Effective Ways to Record Minecraft Gameplay on Windows 10

Want to record your Minecraft game in HD?
  • Install Aqua Demo and move to the "Game Recorder" menu
  • Then, launch the Minecraft game and hit "Rec" on the tool
  • If you want to end the process, click "Stop" and save the recording

Are you an avid gamer who loves to record and share your Minecraft gameplay with the world? If you're playing on Windows 10, you're in luck! Recording your Minecraft gameplay on Windows 10 is easier than you might think, and in this post, we'll show you how. Whether you want to create a Let's Play series, share your gameplay highlights with friends, or keep a record of your progress, recording your Minecraft gameplay is a great way to do it. We'll cover all the steps you need, from setting up your recording software to adjusting your gameplay settings for optimal recording quality. So, if you're ready to start recording your Minecraft gameplay on Windows 10, read on for our step-by-step guide. You will discover the best screen recorders you can utilize for an HD outcome!

Capture Minecraft on Windows PC

One of the best screen recorder is Aqua Demo. You can use it to record your best PC games in resolutions as high as 4K video quality. You can instantly capture and annotate any activity on your screen. With this great recording program, you may add text, lines, and watermarks to your video to make it visually appealing. Additionally, you can alter the recording area you wish to capture and record in full screen or a selected window. Then, you can also record voice narration and audio from a computer system, which is ideal for creating a Minecraft video instructional. Furthermore, before storing your recorded video, you can preview it and cut out any bits that aren't needed. Follow the instructions below to discover how this special program to record Minecraft on PC.

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Step 1. Get the Minecraft Screen Recording App

Install the tool first by selecting the left "Download" option for the Windows operating system from the menu above. To finally obtain the recorder, follow all the wizard prompts' directions. After that, run it to see its primary interface.

ad main interface

Step 2. Customize the Recording Settings

After installing the screen recorder for Minecraft, move to "Game Recorder" on the main interface. Then, hit the "Gear" icon on the top-right corner to access the output settings window. Once done, customize the content quality, like resolution, frame rate, format, codec, and more. You can also modify the sound, camera, mouse keystrokes, and more. Finally, click the "OK" button on the bottom-left corner to confirm the changes.

game recording software output settings

Step 3. Begin to Capture Minecraft

Once done, move back to the game recorder and toggle on the webcam for webcam recording, system sound, and microphone sound, depending on your liking. You can also customize the recording parameters. Afterward, launch the Minecraft gameplay you want to capture. Then, before starting the game, relaunch the recorder and hit the "Rec" button to begin recording Minecraft videos.

enable webcam, system audio, mic, and hit rec icon

Step 4. End the Recording and Preview Output

If you are done playing Minecraft, hit the "Stop" icon from the floating toolbar to stop recording. Afterward, a preview window will appear, allowing you to start playing the recording session. Once done checking, hit the "Done" button to save the record video on your computer.

hit stop icon, play recording and hit done

Step 5. Locate the Video and Play

After saving, the recording will be saved on the output folder you set. Also, you can go to the "History" window of the Minecraft recorder. Here, you can view the recording on the whole screen to check if it works perfectly or edit it using built-in editors like trim, compress, merge, and more. Then, if you want to record more gameplay, repeat the same process. That's how to record gameplay with this 4K screen recorder.

play recorded videos and edit

Screen Capture Minecraft on Mac

Apple created QuickTime to make it easier to distribute audio and video content and enhance the multimedia environment of the internet. In 1991, Apple launched the initial iteration of QuickTime. The greatest program has a built-in recorder that allows you to capture your favorite Minecraft game. Moreover, QuickTime is utilized to offer synced visuals, sound, text, video, and music. It facilitates direct video distribution on streaming platforms like Twitch or your YouTube channel. Also, it can record your Minecraft sound, microphone, and camera simultaneously. Besides, the tool provides 480p to 4k video compression, making it one of the best screen recorder Mac free. Find the steps below to learn how to capture gameplay on Mac without third party software.

  • Open QuickTime Player on your Mac by navigating to the "Applications" section in the "Mac Dock" or using the "Launchpad." Click "File" in the Apple menu bar and choose "New Screen Recording."
  • Select a microphone in the screen recording window by clicking the drop-down button next to the recording icon. To highlight the mouse cursor, click "Show Mouse Clicks in Recording." Drag the cursor to choose the Minecraft window, click the game capturing button, or press the start recording hotkey "Command + Ctrl + N" to start the recording process.

open minecraft, modify settings, hit record button

  • To stop the recording, click the "black circle" button in the top menu bar or use the "Command + Ctrl + Esc" stop recording hotkey. QuickTime will automatically display the recorded video with audio.
  • Play, edit, or share the recording as desired. To save it, click "File" in the menu bar and choose "Save." Alternatively, use the shortcut "Command + S" to keep the recorded gameplay video.

end screen record, hit save to keep recorded minecraft

Other Minecraft Screen Recorder for Windows/Mac

1. Bandicam

Bandicam serves as a lightweight Minecraft video recording tool capable of capturing screen activities on your Windows computer. Its recording modes allow you to capture the entire screen, Window mode, or a designated area. Notably, Bandicam ensures a high compression ratio while maintaining video quality close to the original. It also enables lag-free recording of Minecraft gameplay in up to 4K resolution. The software supports recording computer sound or adding voice narration through a microphone. Additionally, you have the option to personalize your recordings by adding a watermark or logo and adjusting the frame rating and codecs. If you want a high-quality output video to record Minecraft, Bandicam is recommended.

bandicam interface

2. OBS Studio

Another tool you can use to screen record Minecraft is OBS. It stands out as an open-source software for live streaming and video recording, making it an excellent choice for Windows and Mac users. While its primary use is for recording games, OBS is versatile enough to capture various screen activities such as movies, live streams, video chats, and more. The software excels in real-time video capturing, ensuring high performance. To enhance video quality, OBS allows you to construct scenes using multiple sources like images, text, and window captures. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize shortcut keys for seamless scene switching and easy start and stop recording. OBS lets you preview your videos before broadcasting them live, adding an extra control layer to the recording process.

obs studio main interface

3. Windows Game Bar

Microsoft requested that many Windows users have a built-in screen recorder to record gameplay on Windows 10. The Game Bar was launched as a new feature of Windows 10 in 2015. It is now a complete overlay similar to Discord or Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. Also, Game Bar comes with widgets that let you adjust the game outputs and volume, take a screenshot, and more. Furthermore, you can monitor your CPU performance or RAM usage to know if your PC is in good condition. Additionally, Microsoft has integrated Spotify into the Game Bar, allowing you to play background music during game mode. Use this tool to record Minecraft on Windows while saving storage space.

windows game bar interface

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Minecraft have a built-in screen recorder?

No, Minecraft does not have a built-in screen recorder. However, players often use third-party software or external tools to capture and record Minecraft gameplay. Popular choices include Aqua Demo, OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Bandicam, or the built-in recording option of certain graphics cards.

How do YouTubers capture Minecraft?

YouTubers use to record Minecraft gameplay using various screen recording tools and software. These tools allow YouTubers to record their Minecraft adventures, edit the footage, and then upload the content to their YouTube channels. Additionally, some YouTubers use specialized hardware capture devices or software integrated into gaming platforms to record screen at high-quality footage.

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