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4 Amazing Tools to Remove Text from Image

remove text from image Most people can relate to the situation where they accidentally delete a photo, and there is no back-up. However, there is a copy of the picture that was uploaded to social media but is an edited version with text on it. The only way to get back the photo in its original state, is by removing the text from the actual photo file. Now the bigger problem is that there is no natural way to do it because once a file has been altered, there will be no way to change it. Fortunately, there is now a way to remove text from image, and that is by using watermark remover tools. Listed below are some of the best tools that you can find to remove text from pictures.

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webinpaint logo Another great tool that can remove text from image, is WebInPaint, which is an online watermark remover. This is a more popular tool, because it is web-based, or accessible via the internet. WebInPaint provides basic image editing, like text removal and other essential tools. However, there is no way to use it if there is no internet connectivity since it is an online application. Also, the tool is not totally free to use because if you want to download the image that you have edited, it will ask you to purchase something from its website. Considering its capabilities, it may be worth purchasing but it won’t come cheap. Overall, it is still a great tool to remove text from pictures.

Photo Stamp Remove

photo stamp remover logo Photo Stamp Remover is another tool that is able to remove text from image and more. What’s good about the tool, is its wide variety of functions that are not only limited to watermark removal. Also, the tool is lightweight and does not consume too much disk space. However, there is always the fact that a licensed version must be purchased to have full access to its functions. But for those who are looking for a tool that can do more than remove text and watermarks, then Photo Stamp Remover is the top choice.

Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop logo Probably the most popular name on the list, Adobe Photoshop. This is a multi-purpose photo editing tool that is used around the world. Packed with premium features other than removing text and watermarks, Adobe Photoshop is the top choice among photo editing applications. However, due to its multiple functions, the tool is complicated to use. It has a lot of confusing buttons, and if you are not inclined to editing tools, then you will find it hard to use. Adobe Photoshop comes in different versions, with various functions, but all of them come with a high price. For beginners, Adobe Photoshop is not advisable, and it is much better to use a tool dedicated to removing text from an image. For advanced users, then they can try the tool and maybe gain more skills in photo editing.


gimp logo GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP, is the last tool on the list of great tools that you can use to remove text from images. This is an open source photo editor that works on almost all operating systems. The tool is free and can be customized with different plug-ins, depending on the need of the users. The tool has been around for over twenty years since it was released in 1996. This is a testament on how the tool has changed the landscape for image editors, especially tools that can remove text from pictures. The interface of the tool is somewhat similar to the “Paint” application on Windows which is a relief. The only downside of the tool is that since it is open-sourced, anyone can customize it and a new version update appears from time to time. If this is not an issue for you, then you can try this tool and see for yourself.


There are different ways to erase text from photo and some of them were mentioned above. The tools mentioned all promises to erase unwanted text on your precious photos and even remove date from photo. In searching for the right tool, you would have consider the functionality and its ease of use. There are tools that are household names when it comes to photo editing, but does requires skills and time to learn. For beginners, it is very much advisable to use a straightforward tool that is able to do the job with less effort.

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Posted by Trafalgar Law on April 11, 2019 to Watermark Eraser

Last updated on June 2, 2020

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