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Find Out Best Ways on How to Restore Samsung Notes

feature recover samsung notes People who have a habit of taking notes understand their value. If you are a business person, it is crucial to record significant events and meetings in your notes. For students, a notepad can serve to remind them of their assignments and homework. It's important for all, as most people prefer to take notes on their phones. One can't take on losing notes when they contain important data. In this article, we'll examine the best ways to recover Samsung notes. Let's find out how to get Samsung notes back on your Android devices.

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Samsung Notes Disappeared: The Possible Reason

Many causes could cause your notes to disappear from the Samsung phone. The most frequent reasons are listed below: software updates, glitches, accidental deletion or damage to the device or cache built up within the Notes application, Factory reset, and even formatting changes. If, for any of the causes, you have had to lose your Samsung notes and would like to know how to retrieve Samsung notes, continue reading this article.

How to Recover Samsung Notes Via Trash Folder?

There is a trash folder inside Samsung Notes. Samsung Notes App. When you delete notes, they go into the folder called Trash. There, the notes deleted remain for 15 days until they are deleted permanently. If users accidentally erase all of their notes that are important, they will be able to retrieve their notes from the trash folder in just 15 days.

Here are the steps for restoring erased Samsung notepads out of the garbage folder:

  1. First, click on Samsung Notes from Samsung Notes in Samsung's primary menu.
  2. In the upper left corner, tap to open the options menu option.
  3. There is a trash folder that contains the deleted notes.
  4. Choose the notes you wish to access and then click the Restore option. Your chosen items will be restored to the Samsung Notes App.

recover samsung notes via trash folder

How to Recover Samsung Notes from Samsung Cloud?

Samsung customers can back up and restore data from their phones using Samsung Cloud. If you've used Samsung Cloud to back up your notes, you can restore deleted notes to your phone by restoring backups made via Samsung Cloud.
Here's how to retrieve Samsung Notes in Samsung Cloud:

User Guide:

  1. Visit the settings app, and then click on Backup and accounts.
  2. On the Samsung Cloud section, click to Restore data.
  3. In this section, you can choose the kind of data you would like to restore, i.e., Samsung Notes.
  4. After that, you click Restore; the desired Backup will start downloading immediately.
  5. After the download is completed, press Done Your notes will be restored.

recover samsung notes from samsung cloud

How to Recover Samsung Notes without Backup Using Android Recovery Software?

If you're looking for a way to restore Samsung notes without a backup, you should not miss AceThinker Android Data Recovery. This is a specialized program using Windows or Mac computers to retrieve all kinds of data stored on Android devices and all this without the requirement of any backup. With the help of quick and simple features, it is possible to recover notes, photos, messages, and contacts using AceThinker data recovery. This tool will help you recover your data, whether you lost it because of water damage, virus attacks, a system crash, or even if it was lost due to forgetting your password. Moreover, if you do factory reset, it can still help you recover Samsung notes after a factory reset. The data you lost will be back in just only a few clicks.

Key Features

  • You can quickly recover deleted Samsung notes from the device's internal memory, memory card, or SIM card.
  • This tool will also help you fix Android's abnormal issues.
  • AceThinker can retrieve the documents that were deleted from your Android phone, whether they are text documents or Word content.
  • You can preview your particular information before Android data recovery.
  • 100% reliable and free from viruses.
  • A dedicated version of the software available for Windows and Mac computers.

How to recover deleted Samsung notes using AceThinker?

Step 1 Download and open AceThinker

Installation of AceThinker Android recovery onto your computer and then launch the application. Connect the Android smartphone to your computer using USB cables and wait for the program's recognition of the device.

Step 2 USB debugging feature

The program will detect your Android Samsung Version and show you how to use the USB debugging option in your gadget. Follow the instructions on the screen. Then, you can check the boxes that indicate the kind of documents you'd like to find and click Next.

Step 3 Download Privilege

The program requires access to the information on your device; therefore, you'll need to download an application dubbed Rooting Tool. This is accomplished by activating the Installation through the USB option in the Developer options. You can also download a rooting application to your smartphone to root the phone.

Step 4 Recover Notes

Once the scanning is completed, you'll be notified by email to verify that your Standard Scan has been finished. Then, select OK and browse your files in categories on the right-hand sidebar. Select the Android data you'd like to recover, and then click Recover to complete your recovery.

Bonus: Where Notes are Stored on Samsung Devices?

By default, Samsung notes create files inside the phone's internal storage, and you will be able to find Samsung notes files in your internal storage. It is also not possible to create notes on an external SD card. In the end, you can retrieve Samsung data using these two methods. Running the third-party Android program to recover data is best if you don't have any recently backed-up backup files. It would be best to stop using your Samsung phone in the event that there is data that is overwritten. You can now download for free AceThinker Data Recovery and connect your Samsung to your computer. It is possible to change the data without backup effortlessly and swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What exactly are Samsung Notes?
Samsung notes can be described as a note-taking application for galaxy users to send messages and messages to their phones. It is installed on the galaxy device and is also available for download via the play store or the galaxy store.
2. How do I access my Samsung notes?
Click the Get button to download Samsung Notes. It is a requirement to sign in using the details of your Microsoft accounts, and use the same account that you're currently using for the Windows PC.
3. Are permanently deleted files recovered on Android?
Your data will never be lost forever. If you have an Android device then you can rest sure that there's an easy and easy solution that will assist you in retrieving all the data you've lost. You can retrieve your lost files by using this Android Data Recovery tool.

Final Thoughts

We've provided a number of ways on how to restore Samsung notes with step-by-step details to help you retrieve your notes. In any event, if you didn't create local backups of your Samsung notes, make sure to take a look at AceThinker Recovery tool to retrieve your notes.

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