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How To Unlock iPhone When Screen Is Broken

unlock iphone with broken screen The iPhone is one of the digital market's most trusted and popular mobile devices. We expect this pricey device to last longer because of the good reviews and feedback from the people who tested this device. But even if you have a quality device, we cannot avoid some issues while using it. In some cases of devices, we have encountered broken screens, so we cannot use the screen properly. The broken screen may cause a malfunction in the software’s touchscreen system. Now, how can you unlock your iPhone if the touch sensor is not functioning? To solve the problem of an iPhone screen broken can’t unlock, you might need these five methods below. These methods allow you to unlock your phone even if it has a non-functioning screen.

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Method 1: AceThinker iOS System Recovery

If your iPhone is suffering from unresponsive touch from your screen, you might think that your device needs to be replaced and buy a new phone. Yet, in this circumstance, we can fix the damaged screen. Using AceThinker iOS System Recovery, the most dependable program for recovering your iOS system. This tool allows you to fix problems like Fix an iPad white screen and other issues on your iOS. It has a sophisticated program placed on the software that can fix most of the potential drawbacks you've had with your iOS. In that case, this tool will be a helpful tool to cure the problem with the system of touch sensors. Unlike other options, this program allows you to diagnose a faulty screen with a few mouse clicks. You can use the steps below as a guide to fix your problem if you need more information on how to unlock an iPhone with a damaged screen.

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Step 1 Install the iOS System Recovery software

To install the software, you need to download the installer package from the official website of AceThinker iOS System Recovery. After downloading the installer, you must launch the package and proceed to the installation process. Open the software once it is installed on your computer.

fk isr interface

Step 2 Select the Standard mode on iOS System Recovery

In the next step, you need to open the software. Then connect your iPhone to your PC, and click the iOS System Recovery mode. With the help of this mode, it will fix the issue you've experienced on your iOS device, then select the Standard mode and click the Confirm button.

fk-isr choose the mode

Step 3 Click the Fix button

Inside the iOS System Recovery mode, you will see that the software has successfully detected your device. You will also notice the information about your device on your screen. Click the Fix button to start the process of resolving the issue of your iPhone.

fk-isr scan and confirm device's details

Step 4 Download the Firmware

In the last part of the process, you will download firmware. This firmware contains the code needed to resolve and fix the problem on your iPhone. After waiting on downloading, you may now click the Next button to finish the process.

fk-isr download firmware

Method 2: Erase iPhone via Find My Phone

A malfunction in the touchscreen sensor system is a big problem because you will not be able to use your iPhone. Suppose this problem suddenly happens on your iPhone. In that case, you can also use this alternative method to unlock your iPhone's broken screen. iPhone has a feature where you can remotely use your iPhone even if you don’t open your phone. You will remotely execute a backup and reset using Find My Phone on your computer's browser. This is to restore the iPhone system and address the frozen or broken screen issue. So if you are experiencing this problem, you are in luck. Because in this phase, we will talk about how we will make a broken screen unlock iPhone process.

  • To execute this process, you need to access your computer. Open your PC and go to your browser. Next, open your browser and type on the browser's address bar. Hit the Enter button on your keyboard to redirect you to the iCloud website.
  • Once you are on the iCloud webpage, you must log in with your Apple ID. Type your email and password in the provided input box and hit the enter key on your keyboard. After logging in, wait a moment to enter your account.
  • Lastly, click the Find iPhone option to start accessing your broken-screen phone. Then click the Your iPhone, and after that, you will be redirected to a new phase of the website. Click the Erase iPhone on your screen to erase and reset your iPhone without operating your iOS device.

broken iphone screen find my phone

Method 3: Restore iPhones via iTunes

New phone models, such as the newest iPhone, may have encountered frozen or broken iPhone screen. So if you are the owner of this iPhone, you would probably want to restore it. Luckily there are numerous ways to solve this kind of issue, and one of these solutions is iTunes. You may back up your files and do a hard reset of the device's OS using this program on your Mac or Windows PC. To do this action, connect your iPhone to your PC and use the iTunes program on your computer to restore the iOS on your iPhone.

  • Most of the PCs have a built-in iTunes app installed. Kindly check your PC to see if you have iTunes on your desktop. If you don't have it, you can install it by downloading the installer on your browser and installing it on your computer.
  • Once you have iTunes on your desktop, you can open it and connect the iPhone to your computer. Once it is connected, make sure that your PC will detect your iPhone. After that, you can proceed to the last step of the process.
  • On your iTunes, you will see a list of options on your screen. To restore your iPhone, you need to click the Restore iPhone button. This option will restore the system of your iPhone; with this setting, you will be able to resolve the problem on a frozen or broken screen.

broken screen unlock iphone itunes

Method 4: Using Siri to Help You Get into Your Device

Siri is also one of the alternative methods you can try to unlock an iPhone screen broken. Siri is a smart AI virtual assistant that is part of your iPhone. This feature will help you operate your iPhone even if you don't use your device's touchscreen. By activating Siri, you can unlock your broken screen iPhone by telling or commanding Siri. Once you've activated Siri, you may command her to unlock your iPhone. Then you may now connect your iPhone to your computer and perform a backup file. Once you have gathered all of your important files, you may command Siri to perform a hard reset to restore the iOS system of your iPhone.

  • To activate Siri, even if the screen is not responding, you only need to press and hold your iPhone's Home button if you are using iPhone 7 and other old versions. But if you don't have a home button, you need to press and hold your iPhone's Volume and Power buttons.
  • After you've woken Siri, you can request to unlock your iPhone by commanding her. If you have a password on your iPhone, you can also be able to unlock it by commanding her to type the password on the lock screen to unlock the iPhone.
  • On the last part, you can now do a backup file, as said earlier, and do a reset procedure. This will be required in the process to optimize and cope with the problem on the touchscreen system. With that, you can resolve the problem of the iPhone's broken screen issue.

unlock iphone when screen is broken siri

Method 5: Using External Keyboard to Unlock iPhone

If the methods didn’t resolve your problem on unlock iphone when screen is broken, this would be the last option you can do. Suppose the problem is on the hardware of the phone. In that case, the methods above will not answer your problem because the above solution is intended for software problems. So in this problem, you may use an external keyboard to unlock your iPhone. It is not complicated, but you must have some of the requirements or tools to execute it and open your device. It would be better if you already had an OTG cable, adaptor, and keyboard. This adaptor will be used to connect your iPhone and the keyboard. To successfully execute this action, you may use the provided guide below.

  • In this method, we will need an OTG cable of USB to iPhone connector port. Also, the primary equipment needed for this method is the keyboard. After gathering the requirement, you may now start the process.
  • After gathering the needed equipment, you must first connect the adaptor and the keyboard. Once it is connected, you may now connect the OTG cable to the connected keyboard on your iPhone. Wait for the iPhone to detect the keyboard and proceed to the next step.
  • Once connected, you may now operate your iPhone using the keyboard. If you have a password on your iPhone, you can type it on your keyboard to unlock your iPhone. Everyone can execute this method because it is not that complicated.

iphone screen broken cant unlock keyboard


What is the best tool to unlock iPhone's broken screen?
To unlock your broken-screen iPhone, you can use the most reliable software with a quick-fix process for iOS. The AceThinker iOS System Recovery is an advanced program tool that can resolve issues on your iPhone. You may use this to fix uncommon problems on your iPhone, such as frozen or broken displays, latency, application crashes, and other issues.
What causes an iPhone broken screen?
There are a few reasons why broken screens happen. In some cases, this happens when iPhones experience hardware damage. In some scenarios, the cause of the broken screen is damage from the damaged iOS system or failure on the update.
Can you unlock the iPhone's unresponsive screen on the computer?
If you are referring to the manual operation of the iPhone on a computer, it is impossible to unlock your iOS device. But with the help of AceThinker iOS System Recovery, you can fix the issue on your iPhone. To efficiently utilize this software, you can follow the steps provided in this article above.


So if you have encountered this problem on “my screen is cracked and i can't unlock it,” you probably need to see and read this blog to know how to cope with this problem. Resolving this kind of issue is not as complicated as it sounds, and you just need to research and explore to solve these issues. But if you don't have time to do these processes above, you can ask for the help of an expert or go to the iPhone store for them to repair your iOS device. In addition, if you have an issue with the iPhone bottom screen not working, you can check the following article for more information.

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