The Suitable Solution on How to Clear Voicemail on iPhone

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iphone wont delete voicemailDeleting voicemail is an important task that helps keep your inbox organized and secure. It is crucial to delete any unnecessary voicemail messages as soon as possible, as they can take up beneficial storage space on your device and potentially compromise your privacy. Regularly deleting voicemail ensures that your inbox remains clutter-free. So, take a few minutes to go through your voicemail inbox and delete any messages that you no longer need. However, have you experienced iPhone voicemail not deleting? What should you do? There are different factors why this issue lingers on your device. It might be due to a system glitch, a network issue on your iPhone, and more. Fortunately, there is an easy way to fix this issue and ultimately delete the voicemail. Check the detailed methods below and assess each solution.

The 5 Most Practical Solutions to Clear Voicemail on iPhone

1. Put iPhone on Airplane Mode

Have you ever noticed that your voicemail gets cluttered with messages that you don't need? The initial solution to clear voicemail on iPhone is to set your device in Airplane mode. By turning on airplane mode, your phone will disconnect from the network and prevent any new messages from coming in. This allows you to go through your voicemail and delete any old or unnecessary messages without being interrupted by new ones. Plus, airplane mode can also help conserve your phone's battery life while scrolling and searching for the voicemail you need to delete. Errors regarding network issues that hinder you from deleting your voicemail can be fixed with this solution. You can check the steps and instructions below to learn how to set your device to Airplane mode.

  • Unlock your mobile device to access your home screen page. Then, you need to get into your control center by swiping down your screen. The page will prompt eventually, giving you other functions and features.
  • Access the Airplane icon on the upper left corner of your screen. The Airplane mode will then connect all your wireless connections. Then, go to your home screen page again.
  • Lastly, access your Phone app and tap on the Voicemail function. On the list of your voicemail, try to declutter your messages and delete the old ones. If it pushes through, do this until you delete the voicemail you need.

set your device on airplane mode

2. Remove Voicemail From Network Directly

If you want to delete a voicemail from your network and the iPhone wont delete voicemail, there are a few steps you can take. First, you'll need to access your voicemail inbox. This process can be done by dialing a specific number or accessing a voicemail app. Once you're in your voicemail inbox, listen to the message you want to delete. After the message has finished playing, you should see options to delete, save, or replay the message. Select the delete option/menu and ensure that you want to remove the voice message. If you're having trouble deleting a voicemail, you may need to reach your network provider for assistance. They can walk you through the process or delete the message for you. It's important to regularly delete old voicemails to free up space in your inbox and ensure you don't miss any new messages. Following the steps above, you can effortlessly delete unwanted voicemails from your network and stay organized.

remove voicemail on network

3. Restart iPhone Device

Voicemail how to delete it? Well, it is a simple step to perform. However, if your iPhone hinders you from doing that, you should check your device for system errors. Errors on your Phone app can prevent you from using any function and features on the app. For instance, iPhone stuck on call ended screen is an issue where your device cannot exit the call-ended page, which will cause a disturbance in the processes of your iPhone. These errors will be removed from your iPhone’s system by turning off the power supply on your RAM. Without RAM running on your device, these bugs will no longer be able to lurk on your device. By the time you have rebooted your iPhone, errors are no longer present. See the institution listed below to learn the proper way on how to delete voicemail on iPhone by clearing the error first.

  • The initial solution on clearing your voicemail while removing the error on your iPhone is to prepare your device for reboot. Use the side buttons of your iPhone and get familiar with them. Then, press and continue to hold the power button and the Volume up rack.
  • Next, release both buttons once the Emergency Alert page appears on your screen. At the uppermost part, you will see the restart option. Toggle or swipe the button to reboot your iPhone.
  • Lastly, please wait for your device to shut down its system. Afterward, turn on the device by pressing the Power or right side button. Access your Phone app and get to the voicemail to delete the ones you no longer need.

restart your iphone

4. Remove Delete Voice Messages

If you have deleted voicemails that you want to clear, there are a few steps you can follow to get the job done. First, you should open your voicemail app or call your voicemail box. You can listen to any current messages once you have accessed or entered your voicemail. If you have deleted messages that you want to clear, you will need to navigate to your deleted messages folder. This folder is usually under a menu option labeled Deleted Messages or Trash. Once you have located your deleted messages folder, you can select all the messages you want to clear. Depending on your voicemail app or system, you may be able to select all messages at once, or you may need to select each voice message individually. Once you have chosen the voicemails, you can find an option to clear or delete them. Select this option and confirm that you want to clear the messages. After removing your deleted messages, double-check to ensure they are no longer in your voicemail app or system. If you still see the voicemail, try the process again or seek help on the last solution in this article.

remove deleted voicemail

5. Delete Voicemail Using Third-Party Tool

When iPhone voicemail not deleting and it is due to some error on your system, what you need is a solution in which it can wipe out your files in one click. PanFone iOS Eraser Pro is the world’s finest data eraser and security. This tool can selectively erase files with 0% percent of the recovery. This process means even if you lost your mobile device or resold it to other users, they cannot extract your files even if they use free iPhone recovery software. It can also erase files permanently on your iPhone apps. These files include Phone apps, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and Kik. In addition, this tool can optimize your iPhone files, boosting the performance and speed of your iOS system. To learn the process of how to clear voicemail on iPhone, follow the listed steps below.

  • The beginning phase of how to delete voicemail is to install PanFone iOS Eraser Pro on your PC. You can search the tool on your web browsers and download its file installer. Run the file on your computer and pass through the installation prompts.
  • Next, connect your iPhone device using your lightning wire. Launch the tool and let it analyze your mobile phone. Select the iOS Eraser function.
  • Lastly, go to the Erase All Data and select the level of the deletion process. It is recommended to use Medium. Type the erase code and hit the Erase option to delete voicemails on your iPhone.

panfone eraser interface

When you erase all your data on your iPhone with this iOS eraser, other important files will also be removed. Therefore, selectively backup your iPhone device before passing through with this solution. You can read and check this link to learn more about the backup process.


Deleting voicemails is an important process we usually need to do. It not only declutters our files and prevents storage issues but also allows personal data to be hidden from someone else. When an error lurks on your device, deleting voicemails might be challenging to perform. Luckily, we can enable different functions of our device to help us perform the process effortlessly. If you find this article does not have the solution you know to fix your voicemail issues, let us know in the comment section.

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