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3 Most Effective Ways to Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone

recover deleted text messages on iphoneAre you wondering how to find deleted text messages on your iPhone? You are not alone; many people look for ways to recover deleted iPhones when they lost their cellular phones. They spent ages thinking about how to retrieve deleted text messages on the iPhone. There are several steps involved when trying to recover deleted text messages on an iPhone. If you have good data recovery software on your computer, it won't take long before you get the job done. However, if you do not have a lot of time on your hands, you'll probably need to hire a professional to do this for you. Fortunately, all this work can be quickly done at home thanks to technology. Today, several easy ways are available to get deleted text messages back on your iPhone even if you're too busy with something else.

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Recover Deleted Text Messages via iCloud Backup

iCloud backups can be used to retrieve deleted messages from iPhones. This method can be used for how to recover text messages on iPhone problems. However, the only requirement is if your iPhone is regularly backed up to iCloud. If you haven't already backed up your data, you should be doing regular iCloud backups. This is a great idea to save all of your essential information, not just messages that could get deleted. You may be able to recover the messages if you have an iCloud backup of your iPhone. How to recover deleted messages

Step 1 Settings

Tap on Settings to open the menu.

recover deleted messages settings

Step 2 Backups

Tap Backups, then select iCloud and Manage Storage options, respectively.

recover deleted messages tapbackups

Step 3 Select List

A list of backups will be displayed. Tap one to view the date it was saved. It would help if you looked for the one that applies to your device and was saved before deleting the message.

recover deleted messages backup list

Step 4 Reset

Even if you find a suitable backup, you will need to reset your iPhone to factory settings before setting up the backup. Any data or system changes that have been made since the backup will be lost. Make sure you save separate copies of any files that are important to you.

Step 5 Recover

Go to Settings > General > Reset > All Content and Settings to restore factory settings to your iPhone. It will take some time. It will then go through the standard setup. If you are given the option of recovering from a backup, make sure you choose the right one. You'll need to find another backup option if you don't have an older backup of the data you need or you don't want the new data to be overwritten by the backup. Don't despair. There are more options.

recover deleted messages recover

Recover Deleted Text Messages Using an iTunes or Finder Backup

You may be able to recover your messages from a backup of iTunes on Windows or macOS Catalina if you cannot find a suitable backup. It's worth spending a few minutes to give it a try. This method, like iCloud, can overwrite any data on the phone that is older than the backup. However, you can export and save any files that you need to keep.

Step 1 Connect to PC

Connect your iPhone with the Mac or computer containing the backup(s). Open iTunes or Finder.

iphone x green line of death plug in

Step 2 Discover Device

recover deleted messages itunes discover

Step 3 Restore

Select 'Restore backup'. This option is located under the General tab in Finder.

recover deleted messages restore backup

Step 4 Backup Data

Backup data will now replace your phone's data. This process will take some time. You should see the text messages in your regular phone list as long as they are not backed up.

Restore Deleted Messages on iPhone with AceThinker iOS Recovery Tool

Lastly, you can also use a third-party tool called AceThinker iOS recovery tool to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone. AceThinker provides comprehensive solutions for downloading, converting, recording, and editing your video, audio, and DVD. This has enabled millions of multimedia users to live a more enjoyable digital life. It doesn't only stop here; AceThinker also provides critical solutions for iPhone recovery. It offers to recover lost iPhone data like text messages, contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp data, and much more.

Key Features

  • It can also recover voicemail, notes, deleted calendar events, and more.
  • It allows you to view the files or data you wish to recover before you start the recovery process.
  • It comes with the option of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Try it for Free.

The following are the steps you can follow to recover your deleted text messages.

  • AceThinker iPhone data recovery can recover almost all lost data on your iPhone device or backup, and it lets you preview the content before recovery. It will only extract the data you need without affecting any other data on your iPhone. To do that, first of all, you'll need to download the AceThinker iOS Recovery tool on your computer.
  • For the users who don't have iTunes backup, you can delete or lose your iPhone text messages if you haven't backed them up with iTunes. In this case, select the Recover from iOS device option. Connect your iPhone with your Mac/PC and click the Scan button. However, if you have previously backed up your text messages in iTunes, choose Recover from iTunes Backup File Option. Select the iTunes backup file that you require and click scan. For users who have an iCloud backup, select the Recover from the iCloud Backup File option. Enter your iCloud account and password. However, you need to turn off two-factor verifications. Then look for the backup files listed in the table, download one and initiate the scanning process.
  • All messages will be displayed in the right panel when you click the Messages option in the left sidebar. Switch on "Only show the deleted items" if you only need to retrieve deleted messages. Select the messages you want back and click Recover.

iphone data recovery interface

The Bottom Line

These were the most workable methods we know for recovering deleted text messages on iPhone. You can choose the one that best fits your requirements and if you still have any questions regarding this topic, leave a message in the comments section below, and we'll promptly get back to you.

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Last updated on February 14, 2022

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