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Ultimate Way How to Fix iPhone Screen Looks Yellow

iphone yellow screen Do you notice that your iPhone screen looks yellow? It could be due to an option called Night Shift; however, if your phone is part of the iPhone 12 series, it may signify a more significant issue. While Apple acknowledges this iPhone yellow screen of death, there's currently no solution to this issue, which leaves many people angry and dissatisfied because the most recent iPhone devices aren't cheap. Apple has only asked users to be patient for their next iOS upgrade because this appears to be a software problem. The number of reports growing on the issue didn't hinder users searching for solutions. We will discuss in this article the "my iPhone screen is yellowish issue" and the possible solutions you can use to get rid of it.

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What Causes My iPhone Screen to Look Yellow?

You may be thinking about the reason is for why the iPhone screen is yellow? Why does a world-renowned brand have such a problem with its most popular product? We'll try to discover the real motives. It could be that there isn't any significant flaw like you think.

  • Suppose you are a regular user of switching between blue and red light filters regularly. In that case, it could make your screen appear yellowish or create yellow spots or dots on the screen of your phone.
  • Night shift mode may be another reason for the iPhone 12 yellow tint.
  • True Tone may be another reason for this yellow-colored screen.
  • The issue could be in the phone's hardware.

iphone screen yellow tint

Quick Fixes for iPhone Yellow Screen Issue

1. Try Turning Off True Tone

As it happens to be an iPhone 12 yellow screen display problem, it's natural that some settings on the screen have to be altered to fix the issue. As per some reports, the most prominent cause is "True Tone." When True Tone is enabled, the display will appear warmer than usual, making the screen appear green or yellowish. When 'True Tone" is turned off, it reduces the display's warm color.

Here's how to disable "True Tone":

  • Start by opening up your iPhone's settings.
  • Then, you can go to the Display and Brightness.
  • If you notice that True Tone is enabled, switch off the feature through the settings.

2. Adjust Color Tint on Your iPhone

If you have tried turning off the "True Tone" option and Night Shift didn't help, you can adjust the Color Tint. This option allows you to change the display's color to suit your needs.

Here's how to adjust the "Color Tint.":

  • Begin by opening the iPhone's settings. Then, go to Accessibility. In this step, click the Display & Text Size.
  • If color filtering is off, then turn it on through settings. Next, choose color-tint.
  • Lastly, make sure to adjust the Intensity to get rid of the warmer color.

3. Turn Off Night Shift

Another simple fix to this issue is to turn off the 'Night Shift' option. It could be the reason behind the issue since 'Night shift' will automatically alter the display's color to more warm colors. Warmer colors make the display less threatening to your eyes, especially in the evening. Like what users have stated about 'True Tone' after 'Night Shift' has been turned off, it is designed to decrease the warmer display hue.
Here's how to switch off "Night Shift":

  • Start by opening up the phone's settings.
  • After that, visit the Display & Brightness.
  • If you are using Night Shift is on, then turn it off.

turn off night shift

4. Update Your Device to the Latest iOS Version

As we said earlier, while Apple acknowledged this issue, they're evaluating this to be a software issue to be fixed in the following iOS release. While this may not sound like a good idea for most users, there's no other option than to upgrade to the most recent version as we do not know which version has the fix.

Here's how to upgrade to the most recent iOS version:

  • Start by opening the phone's settings app.
  • Then, choose software update.
  • Check whether an update is visible.

update ios

Advanced Solution to Fix iPhone Yellow Screen

If the ways mentioned earlier do not work for you, the only option available here is to use a specialized and more advanced tool to fix the iPhone Yellow screen of death issue. One of the most effective programs to fix the iPhone/iPad yellow screen is AceThinker iOS System Recovery. This software solves iPhone stuck with the yellow screen and other iOS issues. Safari is constantly crashing on iPhone, iPhone WiFi keeps turning on, the iPhone camera will turn on automatically, and many other iOS-related problems in no time. Some of the notable features of AceThinker iOS System Recovery are given below:

Feature Highlights:

  • It's straightforward to use, and it can remove yellow dots from your iPhone screen with a 100% rate of success.
  • It can be used to repair your iPhone or iPad facing any iOS issue without losing any information or data.
  • Two available options are Standard and Advanced Mode, which will aid you in fixing the most frequently-repeated iOS problems within a matter of minutes.
  • Connect your device, and you'll be able to go with just a couple of clicks.

Try it for Free.

Step 1 Launch AceThinker and Select iOS System Recovery Mode

Install the AceThinker iOS System Recovery, and when the installation gets completed, launch the software and select iOS System Recovery from the main interface. Using a USB cable, you can connect your device to your system. Then, press Start for the recovery process to begin.

fone keeper interface

Step 2 Try Fixing the Issue with the Quick Fix Option

Once the device has been successfully detected, check and verify your device information displayed on the next window. After doing that, select the "Free quick Fix" option to resolve the yellow display option on your iPhone with a quick solution. This option is designed to fix common issues such as frozen devices or crashed devices within 60 seconds.

use system recovery to fix yellow screen

Step 3 Choose the Advance Option

If the previous method isn't working, look for the Fix Button and make sure that you click it. This will open a window where you will need to choose the kind of repair you wish to carry out. There are two options, Advanced Mode or Standard Mode. Choose carefully depending on the most effective approach to resolving your issue. Once you have selected one of the options above, select the Confirm button to move on. Then the details of the firmware have to be verified. Download the firmware you require, then proceed to the next step.

select mode on acethinker fone keeper

Step 4 Fix iPhone Yellow Screen Issue

Following that, the firmware data will need to be verified. Download the firmware package that you require and go to Next to continue. To fix your device, press Repair. After the firmware has been downloaded and installed, your iOS system recovery software will begin to repair your device. After this is done, the device will begin operating normally.

download firmware

Bonus Tip: Contact Apple for Any Hardware Problem

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you've done everything you could have done at home, be sure your issue lies with the hardware. Apple, the billionaire Apple company, offers the most excellent customer support. They're always eager to assist you and resolve your issues. It is recommended to schedule the time to speak with Apple before visiting a nearby Apple Support. You may also utilize online support to get help from Apple. They could help you fix the issue with your hardware or even change the phone.

contact apple support


Suppose the iPhone screen yellow tint is causing you to feel anxious. In that case, you can resolve the issue by following easy steps. This guide should aid you in understanding and resolving the issue of the iPhone's yellow screen. We recommend using third-party software AceThinker iOS System Recovery for a fast and easy recovery.

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