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The Ultimate Ways to Record Internal Audio

record internal audioMost people nowadays are using videos to express their ideas and interest to others. However, recording a video without sounds is not complete because sounds will help you make your video look more realistic. In fact, if you are trying to record internal audio from different platforms such as Windows, Android, and iOS phones. You will need a third-party recording app to successfully record system sound because they don't have a default audio recorder. As we all know, there are lots of recording tools that can be searched online. But some of them are not working properly and are difficult to use. We will provide excellent tools to record internal audio on your Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices to solve that problem. Just keep reading.

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How to Record Internal Audio on Windows 10/8/7

Suppose you are looking for the best and simple recorder to record system sound on your Windows. In that case, we recommend you to use the Acethinker Screen Grabber Premium. It is an excellent video and audio recorder that enables you to record any sounds on your computer screen or desktop. It consists of multiple audio formats to choose from, including MP3, WMA, M4A, and AAC. Plus, you have an option to select your preferred audio quality for up to high quality. Besides recording audio, you can also record videos, record your gameplay on the computer. Then you can share it with your friends through social media sites like Facebook. For you to learn how to record audio using this software, check the detailed steps written below.

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Step 1 Get the Tool and Save on your Computer

First, you have to save the software on your computer by clicking one of the "Download" buttons we provided above. You can also visit the official site of the tool, hit the "Download" button. And follow the installation guideline to save the screen recorder on your PC completely. After that, launch it to access its main interface.

sgpremium main interface

Step 2 Configure the Settings of the Tool

Once the tool is installed, go to the "Triple-line" located at the upper right corner of the interface. Then select "Preferences" to see the tool's settings. From here, you can set up the settings according to your preferences. Then, hit "Ok" to save changes.

sgp set up settings

Step 3 Start Record Internal Audio

To start recording internal audio PC, you have to play any audio on your PC then go back to the tool's main interface. From here, click the "Audio Recorder" button and then make sure to turn on the "System Sound" and "Microphone" for better recording. Then, click the "Rec" button to start the recording.

sgp start recording audio

Step 4 Listen to the Recorded Audio

Finally, you can play the audio you recorded by clicking the "Red" icon from the floating toolbar. Then a window will appear showing the recorded audio. Here, hit the "Save" button located at the lower right part of the interface to listen to the recorded audio.

sgp listen to recorded audio

How to Record System Audio on Mac with QuickTime

Of course, there are times that you want to record system audio Mac for creating tutorial videos or hacks. Since the Mac computer has its built-in audio and video recorder called Quicktime. It will be easy for you to record audio on the Mac computer anytime you want. Moreover, you can record several audios on this Quicktime record internal audio with high-quality. Aside from recording, you can also use this tool as a movie player, audio player, image viewer, and virtual reality tool. You can also use it to record all the activities on your Mac computer screen and save it to different video file formats such as MP4, AVI, and more. To fully understand how to use this recorder, check the listed steps below.

quicktime interface

  • Launch the Quicktime on your Mac computer and play the audio that you wish to record.
  • Next, hit the "Record New Audio" button from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the "Record" button from the floating toolbar to start the audio recording.
  • Finally, hit the "Stop" button to stop the recording. The audio file will automatically save on your Mac computer.

How to Record Internal Audio on Android

In this part, we will show you how to record internal audio on Android. Basically, Android devices don't have a built-in recorder, so you have to use a third-party app to record internal audio. Having that said, we recommend you to use the AZ screen recorder. It is a high-quality screen recorder that can be used for Android devices that helps you record better and smooth audio. Using its simple user interface, you can easily record several audio and songs from your Android with better quality. Aside from that, it has several features that you can use, including screen capture, screen video recorder, video editor, and a lot more. Here are the easy methods on how to record audio using this app.

record audio on android

  • Download and install the app on your Android device by getting it from Google Play Store.
  • Open the app on your Android device and play the internal audio that you want to record.
  • Go back to the main interface of the internal audio recording Android. From here, tap the "Recording" button from the floating toolbar to start recording the audio.
  • After recording, press the "Stop" icon to save the audio file on your Android device.

How to Record System Sound on iOS

As we all know, iOS devices have their built-in screen and audio recorder. You can use it to record audio and screen activities on your iPhone devices with ease. Also, it is designed with a simple and easy user to interface wherein you can easily record audio in just a few taps. Furthermore, you can record any type of audio on your iPhone devices and save them with high-quality. You also have an option to edit your recordings directly to your iPhone devices. To record the internal audio iPhone, see the simple steps provided below.

record audio on iphone

  • First, add the "Screen Recording" app to your control center by setting it up from the settings option.
  • Swipe the control center on your iPhone and tap the "Screen Recording" button.
  • Play audio on your iPhone that you wish to record and save on your iPhone device.
  • After recording, tap the "Stop" button to save the recorded audio on your iPhone devices.

FAQs about Audio Recorder

Is it possible to record internal audio?

You may record a clear, pristine sound using any screen recorder's 'internal sound' recording option. Record only the game or video's sound and broadcast it in high quality (some apps may not record the internal sound due to Google policy).

How to record internal audio?

There is a lot of programs available online that let you record internal audio. The best way to record internal audio is to use AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium. It's a fantastic video and audio recorder that lets you capture any sound from your computer's screen or desktop. There are several audio formats available, including MP3, WMA, M4A, and AAC.

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