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android dialer appsSmartphones are not just limited to communication anymore; they serve multiple purposes. It keeps a good connection to our loved ones, colleagues, and clients. However, the default dialer app pre-installed on Android phones often lacks essential features and customization options. That's why the need for the best dialer apps for Android arises. With many dialer apps available on the Google Play Store, searching for the one that suits your needs can be daunting. The best dialer apps for Android not only offer features like call blocking, call recording, and caller ID but also come with intuitive interfaces that make navigating through contacts and call logs a breeze. So, whether you're looking to enhance your calling experience or simply want to add a touch of personalization to your phone, the best dialer apps for Android have got you covered. In this article, we'll explore some of the best Android dialer apps available on the market so you can find the one that best suits your needs.

List of 10 Top-Notch Android Dialer Apps

If you're bored of using the same old default dialer app on your Android phone device and don't want to search for alternatives one-by-one, we've got you covered. We have compiled a list of the top 10 Android dialer apps that will make your phone calls experience more enjoyable. These dialer apps offer a range of features, such as advanced call blocking and smart caller ID, that you never knew you needed. So, let's explore the world of top-notch dialer apps and find the perfect one for your needs.

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is a popular and best phone dialer app with caller ID and spam-blocking features. It also enables users to make calls directly from the app. It can connect with various social media platforms and instantly displays relevant information about the person calling. Apart from the ability to identify unknown callers, Truecaller also offers a call recording feature. This app ensures users have a seamless communication experience while keeping unwanted calls and spam at bay. Moreover, it has a "Highlights" feature that directly shows important information about your phone contacts on the call screen. All highlighted phone calls and messages will be displayed in a separate tab for easy access.

Alt text: truecaller-dialer-app-interface


  • The app collaborates with various social media platforms to provide real-time and accurate information about the caller, including their name and profile picture.
  • It offers a built-in messaging platform for accessible communication without switching between different apps.

  • Users have reported privacy concerns regarding the app's access to their contacts and call logs.

2. Drupe

Drupe is a customizable app that helps users connect with phone contacts through various communication methods. From traditional voice calls to messaging apps and social media platforms, Drupe brings all your communication channels into one convenient interface. This app lets users easily switch between different communication methods. It also provides features like caller ID, call recording, and call blocking, making it a comprehensive solution for all your communication needs.

Alt text: drupe dialer app interface


  • It combines all your communication channels into one interface, making it easy to switch between different apps.
  • Provides a unified view of all contact information, including social media profiles and recent activity.

  • Some users have raised issues with the app's integration with certain services, such as WhatsApp.

3. Google Phone App

Another best free dialer app for android is the Google Phone app. It is an Android dialer app developed by Google that comes packed with numerous features. It has a user-friendly interface, caller ID, spam protection, and call recording. Users can easily access their contacts, call history, and voicemail. It also allows face-to-face chatting with duo video calls. The app also has emergency support features. Note that some features are only available to users who have uploaded Google's latest version and might not be available in all countries.

Alt text: google phone dialer app interface


  • Integrates seamlessly with Google services, making accessing your contacts, call history, and voicemail easy.
  • Supports visual voicemail and lets users search for businesses and places directly from the dialer.

  • Features like call screening and spam protection may only be available in some countries.

4. Contact+

If you're in search of a new contact app for your Android device, Contacts+ is a great option for making phone calls. In addition to providing a seamless calling experience, the app offers powerful contact management features. This dialer tool provides various features to customize communication and manage duplicate contacts efficiently. Mobile phone call user interfaces have evolved significantly, incorporating features such as to record signal cal, built-in spam filtering, and integration with various communication platforms, offering users a better and more complete communication experience.

Alt text: contact+ dialer app interface


  • Allows users to easily organize and sync their contacts across different platforms, including Gmail, Outlook, and social media accounts.
  • Provides powerful contact management features, such as blocked spam calls and conversation recording.

  • There is a concern that users find the app overwhelming due to the many features available.

5. ACR Phone

The ACR Phone app is popular for users who prioritize call screening functionality. It is programmed to automatically screen unknown callers, all incoming and outgoing, which helps users archive important conversations or review details from past calls. You can buy a premium license to remove ads and unlock more features in the app. The ACR Phone app respects your privacy and doesn't collect personal data. It's constantly being improved and allows for customization of various settings, including language and colors. Overall, the ACR Phone is an excellent dialer with easy-to-use features like call screening, call blocking, SIP calling, and number blocking

Alt text: acr phone interface


  • It can automatically screens unknown callers, making it easy for users to archive meaningful conversations or review details from past calls.
  • Provides customization options, including language and colors.

  • Some features may require a premium license to unlock, which could be a disadvantage for some users.

6. Simple Contacts Pro

Another option for the best dialer for Android is the Simple Contacts Pro app. This also offers a powerful and secure way to manage contacts on your Android device. It provides a clean and minimalist interface. It is suitable for easy navigation and efficient organization of contacts. Users can create a private contact list and access advanced features like contact backup, merge duplicates, and batch delete. Plus, users can customize the app's appearance with different themes and color schemes. It is available for purchase on the Play Store. It is one of the best dialer apps available for Mobile Phones.

Alt text: simple contact pro app interface


  • The app offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface, which makes it easy for users to manage their contacts efficiently.
  • Allows users to merge and delete duplicate contacts, ensuring a clutter-free contact list.

  • Users may need more advanced features for call recording and blocking.

7. Jolt

This Android dialer app stands out due to its exceptional call screen options. It offers multiple styles to choose from, including Apple iOS, Asus, Samsung, and Google. Users can also personalize the layout and ringtone, adding custom images and videos as beautiful themes. One of its powerful features is called "call status," It allows other users on the same app to see your current activity status when they call you. Overall, this app provides a comprehensive phone dialer experience.

Alt text: jolt dialer app interface


  • Offers powerful features such as call recording and call blocking to enhance the communication experience.
  • It facilitates an easy dialing and navigation interface for users.

  • Some users might find the app lacking in more advance customization options.

8. Easy Phone Dialer

Easy Phone is an intuitive dialer app that is available on the Google Play Store. The Android app provides various features like call-blocking unwanted calls, powerful search, quick dials to favorite contacts, and customizable themes. Users have the option to organize contacts into groups and easily switch between them. Moreover, Easy Phone has a unique feature showing the caller's location on a map, making it easier to identify unknown numbers. So, when choosing a dialer app for your Android, Easy Phone is worth considering.

Alt text: easy dialer app interface


  • Provides a range of features, including speed dialing and T9 search, making it a comprehensive solution for all your communication needs.
  • There are no complex sections or tabs to navigate the tool easily.

  • There are need for more advanced features like call recording.

9. Talk Phone Dialer

Talk phone dialer app for Android has a unique design compared to Easy Phone and other apps. The interface is designed uniquely, with stickers placed at different points to add a quirky touch, such as a sticker avatar on the caller ID. The contacts tab has an alphabetical index, making it easier to locate a contact, and offers a premium call button design. More of these avatar stickers are available from the store at a cheap price. Although you cannot customize the theme or colors, the user interface is colorful by default. However, there are a few options that could come in handy. For instance, you can set a 5-minute reminder when you are on the call. Moreover, a call insight option also keeps track of your missed calls time.

Alt text: talk phone dialer interface


  • Provides smart dialing, which suggests contacts as users start typing the name or number.
  • Allows users to record calls and access them later for review.

  • It may not be suitable for making hundreds of contact calls, such as for business purposes.

10. Right Dialer

Right Dialer is one of the top-rated dialer apps on the Play Store known as Simple Dialer. One of its standout features is the detailed caller ID display, which shows the caller's name and number and their company name and nickname, making it easier to identify important calls. Additionally, Right Dialer has a built-in number blocker that effectively prevents spam calls and keeps your phone free from unwanted interruptions. You'll love the "Speed Dial" feature if you frequently call the same contacts. This feature allows you to add your most-called contacts to a list. It will be easier and quicker to call them. Moreover, this simple dialer also has a search function that lets you find contacts by their nickname or company name on the speed dial pad screen.

Alt text: right dialer app interface


  • Users can handle phone calls that do not involve complicated procedures.
  • It provides features such as call recording and smart search for all your communication needs.

  • Some users may find the app lacking customization options and advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Android dialer apps free?

Yes, most Android dialer apps are free to download and use. These dialer apps are pre-installed on Android devices and can be acquired from the Play Store. Some apps offer additional powerful features through in-app purchases, but the basic functions of a dialer app are typically free.


Can I block unwanted calls with an Android dialer app?

Yes, many Android dialer apps offer call-blocking features to help you avoid unwanted calls from telemarketers and spammers. These dialer apps use a database of known spam numbers, and you can also add numbers to the block spam calls manually. Call blocker and spam warning features are great ways to ensure your phone only rings when you want it to.


Can I back up my contacts with an Android dialer app?

Yes, many Android dialer apps offer contact backup and restore features to help you keep your contacts safe and accessible. These features allow you to backup your contacts to the cloud or an SD card and restore them if you ever lose them. This is a great way to ensure that you never lose important contacts, even if you lose your phone.



Choosing the best Android dialer app can significantly improve your dial experience. These dialer app for Android offer a range of great features to answer calls. These includes contact backup, and smart caller ID, making them much more useful than the default dialer on your device. Although there are many options available, some of the best Android dialer provide reliable call blocking, accurate caller ID, adding beautiful themes and easy contacts management. Ultimately, the ideal app for you will depend on your particular needs and preferences. Therefore, take some time to explore the available alternatives and find the dialer app for best call management experience. You can follow this article link to learn the best ways to record incoming calls on your Android device by capturing internal audio.

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