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An Insight into iPhone Screen too Sensitive? How to Fix It!

feature iphone screen too sensitive Sometimes, the iPhone has an issue where the screen becomes too sensitive. Even when you are not touching it, it registers touches. So, the experience becomes the worst. Things get terrible when typing on your phone or playing some game that requires extreme precision. Fortunately, there are always answers to every problem, and if you are facing an iPhone screen too sensitive issue, we have the solution for you as well. Make sure to read till the end So that you can know which way works the best for you.

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5 of the Best Ways to Fix iPhone Screen Too Sensitive Issue

The following are our top 5 ways to fix the iPhone touchscreen too sensitive issue that you may be facing because of different issues.

1. See if there is some external hardware issue.

The first and the easiest thing you need to check is if there is some external hardware issue. Sometimes the screen is not properly clean, and the residue or gunk present on the screen causes sensitivity issues. Therefore, here are detailed guides that you need to follow to solve this issue.

User Guide:

  1. Clean the Screen. First of all, you need to polish the screen. Using a clean cloth with a screen cleaning solution, you can wipe off anything present on the screen to make it clear. You can then use some paper towel to dry the screen when you are done cleaning; when you are done with cleaning, try if the screen is still having the iPhone too sensitive to touch issues or not.
  2. cleaning the external hardware of iphone device

  3. Remove the screen protector. If the issue still happens, you may need to remove the screen protector. This is only when there is some air under the protector, or the issue just came up after you installed the new screen protector.

removing the screen protector of iphone device

2. Hard Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes the issue is not with the hardware of your iPhone, but it lies with the software. Hard restart or force restart is the quickest and the easiest way to solve temporary software bugs and glitches. Here is how you can do it.

User Guide:

  1. Pressing the volume up button. It would help if you started by pressing the volume up button and instantly releasing it.
  2. Pressing the volume down button. As soon as you release the volume up button, you need to press the volume down button quickly and release it.
  3. Holding the power button. Then you need to press the power button and keep holding it immediately. Hold until the Apple Logo appears and release the button then. Doing so will force the restart of the iPhone, and hopefully, the issue will be resolved.
    It is important to be reminded of these steps for the latest iPhone models with Face ID. If the iPhone device you are using has a Home button on your iPhone, you need to press the buttons according to that specific model.

hard restart the iphone device

3. Change the 3D Touch Screen Sensitivity

Although this does not come in the latest models, it was available in some older iPhone models after the iPhone 6s. Here, you can change the sensitivity, which may help resolve iPhone touch too sensitive issue. Below are the steps that you need to follow to solve the issue.

User Guide:

  1. Go to Settings and then General. To start with this process, you need to go to the settings application in your iPhone and then go to General. There is no need to search for it or scroll as it is present on the mid-section of the screen when you open settings.
  2. Go to Accessibility and then 3D touch. When you are in General, you need to go to Accessibility and look for the 3D touch option. Tap on it when you find it.
  3. Set the sensitivity accordingly. With this, you can turn it on or off or set the sensitivity according to your requirements to solve the iPhone screen very sensitive issue. It is also crucial to be reminded that this method is useless if your model does not come with a 3D touch feature.

change the 3d touch screen sensitivity

4. Use the AceThinker iOS System Recovery Tool

If any of the mentioned methods did not work for the iPhone screen over sensitive issues, then AceThinker iOS System Recovery is your last hope. This tool you can use to make a system recovery on your iPhone to deal with software issues and bugs.

Step 1 Download and Launch the AceThinker iOS System Recovery Tool.

It is a tool available for free, you can easily download and install it on your Windows or macOS computers. Once the process is done, move on to the next steps.

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone to the Tool

Open the tool and connect your iPhone to the computer using a data cable. Wait until the tool detects your iPhone.

Step 3 Let the Tool Do its Job.

Once the tool detects your iPhone, you need system recovery options. Download the required iOS version to start the system recovery. This may take a few minutes, but your issue will be resolved after that.

Bottom Line

Sometimes the screen gets so sensitive that it can almost be used in the right way. Instead of facing all the frustration, you need to fix the issue, and using any of the methods mentioned above will work for you. Make sure to follow all the steps attentively and never miss a tiny detail that may lead to failure. If none of these options work, then going to Apple Support to replace or repair the device is your only option.

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Last updated on April 15, 2022

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