12 Best Screen Recorder for Mac with Internal Audio

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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the ability to capture and share screen activities has become a fundamental necessity. Whether you're a professional creating tutorials, a gamer showcasing your skills, or a businessperson conducting presentations, having the right screen recorder for your Mac can significantly impact your recordings. Additionally, an efficient screen recorder enhances productivity and ensures the delivery of high-quality content. The choices can be overwhelming, with various features and functionalities available across different software. That said, this article will provide a comprehensive guide to selecting the best video recording software for Mac. We will outline the key criteria to consider a good recorder so you can make an informed choice.

Criteria for Evaluating Best Screen Recorder for Mac

When it comes to choosing the best screen capture software for Mac, it's important to consider several key factors. These include the quality of the recording, the performance of the software, its editing capabilities, compatibility with your Mac device, and how user-friendly it is. By evaluating each of these factors, you can ensure that you choose a screen recorder that provides a seamless recording experience.

  • Recording Quality: One of the most important features to consider is the recording quality. A top-notch screen recorder should provide options for recording in high-definition formats, which will ensure that your content is captured with clarity and detail.
  • Ease of Use: Another important factor is ease of use. A screen recorder with an intuitive user interface and straightforward controls will allow you to navigate the recording process with ease.
  • Editing Capabilities: Built-in editing tools are also a crucial consideration. These tools will allow you to enhance your recordings by adding annotations, text, and even trimming unnecessary sections.
  • Compatibility: A screen recorder must be compatible with the macOS version and the devices you're using to guarantee smooth functionality.
  • Role of User Reviews and Ratings: User reviews and ratings can be incredibly helpful in identifying the best screen recorder for your needs. Real-world experiences shared by other users can provide valuable insights into the pros and cons of each tool, helping you make an informed decision.

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Top 12 Best Screen Recording Software for Mac

1. Aqua Demo

Reviews and Ratings: with 129 reviews on Trustpilot (4.6 out of 5 stars)

The first solution on our list is Aqua Demo from AceThinker. This screen recorder is considered one of the best screen recorder for Mac with internal audio, as it can record the system and microphone sound. Even if you are a new user or professional, with its user-friendly interface, you can easily record any activities happening on your screen. Besides, this tool is also the best recorder to record BBC iPlayer stream in high-quality recordings up to 4K. With the advanced capability of this screen recorder, Mac and Windows users can take advantage of its "Task Scheduler," granting them to schedule a screen recording at a set time. After recording, it is equipped with an Advanced Trimmer so users can trim, cut, merge, and convert the video recording.

aqua demo interface

2. QuickTime Player

Reviews and Ratings: with 589 reviews on G2 (4.7 out of 5 stars)

If you're looking for a way to record your screen on a Mac, one of the best options available is using QuickTime Player. This best free screen recorder for Mac offers basic screen recording functionality. This built-in feature is pf QuickTime Player is incredibly easy to use and allows you to capture high-quality video on your screen. Whether you're looking to create tutorials or record your favorite moments. While lacking advanced features, it's a convenient option for simple tasks and quick captures.

quicktime interface

3. OBS Studio

Reviews and Ratings: with 115 reviews on G2 (4.6 out of 5 stars)

Another best way to screen record on Mac is by using OBS. It is an open-source versatile screen recorder that lets you capture your Mac screen activities. With this, you can swiftly switch between different scenes making it convenient for gamers. A noteworthy feature of this tool is its reflexive audio mixer with per-source filters like noise suppression, noise gate, and noise gain. Additionally, if you are into streaming, you can use its Studio Mode to preview your scenes and sources before pushing them live. However, the interface of the tool might be overwhelming for new users. You can check out this link if you want to explore more tools like OBS.

obs interface

4. ScreenFlow

Reviews and Ratings: with 54 reviews on G2 (4.5 out of 5 stars)

ScreenFlow is a screen recorder specifically designed for macOS. The tool's interface has received subtle changes enabling users to set it in dark mode. Customizing your recording screen is supported as users can record an application, window, a particular region, or record in full screen Mac. Also, you can include the sound of your voice in the recording utilizing your microphone or webcam. Another good thing about this best screen recording app for Mac is it provides elements you need to create an outstanding video recording, such as graphics, titles, text animations, and more.

screenflow interface

5. ScreenRec

Reviews and Ratings: with 222 reviews on Trustpilot (4.6 out of 5 stars)

Next on the list is Screen Rec. You can consider this as the best way to record video on Mac, as it makes it simple to create tutorials, demonstrations, or any presentations. Its focus is making work routine less time-consuming with its built-in annotation tools. Users can add text, shapes, arrows, and highlights directly onto their recordings, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of their content. One of the key advantages of ScreenRec is its ability to record screen activities without causing disruptions. Users can record their screens while working on other tasks without a noticeable impact on performance.

screenrec interface

6. Monosnap

Reviews and Ratings: with 9 reviews on Product Hunt (4.6 out of 5 stars)

When recording your screen on a Mac, Monosnap emerges as a versatile and feature-rich solution that stands out from the crowd. With its array of tools and functionalities, Monosnap offers an exceptional recording experience for both beginners and experienced users. The well-organized menu and straightforward controls ensure that even those new to screen recording can jump in and start capturing their screen activities without hassle. Monosnap continues beyond capturing and annotating, so it's considered one of the best screen recording software for Mac. It seamlessly integrates cloud storage, enabling you to store your recordings safely and access them from any device.

monosnap interface

7. VLC

Reviews and Ratings: with 589 reviews on G2 (4.7 out of 5 stars)

VLC is also one of the best free screen recording software for Mac. It is widely known as a versatile media player and steps beyond its primary role to offer a reliable screen recording solution. With the configurable recording capabilities provided by this screen record, users can record only a portion of their screen or even the entire screen. This adaptability supports a variety of use cases, including creating lessons and displaying software demonstrations. While VLC may not offer the sophisticated features of high-end screen recorders, its fundamental recording capabilities are more than enough for adequate daily operations, and you can record audio with VLC.

vlc interface

8. Filmora Scrn

Reviews and Ratings: with 285 reviews on G2 (4.4 out of 5 stars)

This comprehensive screen recording software is specifically designed to cater to both beginners and experienced users, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications. What sets Filmora Scrn apart is its robust editing suite. The extensive editing capabilities of Filmora Scrn make it unique. You can modify your recordings in real time while still using the same application after capturing your screen and audio. To produce films that are professional-looking, you can trim, clip, merge, add annotations, and even incorporate custom cursor effects. You can ensure that your content appears clear and sharp by choosing to record in full HD or 4K quality, which is ideal for making lessons, presentations, or games videos.

filmora scrn interface

9. Snagit

Reviews and Ratings: with 3,890 reviews on G2 (4.6 out of 5 stars)

Snagit emerges as one of the best screen recording software for Mac, offering an exceptional blend of simplicity and functionality. Its availability on both Mac and Windows platforms ensures cross-platform convenience. This screen recorder also extends its functionality to image capture, allowing users to capture high-quality screenshots. What truly sets it apart is its robust editing suite. After capturing your screen, you can enhance your recording with annotations, callouts, arrows, and more. Further, it simplifies the sharing process by allowing you to upload your captures directly from the application to the cloud.

snagit interface

10. Capto

Reviews and Ratings: with 1 review on Capterra (5 out of 5 stars)

Capto's simple interface immediately appeals to users of all skill levels. Capto understands the importance of flexibility when it comes to sharing your creations. This best screen recorder Mac offers a variety of output formats like MP4, MOV, FLV, and more, making it easy to export your recordings in formats compatible with various devices and platforms. Moreover, you can seamlessly enhance your screen recording from trimming and cutting to adding text, shapes, arrows, and annotations. With these features, you can have the freedom to make your content more engaging and informative.

capto interface

11. Icecream Screen Recorder

Reviews and Ratings: with 26 reviews on G2 (4.1 out of 5 stars)

Another best screen recorder for Mac is Icecream Screen Recorder. Navigating through its features and tools is intuitive, ensuring that even beginners can quickly grasp its functionalities. It can effortlessly capture screenshots and record screen activities. This can be useful for sharing visual information or simply capturing memorable moments. Its annotation feature is especially handy when conveying instructions, highlighting important details, or adding context to the captured visuals. You can easily record the motion of your mouse and highlight the clicking on your desktop icons.

icecream screen recorder interface

12. ActivePresenter

Reviews and Ratings: with 2,000 reviews on App Store (4.3 out of 5 stars)

Last on the list of the best way to record screen on Mac is using ActivePresenter. It is a dynamic screen recording and video editing tool that deserves a spotlight in the realm of the best screen recorders for Mac. With its comprehensive features and simple UI, ActivePresenter caters to many users. It can capture screen activities with exceptional quality, ensuring that every detail is preserved in the final output. Editing your screen recording can be easily achieved with this screen recorder as it offers interactive elements like quizzes and filters. Users can export their recordings in various formats, including video files, HTML5 for web-based interactivity, and even SCORM-compliant packages for e-learning platforms.

activepresenter interface

Comparison of the Best Screen Capture Software for Mac

Tools Add Watermark Editing Tools Streaming Capability Advantages Disadvantages
Aqua Demo Yes Yes No Provides multiple recording modes such as Game Recorder, Video Recorder, and more. It does not support the Linux operating system.
QuickTime Player No Yes No It comes pre-installed, so it's readily available for Mac users. Lacks advanced editing features
OBS Studio Yes No Yes This delivers extensive customization. It has intensive resources especially for high-recording.
ScreenFlow Yes Yes No Supports Retina display recording. It lacks deep customization.
ScreenRec Yes Yes No It supports simple online sharing. Without an account it only records up to 5 minutes.
Monosnap No Yes No It comes with built-in annotations. It has a moderate impact on system performance.
Tools Add Watermark Editing Tools Streaming Capability Advantages Disadvantages
VLC No Yes No It supports many video file formats. The audio output is not that good.
Filmora Scrn Yes Yes Yes It is equipped with a wide range of recording settings. Majority of the features are under subscription.
Snagit No Yes No Snagit offers a selection of editing tools for perfecting the content you record. It has limited export video formats
Capto Yes Yes No It has clear options to start recording. Not available for other operating systems.
Icecream Recorder Yes Yes No It can take a screenshot during the recording process. There are some features that don't work on Mac.
CRITERIA Yes Yes No It can export high-quality contents. It has basic editing capabilities.


In conclusion, we have covered the best screen recorder for Mac and the key points to consider when selecting a screen recorder for Mac. It is important to prioritize individual needs and preferences when making this decision. This will allow for a more personalized and efficient recording experience. By taking into account factors such as recording quality, editing capabilities, and ease of use, you can discover the perfect screen recorder for your specific needs. Remember to always research and compare options before making a final decision.

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