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Incredible Ways to Solve iPad White Screen of Death

ipad white screenThe iPad blank white screen could be due to many reasons, like damages to your device's physical structure. This glitch could also occur due to the latest iOS update or changing the software's restrictions. It's a common problem that could cause you to crash into the wall when it comes to fixing it, especially if you aren't sure how to fix it. The iPad screen goes white due to a frozen condition of the iPad that is trapped on the white screen and can't move away from it. In order to fix the iPad white screen issue, many iPad users might need to determine why the screen turns white. As we said, the causes can be varied. The examples are provided below.

iOS System Recovery
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Why Does My iPad Stuck on White Screen?

  • It could be due to hardware issues, poor LCD connector, loose connection, motherboard malfunction, poor contact between circuits, and more.
  • The problem could also be due to software problems, such as iOS upgrade failure, incompatible apps, and more.
  • Jailbreak error factory reset the low battery, unidentified issues, etc.

Top 6 Ways to Fix iPad White Screen Issue

1. Hard Reset Your iPad

The hard reboot is always the first option when it comes to Apple users to resolve iDevice issues, such as iPad with a white display. Follow these steps to do a hard reboot on your iPad.

For iPad with the home button:

Hold and press the Home button and the Power button for a minimum of 10 seconds, or up to the point where you see the Apple logo.

For iPad with no home button:

You will need to press and release the Volume Up button, and after doing that, press the Volume Down button. Press while holding your Power button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears. Then after that, your iPad will reboot, and you will be able to check whether it's functioning as it should.

two ways to reset ipad device

2. Three Buttons Trick

If still, your iPad stuck on white screen, there's another option you can test before you go all technological. Press the Home button, the up-volume button, and the power button simultaneously. Then, wait for the Apple logo to show on the screen. The iPad will restart, and you'll be able to continue to use it as if nothing occurred.

3. Update or Remove Apps

Certain apps installed for the iPad may cause "iPad screen white-out," as per the comments from Apple Community. You can follow the steps below to upgrade or eliminate the apps.

Update iPad Applications:

  • Launch the App Store
  • Tap the profile image on the top-right edge
  • And finally, click the Update button or update all

Remove iPad Applications:

  • Hold the app that you wish to erase until it begins to vibrate
  • Click the delete icon whenever it appears

uninstall app on ipad device

4. Put Your iPad into DFU Mode

If nothing else works in the event, try putting the iPad in DFU Mode to repair the black dead screen. DFU is a shorthand for Device Firmware Update and allows you to alter and choose the firmware you want to install on your device. These are steps to follow to restore your iPad to this state:

  • First, you will need to connect your iPad to it via USB and launch iTunes.
  • Turn off your device and Press and hold Home and the power button for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, you can hold the Home button until you let go of your Power button. If you see a "Plug into iTunes" notice appears, you have to start the procedure again. When the iPad display is blank, you've successfully entered DFU mode.
  • iTunes will recognize your iPad and permit you to recover it.

5. Try Restoring iPad from iTunes (via Recovery Mode)

Still no luck? Then there's a method to fix the issue causing your iPad or iPad 2's white screen. Follow the steps below to discover how to restore your device to iTunes using recovery mode.

  • Connect your iPad to the computer and launch iTunes.
  • Click the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button for a minimum of 10 seconds.
  • Hold the Sleep/Wake key; however, hold on to the Home button until you see a message on the computer screen. It should read, "iTunes has detected an iPad in recovery mode. You must restore this iPad before it can be used with iTunes".
  • Then, it would help if you pressed "OK" followed by "Restore to start restoring your iPad.

6. Fix iPad White Screen Without Any Data Loss – Editor’s Choice

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is the ultimate solution to fix the iPad white screen with Apple logo or any other iOS system issues. Using the AceThinker recovery tool to Fix iPad white screen without losing data is a straightforward process. After downloading the program, users need to launch it and follow the installation command. Then, they need to link the device to their computer using the original USB cord. Once the connection is made, they will receive a message telling them that the repair is ready and the device is now connected to the computer. To proceed with the repair, simply click on the "Start" toggle to begin the repair.

Feature Highlights:

  • Offers two dedicated recovery modes to fix iOS problems. This option should only be used if you're absolutely sure that iOS causes the white screen.
  • In addition to fixing the white screen, this tool can repair various iOS problems, including the iPhone won't turn on, disabled, stuck on boot loop, DFU mode, headphone mode, and more.
  • It is the only system recovery software that can solve the more than fifty issues associated with its iOS program, iPhone updates, iPhone application stuck, and much more.
  •  The process of restoring the system is straightforward and only requires three steps.

Try it for Free.

How to Use AceThinker iOS System Recovery Program?

Step 1 Install the Fone Keeper Software

iOS System Recovery should be installed on your system. In the software interface, iOS System Recovery should be selected.

select ios system recovery on fone keeper

Step 2 Select the Quick Fix option

Utilizing the USB cable, you can connect the device to your computer. After that, press Start to allow the procedure to start. When the device is successfully detected, visit the interface to confirm your device's information. To fix the most common issues with these devices, go to the tab to the right that says "Screen Issues," where you will see a dedicated tab for the "Stuck on White Screen" option. This option can fix issues like iPad screen stuck on white screen of death issue within a matter of few minutes. After solving the problem, there's no need to move to a more advanced solution.

fix screen issues on ios system recovery

Step 3 Select the Advanced or Standard Mode

If the previous option doesn't work, search for the one that says Fix Button and ensure that it's clicked. It will open a window that allows you to choose the type of repair you'd like. You can choose between two options: Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. Take your time when making your choice regarding the approach that will help you to resolve the issue. After selecting one of the options above, click the Confirm button and proceed.

choose standard or advanced mode on ios system recovery

Step 3 Select Firmware

Then, the firmware information must be checked. Download the firmware you need, then move on with the subsequent step. To fix your device, press Repair. Once the firmware has been downloaded and installed, the iOS System Recovery software will repair the device by itself. After this process is complete, the device will operate normally once more.

download necessary firmware for the device

To Conclude

The most effective way to resolve your iPad dead white display issue? It should be safe, simple, quick, and has an excellent success rate for most people; AceThinker fully meets the requirements. While all methods can't ensure that they will work 100 percent, it has an increased success rate in restoring the iPad white screen of death than other methods.

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iOS System Recovery
Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.
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