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Effortless Ways to Control Broken iPhone Through Computer

control broken iphoneControlling an iPhone device from a computer takes much effort because its firmware does not support the other functions of a mirroring program. As such, you are managing your Apple device using your mouse, and the keyboard can be tricky. Finding the right app is a problem, and here comes your broken phone, adding to your dilemma. If you forgot to backup data from a broken iPhone and want to access your files, you can try the suggested solutions from this article. Read to find out the best way to control the iPhone with a broken screen.

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Control iPhone from PC with Veency

This app is of great help if you feel the need to view and control your iPhone with a broken screen. Veency is not a complicated application; you only need to add a password right after downloading and installing. Using this app helps you on how to access the iPhone when the screen is broken. Moreover, users can launch applications, reply to emails or text messages, can browse through photos or contacts, and lock /unlock the iPhone using PC. Below are the steps in using Veency.

veency controlling iphone from pc

User Guide

  • Download and launch Cydia then go to the search bar to download and install Veency. Set a password once installed. Just note that Veency is only available in a jailbroken iPhone with the Cydia app installed on it.
  • Download and install a VNC viewer on your PC.
  • Connect both devices under the same Wi-Fi server. Enable the Veency app, then find your Wi-Fi IP address by going to "Settings"> "Wi-Fi"> (Your Network) then copy the IP Address.
  • On your PC, enter your Wi-Fi IP Address as the server and use the password you entered in settings.

veency mirror tool

QuickTime - Default Way to Use Broken iPhone on PC

If you're using a MacBook, you don't need to install any software on your PC to access your device. All you need is QuickTime. This is a free, yet impressive, media player as it contains useful features aside from playing video and audio files. It has a screen recorder, which allows you to capture computer display and a mirroring capability for iPhone and iPad devices. That said, the app is reliable in terms of casting the iPhone to PC to view your files and further configure the device. What makes this the right choice is it utilizes a lightning cable to connect your phone to PC. Thus, you don't have to install any additional application on your phone, which is extra tricky with a malfunctioning screen. Follow the steps below to access the iPhone with a broken screen.

quicktime player screen mirroring iphone to mac

User Guide

  • First, launch Quicktime on your Mac and connect your iPhone with a lightning cable.
  • If your phone prompts you to trust the connection, click the "Trust" button. To do this, connect your device to a Bluetooth keyboard, open iTunes, and press "Space/Enter." You can also do the same thing by turning on VoiceOver through Siri. Just say, "Hi Siri, turn on VoiceOver."
  • After connecting your iPhone, go to QuickTime and click on "File." Press the drop-down arrow beside "New Movie Recording" then choose your iPhone from the options. This automatically sends your iPhone display to your Mac.
  • At this point, you can use your computer to preview your device.
  • As a final note, QuickTime only works when your touch screen is still responsive. It also does not entirely give you the ability to control the iPhone with a broken screen from PC and via external mouse and keyboard. However, you can still employ this method if you want to take a look at your iPhone to figure out what's wrong.

start new movie recording


As explained earlier, it's more challenging to manage an iOS device remotely because of its restriction issues. Fortunately, you may use QuickTime and Veency to control the iPhone with a cracked screen. To sum up, QuickTime only allows you to emulate your iOS screen. Meanwhile, Veency provides you with full control of your phone. However, your touch screen should still function for these two to work.

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Last updated on October 19, 2022

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Screen mirror iOS and control Android from PC .
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