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Reliable Solutions How to Get Old Pictures from iCloud

feature get old photos from icloudWhy is letting go hard to do? Most people often question humanity why we, as the most intelligent beings in the world, keep on holding on to things. Not just for feelings but also for the possession we have. This is evident if we look at our mobile devices. We always see many old files, especially videos and photos, that we tend to store infinitely. Yet, we almost don't want to delete these precious memories even if they clutter and clog memory space. We concocted different cloud storing services to store our old photos. One of these tools we use to save old images is iCloud. This cloud computing and storing service is a platform dedicated for Apple devices to backup and save their iPhone files. However, do you wonder how to get photos from iCloud? We'll bet you didn't. No worries, we have collated different solutions to get your photos—even those old images on your iCloud account way back five years ago.

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How iCloud Function On Your Device

iCloud is an online storage service dedicated to Apple devices. It provides 5GB of free space for its patrons to be utilized as backup space and container. Once you have set up your iCloud on your iOS device, it can sync and connect your iPhone files on different Apple devices. All you have to do and conduct is sign in your Apple ID and password on different devices. Once you have done this, modifications and changes on your devices that have your iCloud account will appear on the other devices. It also has a website that users can access by going through the web. This site is, where you can show a few of your backup files on your account. However, once you have maximized the 5GB backing up, new files will not be automatically saved on its server. The application will ask you to override the previous backups, or you can add additional space for your iCloud account. The prices of additional storage capacity may vary. If you want to check and avail of it, you can look for the listed price list underneath this brief introduction.

  • For 50GB of additional space, it will cost $0.99.
  • For 200GB extra storage, it ranges up to $2.99.
  • For 1T, it will cost $9.99.

Please be mindful that these price lists and plans are for a monthly subscription.

how icloud function on your iphone

How to Find Old Photos on iCloud Online

As we mentioned above, the iCloud service has an online platform where you can check your backup files immediately through the web. But, checking or looking at your files is not its primary function. This platform can also allow you to access your old photos on your iCloud account. What is more, you can also check the listed files and images, and you can delete them directly on your iCloud account. You can quickly get them and retrieve old photos with this platform. This process is possible by following the guidelines listed below.

  • The initial guide on how to get old pictures from iCloud is by accessing on your web browsers. On its main page, enter your Apple ID and its password to access your iCloud account.
  • Afterward, you will be directed to the two authentication pages. Go to your iPhone device and get the six-digit verification code. Tap the Allow option to go through with the process. Once you are logged in, you should be able to access and see your iPhone data and files.
  • From there, make way to the Photos app and choose the photos you want to retrieve. Then, launch each photo on your screen. Click the download button presented on your screen. Please select the location of your downloaded images to check and get access to them quickly.

get old photos from icloud online

How to Get Old Photos From iCloud on iPhone

Another solution on how to get old photos from iCloud aside from manually downloading them on the web is by restoring the photos using your iPhone. This process is possible by factory resetting your device. This solution will wipe out all your data allowing your iCloud to restore and apply the backup files you have on your account. But, please be mindful that this process comes with a heavy fallback. Once you have factory reset your device, all data will be wiped out, including those stored on your iCloud backup files. Therefore, before using this solution, it is necessary to create a backup for your iPhone device. You can use different cloud services or backup your device on your PC. Yet, it also comes with a great attribute; these settings can also remove significant software issues, including iCloud Backup not showing up and more. To perform how to access old photos on iCloud by factory reset, follow the guide below.

  • To begin the process on how to find old pictures on iCloud, access your Settings app from the list of applications you have on your iPhone. Next, tap on the General settings and choose the Reset option from the list of menus. You will get access to Erase Contents and Settings; hit the button to confirm the process of factory resetting.
  • Afterward, when all data on your device has been wiped out, your device will begin its setup process. From the list of options, hit the Restore From iCloud function. Then, select all the files that contain all of your deleted iPhone photos. Once all is set and accomplished, you can now check the restored image on your Photos.

factory reset iphone

Another Solution on How to Access Old iCloud Photos

Distinctive Feature: This tool is equipped with other iOS-related functions, including system recovery, data recovery, and backup restoration.
Hardware Requirements: This program can work with a PC with 1GB of Ram and lower. Its installation package also consumes only 100 MB of your computer's internal space.

It is hard to see the backup files on your iCloud devices. Resetting your device may be too risky to perform to recover your old photos. Therefore, it is convenient to use the most trusted software app, an application that is dedicated to iOS devices. AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is an optimal solution compatible with Windows and Mac devices. This tool is designed with an advanced technology processor that enables users to perform recovery tasks quickly. It can backup and restore iPhone files, including notes, calendars, photos, videos, and more. In addition, this tool can back up files with lossless quality. This feature means that its process can make a copy or backup of original files with the same quality and standard. What is more, its restore process can also retrieve photos back to the iPhone device without losing or distorting the quality of the image. Beneath is the detailed backup process to retrieve your iPhone photos on iCloud.

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Step 1 Install iOS Data Backup and Restore

First, perform the following process to acquire old photos on your iCloud account. Get the AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore program on your PC. You can get the file installer by ticking the download menus above this step. Run the file and pass through its installation wizards and prompts. Once the installation procedure is accomplished, you can launch the app to navigate its processes.

idbr interface

Step 2 Choose Backup Mode

The backup modes are the next step to follow. You need to select the backup mode you want for your files. These two modes are the Standard and Advanced modes. The Advanced mode is for those backup files you need to apply a password for additional security and protection. In contrast, the Standard mode is for those files that do not need an encryption code on their folders.

idbr select mode

Step 3 How to Get Old iCloud Photos

In the next step, select the files that you want to backup on your computer. You can select all old photos you have failed to locate on your Photos app. It is easy to locate those old images saved on your device. Simply sort the file according to time. You can check all those images will be shown for that specific date.

idbr select old photos

Step 4 Finish The Process

Finally, finish the backup process to create a backup of your old photos on your computer. An indicator will appear that allows you to locate the exact progress of the backup process. Once the process reaches 100%, go back to the app's interface and now select the Restore process to easily retrieve lost old images that you aren't able to find on your Photos app.

idbr finalize process

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