Effective Ways if You Forgot iPad Passcode Without Computer

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Do you need to unlock iPad passcode without computer?
  • Download an install the AceThinker iPhone Unlocker
  • Launch the tool and start the unlocking process
  • Finalize the process and unlock your iPad

Imagine you've recently changed your iPad's Passcode to something more secure. Still, it would help if you remembered the new Passcode during the process. You need to access information on your iPad, such as important emails. However, after several unsuccessful attempts to enter the Passcode, the iPad is now disabled. In such scenarios, accessing your iPad without a computer is important. Only some people own a computer, especially in a world where smartphones and tablets can fulfill most computing needs. This article will briefly overview how to bypass iPad passcode without computer. Besides, several methods are available, such as the iCloud Find My app and Siri. These methods work differently and may require specific prerequisites, such as enabling Find My or backing up your iPhone data.

Different Ways to Unlock iPad Passcode Without a Computer

Method 1. Using iCloud, Find My App on Other Devices

Is it possible to bypass iPad lock screen without computer? Definitely yes. Using another iOS device with the Find My app, you can easily unlock your iPad without a computer. Unlocking an iPad passcode using iCloud's Find My feature is useful if you need to remember your Passcode and need access to a computer. This approach requires enabling Find My iPad and knowing your Apple ID credentials. Besides, this method erases all data on the iPad. Your iPad's customized settings and files will automatically deleted without a backup. Here's how to do it:

Step 1 Launch Find My App

Log in to the settings app using the other device and use your Apple ID credentials. Once logged in, Locate the Find My Application position on the home screen. Then, click it to launch the app. You will see a map with all your Apple devices connected to your account.

access the find my app

Step 2 Find Your Lock iPad

Next, go to the Devices page to see a list of all the iOS devices associated with your Apple ID. Find your locked iPad from the list of available Apple devices and tap on it. After selecting your iPad, you'll see several options. Choose "Erase iPad".

find your device to erase

Step 3 Erase the iPad

Then, skip entering your phone number since your iPad is not lost. Just tap the Erase button above and proceed to enter your Apple ID credentials. You need to confirm your choice because this action is irreversible. If you're sure, proceed with the erasure. Finally, please set up your iPhone as a new device or restore your data through iCloud backup once it's finished.

start erasing the device

Method 2. Use Siri to Unlock Your iPad Without a Computer

Siri can be a helpful tool to help you unlock your iPad if you need help remembering your Passcode. The voice assistant Siri is exclusive to iOS devices. With voice commands, this function enables hands-free usage of your iOS devices. Ensure your iPad has a Home button and runs iOS 8.0 to 10.1 for this method to function. Moreover, confirm that Siri is on your locked iPad. It also needs to have a WiFi connection. It's crucial to remember that using Siri to unlock your iPhone might only work sometimes. Let's say you'd like to give this approach a go. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to unlock iPad passcode without computer.


  • Press the Home button to activate Siri or say, "Hey, Siri." If you have enabled it, ask Siri what time it is. Then tap on the time that Siri displayed, and it will take you to the Clock app. Go to the World Clock section on the Clock app and tap the "+" icon in the upper-right corner. After that, type any text on the search bar and double-tap it to select it.
  • After selecting the text, tap the Share button on the editing options. Choose the Message app from the list and type any text in the "To" search tab. Tap the "+" icon after typing the text in the "To" field to add a new contact. Select the Create New Contact option and add a photo to the contact.
  • You will be directed to the Photos app to access all your albums. Open an album on the Photos app, and as soon as the album opens, press the Home button. It will take you to the home screen of your locked device, effectively bypassing the passcode. If this method is successful, you can change your phone passcode on Settings.

unlock the device using siri

For instances that Siri is not working properly with your device, there are various ways to unlock iPhone without Siri.

Method 3. Contact Apple Support

Contacting Apple Support can be beneficial in unlocking your iPad without using a computer. Their representatives are experts in various issues related to Apple products. These include unlocking devices. They have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the necessary steps to access your iPad. Apple Support can provide alternative solutions for unlocking your iPad without a computer. They may have access to tools or procedures that are not widely known or available to the general public. Sometimes, Apple Support can remotely assist you on how to break into iPad without Passcode without computer by sending commands or instructions directly to the device. It can be particularly helpful if you cannot access a computer or need to be more able to perform certain steps independently. They offer a reliable option for unlocking your iPad without using a computer.

contact apple customer support

Best Way to Unlock iPhone Passcode on a Computer

AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is a third-party software tool designed primarily for unlocking. It can be a viable solution when you need to remember your iPhone's Passcode and can't open your device. It can be the perfect tool for accessing your iPhone. It aims to help users bypass various lock screens on iOS devices. It removes 4-digit/6-digit passcodes and Face ID without requiring the iPhone's Screen. The tool works flawlessly with any previous iPhone or iPad, including iOS 15.3. AceThinker's user-friendly interface makes unlocking your device simple. This tool works with Mac and Windows operating systems.

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Step 1 Download and Launch the App

Open the AceThinker iPhone Unlocker application on your personal computer. If you still need the tool, download the free download offer above. Then, click the downloaded installer to start installing the application.

iphone unlocker interface

Step 2 Attach Device to Computer

After you settle, connect your phone to the computer to start the process. You can use your charger cord to establish a link on both devices. Make sure to trust the computer to complete the connection successfully.

iphone unlocker wipe passcode confirming

Step 3 Remove Apple ID

Select the Remove Apple ID on the main interface of the tool. It will move you to the next step: check if the Two Factor Authentication is on. Once you confirm, enter "0000" on the text box to proceed with unlocking.

iphone unlocker remove apple id

Step 4 Finish the Process

You must wait while the tool downloads the package to reset the ID. To avoid corrupting your device, remember to prevent disconnection while this process is ongoing. It may take a while, but once it's finished, you can unlock it and create a new Apple ID password.

iphone unlocker download firmware


There are various reasons someone might need to unlock iPad Passcode without computer, such as forgetting their Passcode or the iPhone passcode changing itself. Fortunately, there are several ways to achieve this. Find My App is a useful option that allows users to erase their devices and remove the Passcode remotely. Siri is another way to bypass the Passcode and access the home screen, from where you can reset your device. AceThinker iPhone Unlocker is a perfect tool to bypass various lock screens on iOS devices. Suppose you find yourself needing to unlock your iPad without a computer. In that case, proceeding cautiously and prioritizing security at every step is important. Above all, stay vigilant, stay informed, and prioritize your peace of mind. Your efforts to unlock your iPad securely will contribute to a more secure digital experience.

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