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Safely Backup and Restore Data on Your iOS Devices

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is your one-click stop to a complete backup and restoration of your iPhones and iPads. It will help you recover and backup iPhone data in the smartest way.
Backup iPhone Data

Make a complete or partial backup of your iPhone data smartly. You can backup multiple files without limitation, and it won't overwrite any existing backups. This is a better option than iTunes or iCloud; all it takes to backup is one click.

Restore iOS Backup

It allows you to restore files on your computer or iOS device easily. You can preview and choose specific files for restoration to your iPhone. It provides much easier solutions without causing any additional troubles because of its exceptional features and flexible user interface.

All Data Supported

When it comes to supported data type, you can backup/restore messages and attachments, contacts, call history voicemail, reminders, notes, photos, audio, voice memos, videos, calendar, safari history, safari bookmarks, and all types of files and attachments of social networking apps.

Easily and Flexibly Backup Data from iPhone to Computer

Do you want to backup your important data from your iPhone to your computer? iOS Data Backup & Restore has got you covered! With it, you can backup all files from your iOS device to your PC in one click. Alternatively, you can also backup specific files or select certain data categories to backup. Also, it allows you to keep multiple files with no limitations without overwriting the old ones.

Restore Data to iOS Devices or Computer

Effortlessly restore your backed-up data from your computer to your iPhone or vice versa. You won't lose any data during the restoration process.

Currently you can restore data to your iOS device with notes and contacts only.

Standard Backup and Encrypt Backup

It offers 2 options for you to backup your iOS data: Standard Backup and Encrypted Backup. You can make a copy of your data in a regular way or protect your data with a password to prevent unauthorized access. Meanwhile, it provides 100% secure data backup and restores, protecting your personal information.

More Features for Convenient Data Backup and Restore

Flexible Backup Options

Choose complete backup or select specific files for more control over your data.

Supports All iOS Devices

iPhone Data Backup and Restore supports all Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Data Preview

You can preview and select only the needed files before restoring to save time and space.

Efficient Data Transfer

Transfer your backed-up data between Apple devices, making it easy to switch or upgrade.

How to Backup and Restore iPhone/iPad Data

This reliable tool seamlessly backs up and restores your iOS data. Protect your valuable iOS data with our easy-to-use backup and restore software. Try it now and safeguard your digital life!
  • Backup iOS Data
  • Restore iPhone Data
  • 1
    Connect iPhone and Choose Backup Option

    Connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Once connected, choose between the Standard or Encrypted backup options. Then, click the Start button.

  • 2
    Select Data to Backup

    Select the data categories or specific files that you want to backup. Select files by checking the boxes or use the "Select All" option.

  • 3
    Start the Backup Process

    After selecting the files, click the "Next" button to begin the backup process. Once complete, your files will be viewable within a few minutes.

  • 1
    Access iOS Data Restore

    Choose the IOS Data Restore from the main interface. However, ensure you have already backed up the data using AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore.

  • 2
    Select Backup File

    From here, you can see the list of previous backups you've created. Select the backup data file you want to restore from, then click Next.

  • 3
    Initiate the Restore Process

    On the next screen, you can preview the files included in the selected backup file. Then, hit the Restore button to initiate the restoration process.

iOS Data Backup & Restore vs. iCloud vs. iTunes

Features iOS Data Backup & Restore iTunes Backup iCloud Backup
Backup Data Selectively Yes No No
Restore Data Selectively Yes No No
Preview Backup Files Yes No No
Encrypt Backup Yes No No
Overwrite Your Data No Yes Yes
Backup Speed Fast Slow Slow

One-Stop Solution
For All Your Phone Problems

AceThinker offers a comprehensive toolkit for you to recover phone data, repair mobile system, unlock iOS screen locks and more. Whenever you need assistance, we're here to serve you.

Data Recovery
Recovery deleted or lost data in various types from your mobile devices.

System Repair
Repair 150+ iOS system issues without any data loss to get your device back to normal.

Data Backup
Safe and efficient software to backup and restore phone data in one click.

Screen Unlock
Unlock forgotten passcode, Apple ID, Screen Time passcode and MDM with ease.

WhatsApp Transfer
Transfer, backup and restore WhatsApp data from or to device and computer selectively.

Phone Mirror
Display your phone screen on PC in real time for better presentation and sharing.

Data Extraction
Fix broken Samsung phone and extract photos, messages, videos, contacts, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I back up my iPhone?

It is recommended that you backup your iPhone at least once a week to ensure that you have the latest data saved. However, you should back up more frequently if important data changes frequently.

What happens if I lose my backup file?

If you lose your backup file, restoring your data may not be possible. Therefore, it is crucial to store your backup file in a secure location and consider creating multiple backups to avoid data loss.

Will restoring my iPhone from a backup erase all my data?

When restoring your iPhone from an iTunes or iCloud backup, all existing data on your device will be erased and replaced with the data from the backup. Fortunately, you can use the AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore to avoid overwriting any existing data on your iPhone during restoration.

What should I do if my iPhone won't restore from a backup?

If your iPhone won't restore from a backup, install the newest iOS version. Then, try restarting your iPhone and computer and ensuring you have a stable internet connection.

How long does it take to restore an iPhone from a backup?

The time it takes to restore an iPhone from a backup depends on the backup size. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. During restoration, it is important to ensure that your iPhone is connected to a power source and has a stable Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Can I choose which data to restore from the backup file?

iCloud and iTunes backup do not allow you to choose which data to restore from the backup file selectively. Luckily, AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore allows you to selectively choose which data to restore from the backup file, giving you more flexibility and control over the restoration process.

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