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48 Reviews

Big timesaver

No installs needed for this and the audio is always spot on.
by Terrance | 2022-01-04 04:12:17


WFH translated into zoom meeting after zoom meeting. I just use this app to record the meetings so I have all the info in one place.
by Heidi | 2021-12-30 23:44:32

Excellent for podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts which means that from time to time I stumble upon some gems that I want saved, some fragments, not the whole podcast. Nice audio with no interference.
by Jaydon | 2021-12-29 10:04:11

5 star tool

Thanks for it, AT team. I needed this tool for a school project, worked just fine.
by Noelle | 2021-12-22 07:03:49

Nice and trustable recorder

I give 5 stars to this app because I have used it when I can't download any sound from its source and the audio is clear.
by Tania Jaime | 2021-12-17 15:06:09

Very satisfied

A lot of work went into putting this together and it shows!
by Terry | 2021-12-05 00:41:23

Top notch

At first I was bummed thinking it’s not working properly but my laptop was to blame. Once I switched to my work laptop the final audio was crystal clear.
by London | 2021-12-03 00:40:50

You never disappoint

This is my third program I’ve installed from your site, always pleased by the end result.
by Craig | 2021-11-28 00:40:23



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