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5 Solutions on How to Fix iPhone Taking Blurry Pictures

feature iphone camera blurryHumans are very sentimental beings. We always treasure every moment and experience we have in our lifetime. That is why we have innovated different technologies to capture these remarkable memoirs. Nowadays, mobile cameras are the most used invention we utilize to take pictures. The most well-founded mobile camera we have is the iPhone camera. This mobile device camera provides stunning photographs and video from high-class image technology. To date, most of the latest iPhone models have triple-camera arrays. It provides a better resolution to capture images. For instance, the new release iPhone 13 Pro Max has a front camera of 12MP. In addition, the rear cameras have different specs of 12MP f/1.5, 12MP f/1.8 ultrawide, and 12MP f/2.8 telephoto. However, with the developments inserted on every iPhone model, most users experience some fallacies about their camera. One of these errors is that iPhone pictures blurry. Although we have different ways to resolve it, most of them are not working correctly. So, we have collected the best solutions 0on fixing this issue; read and follow the guides below.

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Quit the Camera App

One of the main reasons your camera is quite blurry or foggy is due to some software issues. What you are seeing in your camera app could be a random glitch and software malfunction. If every app on your device works as intended, it may be due to firm bugs or faults in your camera app. So, you can try and consider this first solution to try on to fix the iPhone taking blurry pictures. We have listed the following steps to perform this solution; read below.

  • Open and unlock your screen and browse over your home screen applications on your iPhone device. Open the camera app to check the blurry error. Suppose the photos are still unclear, swipe up the bottom of your iPhone screen.
  • Then, pause your finger slightly at the middle of your screen to see different currently running applications. Locate the camera app on this preview and swipe up to close it immediately. Afterward, open the camera app again and try to take a shot of an image. If the iPhone camera foggy error still exists, read the following solution to resolve it.

restart app to remove iphone camera blurry

Clean Dirty External Lens

Suppose restarting the camera app did not change the quality of your image; this solution might help fix it. Dust, dirt, and smudge in the lens may cause the camera to out or lose its focus. We all know that the iPhone camera follows a specific algorithm to establish its clarity of image output. If its function can not detect the subject due to some smudge or dust, it may not take the image. To fix the iPhone camera fuzzy error, we usually wipe the lens on a clean cloth. Ideally, it is recommended to use a microfiber cloth to remove the smudge. Clean both the rear camera and front camera to remove dust. In addition, if there is observable dirt on your camera lens, do not wipe it with your fingers. As your finger releases the oil and sweat, swiping the dirt may scatter your prints on the camera lens, which will cause blurry images.

Soft Reset the iPhone Device

The first two solutions are supposed to correct and fix minor software and hardware failures. If they couldn't solve the problem, then this next option would be your third helping hand. Soft reset, known as reboot or force restart, is a method of restarting your iPhone device. As we are aware that blurry cameras may occur due to some software issues, including uninstalled updates, software cache, and more. Doing this method will help your device eliminate errors and restart the processor of your iPhone. In addition, this method will not affect any saved data or information you have on your device. Therefore, creating backups will not be necessary. Read the instructions below to fix the iPhone front camera blurry.

  • First, you need to locate the buttons of your device. These buttons will be the primary function to restart your iPhone quickly. Afterward, press and hold the Side/power button.
  • Then, press and maintain either the Volume Up or Volume Down button until the power off slider appears. Toggle the slider to power off your device. After 30 seconds, press the power button or side button to turn on your iPhone.

Install Pending iOS Update

We know that this device always has a software update to catch up with its functionalities for most iPhone users. iOS software always provides the best updates that users can have for their device to function according to their needs. However, some of us may take these updates not seriously as we are afraid that these updates may max our storage spaces. This is where the problem sprouts. iOS updates are provided and needed on every device to remove software glitches and fix some software issues. If we stop updating our devices, yet we constantly update our apps, our devices may function sluggishly and poorly. Therefore, we must constantly update our system’s software to prevent software issues. These errors include blurry front camera iPhone, Apple Music keeps crashing, failure to access iCloud backups, and more. To prevent these problems, you need to update your iOS version immediately. Follow the simple guidelines below to do it.

  • From your home screen, browse and locate the Settings app and tap its icon to open it. Then, you will see different menus that you can choose from to set up and modify.
  • Afterward, go to the Genera option and select the Software Update button. If there is an iOS update available on your device, tap the Download and Install. To finish the process, follow the onscreen prompts to complete the installation process.

install ios update

Use Third-Party Apps to Fix iPhone Pictures Blurry

Distinctive Feature: This tool can fix iPhone camera blurry errors with two modes. These options are standard mode and advanced mode.
User’s Group: This computer program is preferable for users and professional repair personnel to fix iOS-related issues.

AceThinker iOS System Recovery is a featured-pack computer program dedicated to fixing iOS-related issues. It can safely recover and restore iOS devices and fix 50+ issues without data loss. These errors include an iOS black screen of death, stuck on the Apple logo, and other software glitches. It uses two modes to fix the software problems. These two modes are standard mode and advanced mode. Standard mode is an option to fix minor glitches and iOS system problems without losing any data. Conversely, in Advanced mode, it can fix severe problems and wipe all the data on your mobile device. So, it is necessary to back up your iPhone files before using this mode to fix your iOS system. Lastly, this tool can also fix and recover different camera issues of your iPhone. Read the detailed steps to know how this application removes the blurry front camera iPhone error on your device.

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Step 1 Install iOS System Recovery

The initial guide to resolving iPhone camera blurry errors is getting AceThinker iOS System Recovery on your PC. You can acquire its installation file by clicking the download button presented above. Continue with the process by running the installation file on your PC, and finish through the installation prompts. Once done, you can try to assess and navigate its functionalities.

isr interface

Step 2 Detect Your iPhone Device

Next, connect your device to the application with the help of your lightning. Once the device is fully connected, you can notice the Fix button option on its interface. Hit the button to continue with the process. It will prompt you to the next option, where to select the recovery modes.

isr connect device

Step 3 iPhone Blurry Photos Fix

Once you have selected your preferred recovery mode, you will be prompted on the list of the firmware. Here, you can get the necessary firmware to fix the issue. Download the firmware and hit the Next option.

isr download firmware

Step 4 Finish the Process

Lastly to end the process of fixing iPhone Photos blurry, the downloaded firmware will analyze your device when the Hit button is pressed. There will be a list of system errors you have on your device and the status of the recovery process. Once the indicator reaches 100 percent, it means the process is complete.

isr finishing the process

Tips on How to Never Take a Blurry Image on iPhone

Above are the solutions for fixing iPhone blurry images caused by software and system glitches. In this part, we will give you advice on how to properly take images on your iPhone device and prevent blurry images, just like a professional photographer. Below are the listed tips you need to consider when taking photos.

  • Your photos and images are out of focus.
  • Do not refrain from using the autofocus option.
  • Prevent camera shake, or use a stabilizer if needed.
  • Do not take motion photos or moving subjects as they may appear blurred in your photo.
  • Reduce movement effects on your photos.
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Fix various iOS system errors back to normal status.
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