Functionality of The FREE YouTube Video Recorder


Record any actions on your screen, including YouTube videos, with high-quality video capture.


Record video with the webcam overlay, capture both screen and webcam simultaneously.


Record system audio, microphone audio, or both for comprehensive audio recording

Why Choose Screen Recorder for YouTube?

1080p HD Video Capture

Capture high-quality videos in 1080p resolution for stunning visual clarity.

Flexible Recording Modes

Choose from various recording modes, including full-screen recording, specific window recording, or the YouTube application recording option.

Real-Time Annotations

Add real-time annotations to your recordings to highlight important points or provide additional explanations.

Record Voice + Audio

Record your voice and audio from the YouTube video simultaneously to achieve your desired audio effect.

Export to Cloud Storage

Because of its' straightforward interface has helped users worldwide creating videos in minutes.

Acquire the Premium YouTube Screen Recorder

Get extra features and benefits of the screen recorder for YouTube videos by upgrading to its pro version - Aqua Demo. More advanced functionalities will be available, such as:
  • Trim and save video clips from your recordings
  • Add text, ellipses, shapes, and arrows to further enhance your annotations
  • Schedule recordings for automatic capture
  • Customize recording preferences such as video quality, audio settings, and file formats

Upgrade to the YouTube free screen recorder pro version and unlock a whole new level of functionality and professional screen recording.

Download Aqua Demo

Mac OS
Android OS

Latest Version – 1.2.1 | Release Date: 03 Jan 2024

  • Free from Viruses, Spam and Ads
  • Immediate Private Sharing
  • 56,73,526 Downloads & Counting

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

This YouTube recorder is a lifesaver! I can easily record any video from YouTube and save it for offline viewing. It's simple to use, and the video quality is excellent.

I love how easy it is to record videos from YouTube with this free recorder. It's perfect for creating tutorials or saving videos for later viewing. Plus, I can choose the video quality I want to record.

I'm impressed with the simplicity and efficiency of this YouTube recorder. It's perfect for creating content or capturing videos for research purposes. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable recorder.

This YouTube recorder is a must-have for content creators. It allows me to easily record and edit videos, and the quality is always exceptional. I also love the annotations and effects I can add to my recordings.

I'm so glad I found this YouTube recorder! It's saved me so much time and hassle when it comes to recording videos. Plus, the ability to choose the output format is a game-changer. Highly recommended!

Does YouTube have a screen recorder?

No, YouTube does not have a built-in screen recorder. However, many free screen recording software online can be used to record YouTube videos, including the Free YouTube Screen Recorder.

What is the best file format to save videos recorded using a Free YouTube Screen Recorder?

The file formats available for saving recorded videos may depend on the software tool used, but common formats include MP4, AVI, and WMV. Many free YouTube screen recorders allow users to choose the video quality they want to record, including high definition (HD) and 1080p resolution.

How long can a video be recorded with a Free YouTube Screen Recorder?

The length of time a video can be recorded may depend on the specific tool used and the available storage space on the computer. Some Free YouTube Screen Recorders may have a time limit for recording, while others allow unlimited recording time. However, it is important to note that longer videos will take up more storage space on the computer.

Can a Free YouTube Screen Recorder be used on a Mac computer?

Yes, the YouTube screen recorder free is compatible with Mac computers, but checking the system requirements before downloading is important. Some screen recording software may require a specific version of Mac OS, so it is important to ensure the computer meets the software's requirements before installation.

Is it legal to use a Free YouTube Screen Recorder?

Using a Free YouTube Screen Recorder for personal use is legal. However, it's valuable to respect copyright laws and not use the recorded content for commercial purposes without permission from the copyright holder. Recording copyrighted videos without permission may result in legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment. Therefore, it's crucial to use a Free YouTube Screen Recorder responsibly and only for personal use.

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