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How to Get Rid of iPhone X Green Line of Death

iphone x green line of deathThe iPhone X green line of death, you must have heard this line from many iPhone users. This is an issue that many people have reported on social media and forums. The green line does not come up initially, but it shows up over time for a few reasons; the line appears on the right or left side of the screen. Several people tried restarting the iPhone X, but the problem persists with the green light on the screen. This looks as if there is a hardware defect. It might be because of the electrical fault. That is, voltage flow is not correct on a line of green sub-pixels. Suppose you are an iPhone X user and are facing the exact problem. You’ve luckily come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the causes and what should be done to eliminate the green line of death issue. So read along! And get your iPhone X green screen of death fix.

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What is the Cause of this Green Line Problem?

As we all know, iPhone X came with a new diamond sub-pixel pattern on display. And due to all green sub-pixels appearing in lines while red and blue alternate, so it might be an elusive defect with the iPhone X's OLED display. Because of an electrical fault in several phones, it is causing the voltage to flow to all the green sub-pixels in a line. If we look deeper into the details, it stretches from top to bottom, giving us the idea it's something at the edge of the display directing an erroneous flow voltage down a few lines of pixels.

Five Ways to Get Rid of iPhone X Green Line of Death Issue

If you are experiencing this issue of iPhone x green screen of death, then do not hassle as we have here five ways to get rid of this problem forever. Read the instructions below:

Method 1: Fix the iPhone Green Screen of Death Issue with AceThinker Fone Keeper

The efficient way to fix the iPhone green screen of death issue is through AceThinker Fone Keeper - iOS System Recovery. With this tool, users can easily fix different iOS malfunctions such as iPhone stuck in headphones mode, iPhone stuck on DFU mode, iPhone dropping calls, and more. Besides, this iOS system recovery tool is compatible with various iOS models and versions, including iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Pro max, iOS 14 or later, and more. Below are steps you can follow to fix this issue using this tool.

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Step 1 Download Fone Keeper

Hit any of the buttons compatible with your computer. Then run the installation package and finish all the prompts to install it. Once done, the iOS system recovery tool will launch.

fone keeper main interface

Step 2 Link iOS to PC

Next, connect your iOS gadget to your computer using a charging cable. After the tool recognizes your device, click on the "iOS System Recovery" options.

ios system recovery main interface

Step 3 Fix the Issue Using the Tool

Pick which mode or method you are going to use, then you will be asked to download the “Firmware” and then hit the “Repair iOS System” button to fix the issue of your iPhone.

ios system recovery download firmware

Method 2: Restart the iPhone Device

The first and foremost thing you have to do is restart your iPhone if you encounter any issues. This method will clear out all the cache and temporary data resulting in better performance of your iPhone. You can restart your phone by following the steps given below:

Step 1 Press and hold the Power On / Off Button at the Same Time

You are required to press and hold the power button for a few seconds until a power option off appears.

iphone x green line of death restart

Step 2 Swipe the Slide towards Right to Power Off

After sliding to power off, the power off option appears on the screen. Press and slide the icon from left to right to power off the phone.

iphone x green line of death slide off

Step 3 Turn on the Device

Once your phone is connected, and you have launched the iTunes app, perform a force start of your device.

iphone x green line of death turn on

Step 4 Enter the Passcode

Enter the passcode if you have enabled it on your device to check and use it again.

iphone x green line of death enter passcode

Method 3: Try Running the iPhone in Recovery Mode

Try your phone running in recovery mode if you want to resolve the green screen of death iPhone X. This method will not erase the data in your device and will reinstall the latest iOS. But just in case, you should back up your data first.

Step 1 Plug in the iPhone X Device

First, to back up your data, plug your device into the computer.

iphone x green line of death plug in

Step 2 Launch the iTunes App

Now launch the iTunes app so you can back up your data and perform other processes as well.

iphone x green line of death launch itunes

Step 3 Perform a Force Restart of your Device

Once your phone is connected and you have launched the iTunes app, perform a force start of your device.

iphone x green line of death force restart

Step 4 Recovery Mode

Once the force start has started, an apple logo will appear on the screen. Hold the button and release them until you see the recovery mode.

iphone x green line of death itunes logo

Step 5 Confirmation Message

A confirmation message will appear on the screen of your device “There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored.” Click on the update button to continue.

iphone x green line of death message

Step 6 Complete the Installation

iTunes will reinstall the iOS on your device. Wait till the installation is finished. If your phone exits the recovery mode, you will have to start the process.

Method 4: Check your iPhone for Any Wetness or Moisture

Wetness or moisture can also cause problems in your device. Check for any moisture or wetness. If there’s any, first let it dry before using it. Turn off the device, and you can use dry towels and a vacuum cleaner to dry. You can also try the rice technique: putting your phone in bags of rice and leaving it at least for a day.

iphone x green line of death check wetness

Method 5: Reset your iPhone to the Factory Settings

It should be kept in mind that resetting your iPhone device to its factory settings will erase all data. So, it is highly suggested to backup iPhone video and different files and restore them after the reset. And for that purpose, you can use iCloud or iTunes to perform the backup. To prevent the issue and make sure that your phone is on the latest version of iOS, you need to follow these few simple steps.

Step 1 Go to Settings

On your iPhone device, navigate to settings.

iphone x green line of death launch itunes

Step 2 Click on General

When you click on general more menus will be opened.

iphone x green line of death settings

Step 3 Click on Reset

By clicking on resetting, more options such as the Erase all content option will appear on the screen.

iphone x green line of death reset

Step 4 Erase All Content and Setting

Clicking on the Erase all content and setting, a pop-up will appear asking you to update your iCloud backup before the reset. Click on the backup and then erase option, respectively.

iphone x green line of death reset2

Step 5 Enter Your Passcode

You will be asked to enter your passcode so that the process can be started. Then click on Erase iPhone. Wait till the process is complete.

enter your password

Step 6 Restore the Data

After the reset is completed, you can restore your data backup on your device.

iphone x green line of death restore

Method 6: Contact Apple Support for any Hardware Damage

The problem of the iPhone X green line of death may occur when you have accidentally dropped your phone, which can cause damage to your screen or other parts of the device, including hardware defects. In such a case, contact Apple support online or visit your nearest support center so they can look at your phone and examine for any hardware damages, and if there are any, then perform the necessary repair.

To Sum up

This article has discussed what can cause the iPhone x green line of death and how it can be resolved by trying five different methods. We hope you will get your solution from this article. But from us, it is highly recommended to go and seek help from apple support professionally.

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Last updated on May 31, 2022

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