How to Retrieve Deleted Call Log on OPPO with Best Solutions

feature recover deleted call history from oppo Have you ever accidentally deleted an important phone number or missed a call from someone you were waiting to hear from? Call history is a vital part of our daily lives, keeping track of missed calls, received calls, and outgoing calls. It can hold valuable information about past conversations and connections. This is especially true for OPPO phone users who have sleek designs and user-friendly interfaces. But what happens when you accidentally delete your call history? This article will guide you on how to recover deleted call history from OPPO. We'll discuss the importance of call logs, the dangers of accidental deletion, and, most importantly, how to get your lost calls back. Whether you need to set up a backup or are still figuring out where to begin, this article will provide clear and simple steps to restore your call history and regain control of your logs.

Scenarios That Can Get Your Data Erased

Before diving into recovery methods, let's explore common scenarios that can lead to a missing call history on your OPPO phone. It will help you understand the potential cause and choose the most appropriate recovery strategy.

  • Accidental Deletion: This is the most common culprit. A simple tap on the "clear all" button or selecting multiple calls for deletion can unintentionally wipe out your entire history.
  • System Glitches or Updates: Sometimes, software bugs or updates on your OPPO phone can lead to data corruption, causing your call history to vanish.
  • Factory Reset: If you've performed a factory reset to clean your phone, all your data, including call logs, will be erased.
  • Storage Issues: If your phone's storage space is critically low, the system might automatically delete some data, potentially including your call history, to free up space.
  • Third-Party App Interference: Installing a malicious app or one that interacts with system functions could cause data conflicts, causing your call history to be removed.

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How to Retrieve Deleted Call Log on Oppo

Even if you've deleted your call history unknowingly, fear not! There's a powerful tool at your disposal: AceThinker Android Data Recovery. This software retrieves lost data from various Android devices, including your OPPO phone. AceThinker Android Data Recovery boasts several key features that make it ideal for this situation. It offers easy-to-use features, allowing for easy navigation even for non-technical users. The software can deeply scan your phone's internal storage or external SD card for recoverable data, including your precious call history. Additionally, AceThinker Android Data Recovery provides selective recovery options to restore only the calls you need. Let's walk through the simple steps to recover your deleted call history using AceThinker Android Data Recovery.

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Step 1 Download and Install

First, download and install AceThinker Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then, connect your OPPO phone using a USB cable and launch the software. The program will automatically detect your device.

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Step 2 Choose File Type

Choose "Call Logs" from the data types you want to recover on the main interface. Click "Next" to initiate a scan. Scanning it may take some time, depending on the data on your phone.

choose file type

Step 3 Select Files to Recover

Once the scan is complete, you'll see a list of recoverable call logs. The software lets you preview each call's details, including the name, number, date, and duration. Select the specific call logs you want to retrieve.

select files to recover

Step 4 Finish the Recovery

Finally, click the "Recover" button to restore your call logs. AceThinker will prompt you to choose a path on your computer to save the recovered data. After saving it, go to that folder and get the recovered file.

select file path

Alternative Ways How to Get Deleted Call History in OPPO

Solution 1. Restore from Local Backup

Did you know that OPPO phones come with a handy built-in backup feature? Congratulations if you've enabled it and created a local backup beforehand! You have a great chance of retrieving your deleted call history. This solution works best if you accidentally deleted your call history recently and have yet to overwrite the data with new calls or other files.

User Guide:

  • Locate the Settings icon on your OPPO phone and open it. Within the Settings, scroll down the list and find Additional Settings. Select the Backup and Reset option and the Local Backup to show all data.
  • The feature will now display all backed-up data on the screen. Check the backup file and select the files you want to retrieve. After that, you can initiate the restoring process.
  • Restoration can take a while, so remember to wait patiently for this process to complete. After that, all deleted files will be restored to your OPPO phone. Ensure that your device has enough battery life, and don’t shut it down to avoid interruption.

local backup restore

Solution 2. Restore from OPPO Cloud

If you haven't used a third-party recovery tool like AceThinker Android Data Recovery, don't worry! OPPO offers a built-in solution for data restoration – OPPO Cloud. This cloud storage service allows you to back up your phone's data, including call logs, contacts, and messages. Suppose you've previously enabled OPPO Cloud backup for call history. In that case, you can easily restore your deleted calls directly from the cloud.

User Guide:

  • For this solution to work, ensure you have already backed up your data using the OPPO cloud. To do this, go to your phone's Settings application and choose OPPO Cloud Backup. Enable this feature to back up your data on the Cloud automatically and regularly.
  • Click on the Backup Now menu to create a backup of your phone's existing data. Wait for this process to finish to have a successful outcome. You can use this backup now to restore any deleted files.
  • Log in to the account you used to link up with OPPO Cloud for restoration on your device. Once you log in, you will have the option to restore the data from the backup. You can start restoration if you are signed in to OPPO Cloud.

restore with oppo cloud

FAQs Recovering Deleted Call History on Your OPPO Phone

Can I recover deleted call history without any backup?

It depends. While some third-party data recovery tools claim to recover data even without backups, their success rate can vary significantly. These tools might work if your phone has yet to overwrite the deleted data with new information. However, using a backup is always the most reliable method.

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Is using a third-party data recovery tool safe?

Choosing a reputable data recovery tool with good reviews is crucial. Avoid downloading software from unreliable websites, as they might contain malware. Find the most reliable online choice and look for its features and ratings.

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How can I prevent future data loss?

The best way to avoid losing your call history is by setting up a regular backup routine. For example, OPPO Cloud and Google Drive are both excellent options. Additionally, avoid installing suspicious apps and be cautious when deleting data from your phone.

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This article has equipped you with multiple solutions on how to get deleted call history in OPPO. Whether you prefer a user-friendly data recovery tool like AceThinker Android Data Recovery or the convenience of OPPO Cloud backup, there's a method to suit your needs. Remember, prevention is key. Regular backups ensure you never have to face data loss again. So, choose the best recovery method for you, and get back in touch with the important connections in your life.

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