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How to Solve Screen Time App Limits Not Working Problems

screen time limits not workingThere are many reasons and intentions users might choose to put Screen Time restrictions on their iPhones. Limiting their time spent on a specific app, extra measures to keep their focus, or limit their child’s device usage. Screen Time is one of the iPhone’s newest features that allows users to set a time limit for the iPhone or a specific app to be locked. Once the Screen Time timed out, the only way to remove the restrictions is by entering the Screen Time password. But what if the screen time restrictions not working? How will the feature serve its purpose? It does happen for various reasons. The settings could be wrong, the iPhone could be facing a system glitch, or the Screen Time has bugs. You can use many solutions to fix this problem, though. Find out about those methods to fix the Screen Time limit by continuing to read the article.

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Add a Screen Time Passcode if Not Set

Ignoring the Screen Time warning about app limit usage is accessible without a password. The user can keep on using the device or the application since there is no password to lock them out. Moreover, someone can quickly turn off the Screen Time feature if it does not have a passcode. You can try this method if the Screen Time app limits not working and you have not set a password yet.


  • Open your iPhone, then look for the Settings. The logo for it is usually a gear symbol or a wrench.
  • Scroll down on the Settings list and look for the Screen Time tab. Hit the Screen Time tab to manage the feature’s options.
  • Tap on Use Screen Time Passcode to set the passcode. Don’t use the same password for unlocking your iPhone, and think of something that can’t be guessed by others easily.

go to settings, screen time, then use screen time passcode

Ensure that Block at End of Limit is Toggled On

Two options will be given to users when setting up their Screen Time limit. The choices receive a prompt when the time restriction is reached, or the user will be blocked until the limit pass. So, if the Screen Time limits not working, it could be because the Block at End of Limit is toggled off. Please turn it on by following the steps below.


  • First, open your iPhone Settings. Please scroll down to look for the Screen Time tab to access its features and manage the settings.
  • Select the App Limits for further options about the limits of Screen Time. You can choose the applications from the list that you want to apply the changes you will make.
  • After selecting the applications that will take effect from the changes, set the duration of the app limit, then toggle on the Block at End of Limit. The setting will now block users from using the app after the limit.

go to settings, screen time, app limits, then toggle on block at end of limit

Turn Off and Turn on the Screen Time Feature

You can also try restarting the feature if it is a glitch in the Screen Time system. Turning off then turning on the Screen Time feature again might fix the problem with iPhone Screen Time App limits not working. A step-by-step guide is available below.


  • Launch your iPhone Settings by clicking on the symbol in your application drawer. Look for the Screen Time Settings, then hit that too.
  • Hit the Turn Off Screen Time button below, then enter the password to confirm. Click the Turn Off Screen Time button that will appear again to turn off the feature.
  • Restart the Settings app or the iPhone itself, then re-do the process. But this time, instead of turning it off, Turn On Screen Time.

turn off screen time then turn it on again

Use Computer Tool to Repair Screen Time

Relevant Features: The tool has a Screen Time password bypass feature. Moreover, it can repair the Screen Time system with bugs or glitches.

Bonus Features: Unlocking disabled iPhones, wiping passwords, and Apple ID is also possible with the Unlocker.

If the Apple Screen Time not working, you need to seek assistance from an unlocking tool. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is capable of fixing iOS issues and glitches, including Screen Time. It can repair the Screen Time system in seconds with no data loss. In addition to having an easy-to-navigate design, it provides guidelines and warnings. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is compatible with both Windows and Mac, and it works smoothly for both operating systems. It can also run on a PC with a 1GHz Intel/AMD CPU or more, 1024 RAM, and 200MB of free disk space without issue. All iPhones that run on iOS 5 to iOS 15 are supported by the tool.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Select Screen Time Mode

Start by clicking the button at the bottom to fix the iPhone time limit not working. This will access the Unlocker’s Screen Time mode. After that, the program will ask you to connect your iPhone to your computer. Connect the iDevice with a USB cable. Give the tool time to detect your device.

select screen time then connect device

Step 2 Enable Trust iPhone

To make changes on your device, you need to enable permission for the tool to perform changes on your smartphone. You can press the Trust icon on your device. Once done, tap the Done icon to confirm the process.

click trust on mobile

Step 3 Disable Find My iPhone

This process is optional, yet you need to be aware of this. If the Find My iPhone is disabled, skip this process. However, if it does, you need to go to the settings on your iPhone to turn it off. Go to your Apple ID, where you can locate the function. Tap on its menu and disable it by entering your Apple ID and passcodes.

click start if find my iphone is disabled, disable it if not

Step 4 Ensure that No Data is Lost

You can set up Apps & Data to ensure no data has been removed from your device. While setting up the screen time, you can check if the screen time passcode has been removed by tapping the Set Up Later settings. Click the OK icon to instigate the process. Once reset, you can input and generate a new password for your Screen Time.

don’t transfer apps and data, set up screen time later in settings

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Screen Time not working on family sharing?

There are instances when Screen Time iPhone app limits not working on Family Sharing. Usually, it is because of the settings of Family Sharing, but if it is enabled there, it can be a bug or glitch. You can update the other devices on Family Sharing to the latest version to fix that.

2. Can you bypass iPhone Screen Time passcode?

Yes, you can turn off screen time without passcode using different methods. However, most troubleshooting solutions are not safe and can result in data loss. One of the safest solutions is to use AceThinker iPhone Unlocker to bypass the Screen Time passcode.


Screen time limits not working can be a hassle since it contradicts their purpose. Instead of limiting the application and device usage, it won't do a thing if the restrictions don't work. So, always ensure that everything is in place, and if it still doesn't work, you can repair the problem with AceThinker iPhone Unlocker.

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