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Top 5 Minecraft Screen Recorder for Windows and Mac

record minecraft Minecraft, a game that transcends an is enjoyed by all ages, is a sandbox cross-platform game built last 2011. Its popularity got the title of the best selling video game of all time, with over 200 million sales. That being said, many gamers stream Minecraft gameplay and earn money based on their viewers and subscribers. In that case, streamers use a screen recorder to capture their Minecraft gameplay and save it as a video file. With this, it is easier to share and upload to gaming videos streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and more. If you are an aspiring gamer and want to find out the best Minecraft screen recorder, you're on the right page. Continue reading the article below and learn how to use it.

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Screen Grabber Premium - Best Minecraft Recorder

Distinctive Feature: This screen recorder has its own "Task Scheduler" feature wherein you can schedule your task with your desired schedule. Just simply set-up the start and stop time of your preferred schedule.

If you're asking about the best solution to record Minecraft, the AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium is the answer. It is a powerful screen recorder that can capture Minecraft game in HD quality. It is sufficient for streaming purposes since it can share the Minecraft gaming video with the help of its upload feature. Meaning, you can directly share the gameplay to your preferred game streaming sites, including YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch. Follow the steps given here to know how to use this excellent game recorder.

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Step 1 Download and Install the Minecraft Recorder

First and foremost, click the "Download" button provided above that suits your operating system. Open the installer that you've downloaded and follow its guide to ultimately save it. Once done, launch Screen Grabber Pro to access the main interface.

screen grabber pro

Step 2 Choose the Audio Source

From its main interface, hit "Audio input" to determine the sound source. If you're a streamer, it is best to use "System sound and microphone" to capture your voice and the in-game audio. You can also click the "3 lines" at the top-right corner of the software to access the "Settings." Here, you can configure output format, recording quality, and the likes.

set the audio source

Step 3 Select the Recording Mode

Next, click the "Record" tab to show the available options. Choose between "Full screen" or "Region" to select the screen area you need to record. In this case, we personally recommend choosing full-screen recording to capture the entire part of the game.

recording mode options

Step 4 Record Minecraft Gameplay

Once you set-up the screen area, hit the "OK" button to commence the recording mode. Now, you can freely play the game, and every activity captured in the recording area is saved. After you finish the game, click the "Stop" button to save it automatically. Finally, go to the software, right-click the file name and hit "Preview" to play it.



  • Record video with system and external audio sources.
  • Editing features are perfect for creating Minecraft video tutorials.

  • It lacks a "Green Screen Effect" for video editing.

Alternative Minecraft Screen Recorder

1. Bandicam

Distinctive Feature: It has a "Game Recording" feature that can even record 3D games for up to 4K UHD resolution.

Bandicam is a game and desktop recording tool that supports various video recording formats. It can clearly record games without slowing down computer performance. Aside from that, Bandicam can also record both screen and webcam at the same time. This is perfect for creating a Minecraft gaming video with the player present in the video. Additionally, if you play Minecraft from a console, you can record that and use the "HDMI" feature of Bandicam.



  • It records mouse effects so the viewers can follow it.
  • The recorder captures your screen with high compression ratio, making sure it will retain its original quality.

  • A watermark is embedded in the video output if you're only using its trial version.

2. OBS Studio

Distinctive Feature: The tool has a streaming function that is connected directly to Twitch and YouTube gaming.

OBS Studio is an open-source screen recorder that everyone can use for free. It is a trusted name because of its seamless recording capabilities. It has many screen filters that can be used to add effects to the video you are recording. Additionally, you can use the "Studio Mode" of the tool to broadcast your Minecraft game online. The audio mixer of the tool is also one of the things that people love about OBS Studio.

record minecraft


  • The tool offers a Multiview function that lets you add 8 sources and monitor them simultaneously.
  • It also provides a lot of editing filters such as transition, video mixing, and more.

  • Its main interface is composed of multiple buttons which might confuse first-time users.

3. Camstudio

Camstudio is a simple, minimalist, yet efficient Minecraft video recorder. It is perfect for recording games since it can also include a webcam window in the recording. Camstudio features a "Picture-in-Picture" technology that syncs your webcam window into the Minecraft game recording without any lag. Additionally, it can automatically compress the file size and optimize them so you can save storage space. This is possible thanks to the function that can customize the video quality of the recording.

start recording


  • It can add your logo or watermark into the recording to make it personalized.
  • You can set the duration of the recording and stop it automatically.

  • Since it has a simple interface, it provides fewer functions compared to other tools like 4K recording.

4. Windows 10 Game Bar

The last tool that you can use to record Minecraft is a Windows built-in tool called Game Bar. This is the official Minecraft screen capture tool of Xbox consoles and Windows devices. The good thing about having this tool is that it comes with your system, and you can access it right away. Aside from that, it supports recording the screen and microphone together. You can also adjust the volume of the sound from the "Audio" tab. However, the Game Bar is a little bit needy. It has a minimum system requirement for the processor and graphics hardware on the PC. These requirements must be met first. Otherwise, the screen recording feature will be disabled.



  • The tool is pre-installed, meaning you don't have to go through any installation process.
  • It shows the CPU performance while recording to make sure you can monitor and finish the process without any lag.

  • It is not available for lower specs of Windows 10. It requires at least Windows 10 version 17763. 0 or higher.


Based on statistics and sales, it is safe to say that Minecraft is a top-rated game and famous worldwide. So, its community is so vast that it is also considered as one of the best-streamed game. For aspiring gamers or vloggers, it is best to choose AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro as the best screen recorder for Minecraft. This software provides all tools needed like webcam recording, annotation, mouse recording, and a lot more. If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop them below. Thank you!

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