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Why Is My iPhone Screen is Purple? Fix it here!

feature iphone purple screenTechnology is everywhere. And in an era where we depend on this applied science, our daily activities are much more efficient. The greatest gadgets that humans have ever invented are smartphones. This compact device serves as a pocket computer where you can transact, communicate, and function digitally. One of the most popular smartphone devices today is the iPhone. This gadget is a line of handheld devices developed and designed by Apple Inc. Its smooth and unique LCD makes it top of the chart. In addition, the iPhone launched and enhanced its features, including bigger screen sizes, waterproofing, and a fast refresh rate. However, on the Apple support forums and Reddit, people point out their iPhone devices experienced a sudden iPhone purple screen of death. Some people are lucky to be able to return their devices. Yet, some people were not able to do that. Therefore, it is needed to find a simple solution to fix this issue. Fortunately, we have them available here in this article; read them thoroughly.

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Causes Why My iPhone Screen is Purple

Before we tackle the solutions to fix the iPhone purple screen, we need to look at the root cause of why this error is happening. It is vital to remember that hardware and software issues can cause this error. With that said, let us indulge and look at the reasons for the iPhone screen turning purple.

  • First on the list is a loose flex cable connection. An external force such as dropping the phone from the highest place or throwing it in the air and catching it at a lower surface might cause your flex cable to become not tightly attached.
  • The following reason might be due to water and other moisture. The error of having an iPhone purple screen mainly occurs during the rainy seasons. This is due to the water damage caused by moisture on your screen. You can observe on your screen that it has a purple tint or lines on it.
  • If the two reasons might not be the cause, the most common reason why this error occurs is due to system errors. Due to not updating the iOS version or other software issues may cause the error to occur frequently. Additionally, earlier versions of iPhone devices are more susceptible to this problem due to their old and outmoded specs.

reasons why iphone purple screen

Adjust Brightness and Screen Color

Getting screen color issues might be a negative experience when using your device. It can be frustrating to use your iPhone device if the colors are incorrect, which may cause eye strain. The initial solution you need to perform when the iPhone screen turns purple is to adjust your device's brightness and screen color. It might be accidentally over-saturated on the color purple or violet, which causes a purplish screen color. Therefore, it needs to be removed before leading to severe damage. The process can be adjusted manually or automatically. It is also quick and easy to fix; follow the guide below.

  • First, on your iPhone screen, make your way to the Settings app to access your iPhone functionalities. Scroll on different functions and access Accessibility. Here, you can see different features such as the Touch option, Face ID & Attention, switch control, and more.
  • Then, hit on the Display & Text Size function to open its features. Go to the Color Filters and tap its button. Enable the function by toggling the button beside it. Tap on the Color Tin option and drag the hue slider to adjust the hue and color of your screen. Do this until the purple color on your screen disappears.

adjust brightness to remove purple

Restart Your Device

Suppose the error can not be removed by adjusting the color or the hue of your iPhone screen; better to restart your device. The process of restarting can eradicate most glitches and minor errors of your iPhone; doing it may resolve the issue. As we all realize, one of the reasons why your iPhone appears to have a purple color is due to software issues. No minor glitch can remain on your device if you practice this solution. Nevertheless, the guide below is helpful in removing the iPhone screen from turning purple.

  • To restart your device, look for the side buttons of your iPhone device. The side buttons consist of the power button, volume up, and volume down options.
  • Press and hold either volume up and down option and the power button until the power-off slider appears on your home screen. Slide the function to restart your device. Then, use the same method by holding either the volume up and down or the power option simultaneously. Check if the purple color still exists on your screen.

reset iphone to clear purple screen

Factory Reset the Device

If a soft reset has already been applied, but the purple screen error on your device is still on your screen, you need to do the factory reset. Factory reset, hard reset, or master reset, is a software restore option that enables a device to return to its original system state. This device will remove all the existing information stored on your iPhone. Thus, issues such as iPhone purple screen error are helpful to remove this error caused by malware and virus intrusions. Since this function entails deleting all your information stored on your device, it is needed to backup iPhone video, contacts, and every information you have. That is why this solution should be your last resort to fix iPhone purple screen issues. See the listed guide on how to factory reset your iPhone device.

  • On your iPhone home screen, access the Settings app to see different functions included on your device. Go to the General Settings to access a different menu that provides profile information for your iPhone. These details are about your cellular provider, capacity, media files, and system information.
  • Next, make way to the Transfer or Reset iPhone function. A friendly reminder, you should backup your iPhone information first to fully perform this function. Nevertheless, to continue, hit the Erase All Content and Settings function to factory reset your device. Once the process is accomplished, you can set up your Apple ID and restore your data. You can also check if the purple screen issue is already removed.

 factory reset to remove purple screen

Seek Help With Apple Support

So, you tried the four solutions presented above, yet, the error persists. In this manner, you should seek help from the Apple support team. You can visit and access their official website and chat with their support team or personnel. On its website, you can choose the specific error and issue to get in touch with their support team. In addition, you can also visit their Apple repair store to have assistance in getting rid of the purple screen issue. They can change your entire screen or modify some hardware /software issues to resolve them. But, expect that this may take time or days to finish.

visti apple support team to fix the issue

Better Solution to Fix iPhone Purple Screen

Distinctive Feature: It has two modes to fix the iPhone purple issues; Standard mode and Advanced mode.

No time to take your iPhone to Apple repair stores, or you do not have time to contact the Apple support team to fix the iPhone screen turning purple error. With that, you can use a third-party application to resolve the issue. AceThinker iOS System Recovery is the most suitable tool that we highly recommend. This computer application is one of the most potent iOS systems recoveries due to its advanced hardware acceleration. Furthermore, this feature makes the process much quicker and more efficient in fixing iOS issues and problems. It can also repair different Apple devices, including iPods, iPad, and iPhones. In addition, this tool is efficiently working on Mac and Windows OS. It removes almost 50 iOS problems that most users experience on their devices. This includes the iPhone purple screen issue. As we tackle above that some of the causes of this error are software issues, this tool can immediately fix it without removing the data on your smartphone.

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Step 1 Get iOS Recovery Software

The initial way to solve the iPhone purple screen of death error is by getting the AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your laptop or computer. You can visit its official website or tick the download button above to acquire its installer. Open the installer and run it on your computer. Pass through the setup box or dialogue wizard to install the tool fully. You can launch and open the application once the installation is accomplished.

ios system recovery interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone to Laptop or PC

Using your lightning cable, link the tool on your iPhone by connecting it with your computer. The tool will notify you that your device is already scanned and detected with its process. From there, you can choose between the two modes presented on its windows.

select modes

Step 3 Select Between Two Modes

With that said, you can choose your desired mode to fix the iPhone purple issues. In this walkthrough, we will use Standard mode to solve the issue. This mode will easily enable us to provide different options to remove the error. Just wait until the device already presents the available firmware for your iPhone.

download the firmware

Step 4 Finalize The Process

The last thing you need to follow is to download the firmware suitable for the iPhone purple screen issues. Run it and wait for the tool to finalize the process. You can also look at the progress of the process by looking at its indicator. Once it reaches 100%, the solution has been applied.

finalize the process

You can utilize the Advanced mode to remove all the settings and data that may cause the problem with your iOS device.
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