone Mode?

feature ipad stuck in headphone mode An iPad stuck on headphones mode isn't something that happens often, and you're far from being the only person who has faced the issue. Although your iPhone will still function using the headphone function, it causes you to experience some frustration. It's even more frustrating that you may not know the cause. Some users encountered a problem with headphones when they suddenly unplugged their headphones from their iPhone or iPad during a video or call chat. There are many methods to overcome iPad stuck on headphone mode problem and get your iPad back to normal. This guide will provide you with various ways to resolve the iPad stuck on headphones issue on the iPad model. You are free to try all the suggestions provided, and you'll surely be successful with at least one of them.

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iPad Stuck in Headphone Mode: The Common Reasons

If you're unsure of what caused your iPad to go into headphones mode, here are some commonly-cited causes.

1. iPad Got Stuck In Headphone Mode after Water Damaged/Wet.

If you've dropped your iPad from a safe height, or if it became wet, it's likely damaged inside, and you see the headphone issue on display.

2. Dirty Headphone Jack That Makes iPad Think Headphones Are Plugged In.

If your iPad hasn't been cleaned for a while, the headphone jack has become clogged by dust and thinking that it's in the headphone set.

3. The headphone jack has been damaged physically or by liquid.

It could be that the whole headphone jack has been physically damaged or has acquired liquid inside and resulted in damage.

4. Do not disconnect the headphone or speaker too fast.

When using devices such as the iPad, you should be extremely cautious as the consequences of a mistake could be expensive. If you've removed your headphones too fast from your tablet, it could have damaged devices.

5. iPad Got Stuck In Headphone Mode after Update.

It's also possible that the latest update that you've downloaded on your iPad contains some glitches, and you're experiencing the headphone mode issue with your device.

How to Get iPad Out of Headphone Mode (Quick Fixes)

1. Force Reboot Your iPad

The first thing you'll need to do is force restart your iPad. If you encounter issues with cache files or any software glitch that's temporarily forcing the iPad reboot will resolve it for you. If you have an iPad, hold the Power and Home buttons for a couple of minutes. Release the buttons as soon as you can see the Apple logo appear on the screen. Your iPad will restart, and the issue with your iPad in headphones mode is likely to be solved.

2. Toggle the Airplane Mode On and Off

The iPad will be offline once you have activated the Airplane mode, and this will aid the device in getting out of its headphone mode when it is back online.

To activate and deactivate Airplane mode, you must follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Control Center and then tap on the Airplane mode icon. Alternately, navigate to Settings and then enable and disable the Airplane mode.

3. Plug and Unplug Again the Headphone

Another thing to do is connect your headphone to your iPad and then unplug it within a half minute. This will enable the headphone jack in your iPad and solve the problem.

4. Update the iOS Version on Your iPad

If your iPad is running an old software version, you might be able to update it to the most recent version. It might help the iPad stuck in headphone mode issue along fix some bugs.

The latest update could include the headphone mode bug fixed. Here's how to do it:

  • Go to the Settings app and navigate towards General > Software Update. Select Download and Install and download available updates for your iPad.

5. Try Cleaning the Headphone or Lightning Port

Look for signs of dirt on the lighting port or the headphone Jack Dirt. Also, debris could block the headphone port. Additionally, the edge of the headphones may break and remain in the audio jack, which is why the iPad believes that the headphones are not connected. Be aware that getting things out of a lighting port of an earphone jack can be complicated, and even a small error could cause irreparable harm. Try blowing air into the headphone port and the Lightning port to clear the debris. However, remember that you might not accomplish any significant results. Alternately, you could use straws, cotton swabs, or a ballpoint pen to clean the dirt from the area; however, be careful to ensure that you don't damage the headphone port and Lightning port.

6. Connect and Check If the Bluetooth Speakers Are Working

Connecting headphones via Bluetooth is an alternative option that is to choose from. iPad may get confused when you disconnect wired headphones since it was not instructed after removing them from the port. Connecting your speakers to the device through Bluetooth for a short period before shutting off the connection will change the mode of the headphones and may help your iPad shut it off.

7. Remove the Case

Although cases can protect against physical harm, they could also stop the audio jack from working and trick the device into believing it is connected to headphones. The case may be causing pressure on different buttons that transmit signals to the iPad to enable headphones. The issues above can be solved by taking off the case.

Fix iPad Stuck on Headphone Mode with Few Clicks (100% Working)

If the ways mentioned above do not work for you, the only option available here is to use a specialized recovery tool. AceThinker iOS System Recovery can solve various software issues, such as removing the iPhone or iPad out of the headphone mode. It's simple to use and fixes the error in the system without wiping the data on your device. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use user interface that is easy to use, which means you don't have to fret that it's too complicated to solve the system issues on your own or even lose any data in recovery. Although you may not have information about solving the software issue, it is easy to get the task done.

Key Features:

  • This software allows you to tackle every issue in literally no time; thanks to its powerful performance.
  • System recovery software can repair more than 50 issues with the iOS system.
  • Connect your device, and then you can fix your issue with just a couple of clicks.
  • It comes with two distinct ways to help you restore your iPhone.
  • This iPhone/iPad/iPod system repair tool won't cause your device to be in danger.

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How to get the iPad out of headphone mode?

Step 1 Get the Software and Launch iOS System Recovery

You will need to install AceThinker iOS System Recovery onto your computer/laptop. After the installation gets completed, launch the program and select the iOS System Recovery option from the main interface.

Step 2 Connect Your iPad with the Computer

Next, connect your iPad with the Computer using a USB cable, and then tap on the Start button to initiate the actual process.

Step 3 Try the Quick Fix Mode

When the device has been successfully detected, head over to the next window to verify the iPad information. For fixing common issues on iOS devices, you can select the Free Quick Fix option. The Quick Fix solution is able to fix common issues, such as frozen devices and crash devices, in just a matter of a few seconds. If your issue has been resolved with this solution, then there's no need to continue with a more advanced alternative.

Step 4 Advance to the Next Repair Modes

In any case, if the previous method doesn't work to fix the iPad stuck in headphones, you can hit the Fix Button. Once you have clicked that button, it will open a window where you are required to select a repair mode depending upon your situation and requirements. There are two options available here, which are Standard Mode and Advanced Mode.

Step 5 Get the Firmware Downloaded

After selecting the required Repair Mode, you will need to verify the firmware details. Download the firmware package, after which the issue will automatically be resolved on your iPad.

Final Thoughts

Even though iPad stuck updating appears to be a harmless problem, it's something else entirely because it could suggest that the headphone port or Lightning port has sustained physical harm. It's also possible to fix the system of your device using AceThinker if you aren't sure of the cause of the issue and don't want to invest the time trying to pinpoint the source of the issue.

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