Functionality of The FREE Gameplay Recorder


Capture your gameplay screen with high-definition clarity or any specific application.


Record yourself using your webcam for a facecam overlay in your gameplay videos.


Capture system or external audio to include commentary or in-game sound effects.

The Best Features Covered by the Free Game Recorder

No Watermark

Enjoy recording your gameplay without distracting watermarks on the video.

Multiple Recording Mode

Choose from Full-Screen mode, Window mode, or Chrome Tab mode to capture your gameplay exactly how you want it.

Hi-Res Recording

Capture your high-resolution gameplay up to 1080p for crystal clear video quality.

No Lag Playback

Ensure smooth and lag-free playback of your recorded gameplay videos.

Easy Sharing

Share your recorded gameplay videos directly to social media sites or save them locally for later use.

Check the Advanced Desktop Game Recorder

Acquiring the best steam game recorder for professional use requires considering advanced features, resulting in a higher-quality recording and greater flexibility in editing the captured footage.
  • Capture a specific part of the screen with premade cropping options for precise recording.
  • Modify the resulting video by adjusting resolution, frame rate, and bitrate settings.
  • Experience real-time drawing and annotations during recording for enhanced video production.
  • Customize the mouse cursor and highlight clicks for better visibility in-game streams or tutorial videos.

Take your game recording to the next level with Aqua Demo, offering advanced capabilities and unparalleled flexibility in capturing and editing gameplay footage.

Download Aqua Demo

Mac OS
Android OS

Latest Version – 1.2.1 | Release Date: 03 Jan 2024

  • Free from Viruses, Spam and Ads
  • Immediate Private Sharing
  • 56,73,526 Downloads & Counting

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

I can't believe how easy it was to record my gameplays with this free game recorder no watermark. It's simple to use, and the quality is amazing. I highly recommend it to all gamers out there.

I love this screen recorder! It's free, and I can easily record my gameplay without lag. The software is user-friendly, and I can save my recordings with just a few clicks. I highly recommend it.

I'm really impressed with this game screen recorder. It's free, and it captures my gameplay perfectly. I also love that I can easily share my recordings with my friends. Thanks for creating such a great tool!

I've tried a few different game screen recorders, but this one is the best. It's simple to use, and the video quality is amazing. If you're a gamer, you need this recorder in your life!

This free game screen recorder is a must-have for any serious gamer. It's completely free, and it works flawlessly. I've had no issues with it, and I love that I can easily record and share my gameplay with others. Highly recommended!

How does online game screen recording work?

Online game screen recording captures the gameplay video and audio as it happens on your computer. A game screen recorder software runs in the background while you play the game, recording all the actions on your screen and saving them as a video file.

Does free game screen recording require storage space?

The recorded gameplay footage is usually saved in a folder on your computer's hard drive, depending on your chosen settings, while using the screen recorder software. Some game screen recorders also provide the option to save the footage directly to cloud storage or share it on social media platforms.

Where does the recorded gameplay footage get saved?

Yes, because it has high rendering speed with its' latest algorithm that maintains a high-speed video processor. Because of its' straightforward interface has helped users worldwide creating videos in minutes.

Is there a limit to the duration of the recordings?

The duration of the recordings depends on the game screen recorder software you are using. Some free game screen recorders come with a time limit, while others allow you to record for as long as you want. It's always best to check the software's specifications before starting a recording.

Can you edit the recorded gameplay footage after capturing it?

Yes, most premium game screen recorders have built-in editing features that enable you to edit the recorded gameplay footage after capturing it. You can cut the video, add text or annotations, adjust the brightness and contrast, and add audio effects to make your gaming videos more engaging.

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