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android-appletv For quite some time, we have been able to stream films and videos from iPhone and iPad to Apple TV wirelessly to enjoy a wider screen experience. All thanks to AirPlay, which works seamlessly with Apple devices, which has made it possible for iPhone owners to share content effortlessly between their phones and Apple TV. However, Android users cannot benefit from AirPlay because it only supports Apple devices. Don't be disappointed as there are still ways to mirror Android to Apple TV. There are third-party applications that can allow you to mirror, stream films, and videos from your Android to your Apple TV effortlessly. We have compiled a list of the best Android to Apple TV mirroring apps that will allow you to cast your Android screen to Apple TV.

Best Tools to Mirror Android Phone to Apple TV

1. Mirroring360

With this Android screen mirroring application, you can wirelessly cast Android to Apple TV. You can also use Mirroring360 to reflect the display of your computer screen to another PC monitor (Windows PC or MAC). Share media content like photos, videos, or applications on a larger screen. Game lovers will find this tool interesting. You can use this app in taking screen footage and create a walkthrough of a game that can serve as a guide for other players. Follow the instructions below to learn how you can stream content from your Android device to your Apple TV using Mirroring360:

mirroring360 screen sharing

How to Mirror Android to Apple TV with Mirroring360

  • Use Google Play Store to download "Mirroring360 Sender to AppleTV" on your device.
  • Open the application and ensure your Apple TV and Android phone are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Select your TV’s name from the list of devices detected, then tap the "Start Now" button.
  • Your Android screen will display on your Apple TV after step 3.

2. AirSync

AirSync is another interesting program that enables you to cast to Apple TV from an Android device to stream media content using AirPlay. This program will enable users to sync their media collections on iTunes such as images, videos, and music from their laptop or desktop to Android over the Wi-Fi network. Pictures and videos are automatically imported from your Android phone or tablet to your PC (either Windows or MAC). To be able to use AirPlay to stream content from your Andriod to Apple TV, the first thing to do is to purchase AirSync. Follow the guide below to know how to use this app to stream Android to Apple TV.

airsync mirroring

Steps to Mirror Android to Apple TV with AirSync

  • Download and install AirSync on your Android device and launch the app.
  • To enable Airplay, swipe right to show the "settings." Then scroll down to "AirTwist$AirPlay," tap on the button to expand.
  • Select "Enable streaming," then select the "Allow" button to approve AirPlay/AirTwist for the current network.
  • You can now stream photos, videos, and music from your Android to Apple TV once AirPlay is active.
  •  Now, open any media file, a video, for example, then tap the Wi-Fi icon located at the bottom right side. A window will pop-up, tap "Apple TV" option, and the video on your Android device will go blank. When this happens, it means your video is being mirrored on your Apple TV.

3. AllCast

AllCast is another program that supports AirPlay. You can use this tool to cast from Android to Apple TV and other AirPlay-enabled devices like Chromecast. The app also supports Xbox 360, Xbox One, Amazon FireTV, Roku, and other DLNA Renderers. AllCast allows users to stream media content like pictures, music, and videos from their Android device to their TV. The Trial version offers a viewing limit, which lasts five minutes. To enjoy unlimited viewing limits from your device, you have to sign up for a premium account. To enjoy all the features in this app, you need to purchase it. Follow the instructions below to use AllCast to mirror Android to Apple TV.

allcast mirroring

How to Mirror Android to Apple TV using AllCast

  • Install the AllCast app on your Android and make sure your Android phone and Apple TV are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Open the app on your android device and search for the cast button in a video player application. From the list, select your Apple TV.
  • Your video will start streaming on your Apple TV after step.
Just note that this application only supports playing videos locally stored on your Android device to your Apple TV, meaning you cannot stream clips from platforms like Netflix.

4. Cast to TV

You can mirror media content to your TV from your Android device through a digital media player using Cast to TV. This app can be used on devices like Xbox, Roku, and Apple TV, among others. Cast to TV also recognizes media content on your device and SD card automatically for instant access. You can use this app to play files right from your Android device and play videos on the internet to your Apple TV wirelessly. For the best streaming experience, you need a reliable internet connection for this app to work efficiently. Follow the instructions below to know how to screencast your Android to Apple TV using this tool.

cast to tv mirroring

Mirror Android to Apple TV using Cast to TV app

  • To begin, connect your Android phone and Apple TV to the same wireless network.
  • Download and install Cast to TV from Google Play and launch it.
  • After opening the app on your phone, the app will automatically search for available devices. Select your Apple TV to connect.
  • Once your TV is connected, choose the media you wish to view on your TV, then select the cast icon found at the top right corner.

Best Screen Casting App for Windows and Mac

If you love to stream media, you can use any of the options above for screen mirroring Android to Apple TV. To enjoy a larger and better viewing experience, you can follow the instructions attached to any of the applications. You are free to use any method or choose any app that's convenient for you.

If you want a larger viewing experience on your laptop or desktop instead of an Apple TV, you can use AceThinker Mirror to view media content from your Android on your PC. This app allows users to stream media files to PC effortlessly. You can connect your device wirelessly or use a USB cable if you don't have internet or stable internet. AceThinker is packed with a lot of exciting features such as screen recording and screenshots. You can use this app to control your device with the keyboard or mouse. This app is handy and reliable; having it on your device is worth it. Click the download button below to download this app on your device.

acethinker mirror on pc

Free DownloadWindows 8/10/11

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This tool is also a great alternative when your Chromecast is not working properly. Check here to get an idea on how it can be a suitable mirroring tool

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