How to Retrieve Photos from Dead iPhone with or without Backup

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Restore Photos on Dead iPhone
  • Connecting your iPhone to your PC is the first step.
  • Download the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery by clicking the download icon below.
  • Use Recover from iPhone to get your deleted photos.

We invest so much in our smartphones, particularly with Apple. We trust their mobiles with some of our most precious data as they are built with a secure system. However, when your iPhone crashes, for example-you, accidentally dropped it, causing it to break or completely dead can be frustrating. Whether your device can be repaired or not, backing up data stored on it becomes the first thing you should do before having it repaired for safety purposes. In line with that, most users are concerned about the photos stored in their iPhones. After all, it isn't easy to lose all the precious memories behind every picture they stored on their devices. In this case, it is essential to learn the most efficient ways to retrieve photos from dead iPhones, as instructed in this article.

Recover Photos from Dead iPhone Without Backup

Are your thoughts still stuck on how can you retrieve photos from a dead iPhone when you accidentally drop your iPhone? Worry no more as AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery can help you get back your photos from your dead iPhone. This application is designed to recover lost or deleted iOS data with a few clicks. Besides, it can retrieve data from iOS devices directly without backup files and with iTunes/iCloud backup. Aside from photos, it can also restore videos, audio, note, and other confidential files through a computer. In addition to that, it supports all iOS devices and iOS units, including iPhone 12, iOS 14, and earlier. Below are the methods you can follow on how to recover photos from dead iPhone without backup.

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Step 1 Install iOS Data Recovery Tool

Since the tool is compatible with both Windows and Mac just click the compatible version for your device. Then, allow the installer to run on your computer until you complete the instructions to install the iOS data recovery tool. After the installation process, the tool will automatically launch.

retrieve photos from dead iphone

Step 2 Connect your iOS Device

Connect your iOS device to your desktop by plugging in the charging cable to your iPhone and computer, and check if the application can detect your device.

iphone data recovery scan

Step 3 Start the Process

Once the tool has recognized your device, select "iPhone Data Recovery" then, click "Recover from iOS Device" and hit the "Start Scan" button.

iphone data recovery recover

Step 4 Select and Recover the Photo

Once the scanning method is done, you can access your files on the left panel of the tool. Click on the categories that contain your photos; for example, click "Photo Library," which will view more details. After that, tick the photos you need and hit the "Recover" button.

iphone data recovery result

Get Photos From Dead iPhone With Backup Files On PC

We all know that a dead iPhone or no longer working iPhone is sad to happen to us. Our files are encrypted and saved on that small compact device. We all have photos, videos, contacts, and more. But did you know or are you aware that you can get all those data files even if your iPhone is no longer working? Indeed, with the AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore, iPhone users can now back up their files into their computer from working or not working iPhone devices. Its advanced technology extracts and gets all the iPhone data and information and saves it to readable formats on your computer. Photos and videos stored on a dead iPhone will be restored with their original quality intact. Additionally, this tool provides a restore option after you can finalize the backup process. You can quickly transfer the files from your dead iPhone to a new one.

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Step 1 Get the iPhone Recovery and Backup App

The first direction to back up your files from your dead iPhone is to acquire AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore. Click or tick the download icon above to get the installer on your computer. Afterward, you can run the file from your download folder to fully install the application.

acethinker ios sdata backup and restore interface

Step 2 Select Mode of Backup Process

The following guide to back up your files is to connect the iPhone to your computer using your lightning cable. Launch the application on your computer and access the iOS Data Backup. There will be two modes to back up your device; select one and hit the Start icon.

choose the mode

Step 3 Choose All Your Data Files

After selecting the appropriate backup mode, you will be moved to the list of data that you can add to your backup. You can select and deselect the files you need and don't need to attach the backup files.

select files

Step 4 Save The Backup Files

Finally, tap the Start button to perform the backup once you have selected the files you want to back up. Wait for the application to finalize the backup process. Once it reaches 100 percent, the files are already stored in the backup folder you have created or selected.

finalize the process

Recover Images from Dead iPhone with iCloud

The iPhone is stored up on iCloud by default. Every time your iPhone charges, even the screen is not enable as long as the internet connection is turned on. The only cause your backup data file in iCloud isn't auto-updating when you turned it off in your mobile settings. Due to this automated backup, most iPhone users can recover lost data from their iCloud account, which can be accessed online using their Apple ID. Unfortunately, retrieving data in this manner necessitates depending on the newest backup, which does not have all the most recent photos, videos, messages, and other confidential information. Nonetheless, this method is still effective, and you can use the files you have to retrieve to replace your iPhone data files after it's been repaired or to load them on a new iPhone. Moreover, this method works on all iPhone units regardless of their models. Below is the demonstration you can follow on how to get photos off dead iPhone or recover photos from broken device.

User Guide:

  • On your browser, access the, and you need to sign in on your Apple ID.
  • After entering your Apple ID and password, you will usually get a verification code on your device. Since your iPhone is dead, you can use another method by clicking the "Didn't get a verification code?" blue text.
  • From here, select an option to get the verification code for signing in on iCloud.
  • Once you are done with the process, you can now access your iCloud. Since you need to retrieve the photos, you can click "Photos."
  • After that, you will see all the photos you have saved on your iPhone. Select all the photos you want to obtain from your dead iPhone; then click the "Download" button on the upper right side of the page that resembles a cloud with an arrow pointing downwards.
  • Stay put until the download process is finished, and double-clicking the downloaded files will redirect you to the file location.

recover photos from dead iphone icloud

Retrieve Back Old Pictures from Dead iPhone with iTunes

iTunes works similarly to iCloud; with that being said, it also wipes iPhone data before restoring it. It is beneficial to those who have recently purchased an iPhone. When you sync your iPhone with iTunes (or Finder), a backup file is produced on your computer containing a copy of the data currently saved on your iOS device. Although iTunes was created to help you restore data from your iOS device, these backup files may also be utilized to retrieve data from dead iPhones. You can follow the steps below on how to get photos of dead iPhone with iTunes backup.

User Guide:

  • The first thing you need to fulfill is to connect your iPhone to a computer using your charging cable.
  • After that, launch the tool and tap on the iPhone icon on the application.
  • Click "Photos" and find the pictures you want to recover from your device.
  • Once done, click the "Apply" button to save the changes.

recover photos from dead iphone itunes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover photos from a completely dead iPhone?

If your iPhone is completely dead, it may be difficult to recover photos. However, if you had previously backed up your photos to iCloud or iTunes, you can retrieve them after restoring your iPhone from the backup. Another option is to take your iPhone to a professional data recovery tool, although there is no guarantee of success. AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery provides a higher recovery rate even for iPhones no longer working. Nevertheless, it is important to always back up your important data regularly to avoid the possibility of losing it permanently.

recover photos from dead iphone faqs

Is it possible to recover data from a water-damaged iPhone?

When your iPhone has been damaged by water, you may be able to recover data from it. The first step is to turn off the iPhone immediately and not try to turn it back on. Then, try drying your iPhone in a bag of uncooked rice for 24-48 hours. This method may help to absorb the moisture and prevent further damage. Once the iPhone is completely dry, try turning it on and see if it works. You may need to use a professional data recovery platform if it does not work. However, keep in mind that the chances of recovering data from a water-damaged iPhone are not guaranteed, so it is important to always back up the iPhone.

recover photos from dead iphone faqs

How do I know if my iPhone is truly dead?

If your iPhone does not turn on after trying to dry it out and turning it on, it may be considered dead. However, taking it to a professional to confirm whether it can be repaired is important. They may be able to recover data or fix the issue, so it is worth exploring all options before giving up hope.

recover photos from dead iphone faqs

Can I recover photos if I never made a backup?

It may not be easy to recover if you never made a backup of your photos. However, you can use a data recovery tool or take your iPhone to a professional who can recover the data. It is important to note that the chances of successful data recovery decrease with time, so it is best to act quickly. Additionally, the chances of data recovery are slim if the iPhone is completely dead.

recover photos from dead iphone faqs

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