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User Guide on How to Record Mouse Movements

feature-record-mouse-movementsDo you want to make those videos where the mouse is highlighted as it moves around the screen? Film those videos when the screen zooms in to show the audience where they are supposed to be looking? These sorts of videos are great for keeping the audiences’ attention and pointing where your point is going. Suppose you are conducting a webinar, and in the presentation, you have your mouse movements covered in colors so everyone can see them. It would be beneficial to all attendees Recording can be done with a couple of tools on the internet. In this article, we are reviewing the potential top-six best software/tools that record mouse movements on the screen.

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How to Record Mouse Movements wth Ease

Screen Grabber Pro is a versatile software to record computer screens. It is highly downloaded and high rated tools out there to record screen as well as mouse movements. It also records annotation, microphone, webcam, and so on. Screen Grabber Pro has simple UI designs where you can create screencast and capture images on the window. It offers the feature to select the region where you want to record the screen on. It also arouses mice based on their movements. You can screenshot the screen while hiding mouse cursor or with the cursor and hide webcam. Furthermore, it features an option to upload video files to internet streaming services through FTP. Screen Grabber has an attribute called Time Scheduler, which allows setting schedule, and Screen Grabber will record events automatically. Here are comprehensive steps to record the screen while recording mouse movements.

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Step 1 Download the Software:

Download and install the AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro application, download it from here Screen Grabber Pro. Open the application; you will see a clean screen with the record, Audio, Screenshot, and Task scheduler tab at top and editing tools at the bottom.
screen grabber pro

Step 2 Configure the Settings:

Go to 3 bar tabs on the right side of the screen then choose settings. Go to Mouse style settings and check “Animate Mouse Buttons,” then click Ok button. You can also choose to animate mouse cursor on click and hot spot mouse show option.

configure mouse recorder settings

Step 3 Select Recording Mode:

Hover mouse to “Record” tab then click on the drop-down icon. Then hover mouse to Arouse mouse option then click on it. There you will see a couple of options to choose from. You can set the display ratio from 1280*720HD (720p) to 1024*768 (iPad) screen recordings.

select screen area

Step 4 Start Recording Mouse Movements:

Ready to record the screen when following pop-ups appear on the screen, click “Ok” to continue. Screen Grabber Pro will automatically record the mouse movement.

record mouse

Macro Recorder

Macro Recorder is a handy software that records mouse movement on the screen. It saves lots of time finding spots to view the main contents while attending webinars and events. It allows recording mouse movements in Mac as well as in windows. The algorithm, entitled with the recorder analysis of mouse pointers and mouse movement, is smooth and shines with better performance on edges. Mouse coordinate dumps don’t occur with Macro Recorder. It is multi-platform compatible, Windows and Mac, and has built-in video editor.

record mouse movements


  • Macro Recorder has a faster playback ratio.
  • Macro events can be set to start from X coordinate and pass to Y limited coordinate.
  • Easy to set events to the time duration.
  • It enables the editing of mouse movements with great details.

  • Sometimes mouse movement slows down to the free mouse movement on the screen.

Trial/Pro: Macro Recorder is not a free service tool. It has three layered packages; Basic, Pro, and Premium.

The pricing includes the following features:

  • Free support
  • 30 Days money back
  • Instant delivery
  • Recoverable keys
  • Perpetual license

licensed version

Camtasia Screen Recorder

Camtasia comes handy when you need to record any online tutorials or product demos. Camtasia turns video into compelling quality, which you can later refer to as a reference. Mouse movement feature built-in Camtasia makes work much more comfortable. Camtasia is quick video editor software, too; the built-in feature makes works done in no time. It is an excellent video capture tool with high quality and optimizes and edits mouse movement to contrast and clear the movement. You need to film the whole video and go to the video editor to show the mouse movement in Camtasia Screen Recorder.

record with camtasia

User Guide

  • In the video editor, go to the Cursor effect tab, and then click on it.
  • You will see various effects available to choose from, drag the effect you like then drop it to the video file track.
  • After dropping the cursor, play the video to check if it’s nicely set, save the video, then share it with your colleagues.

  • >Stable yet promising video editing tool has excellent stabilization.
  • Capture unlimited video length with Camtasia.

  • Less emphasize on mouse click while zooming into tutorials.
  • It is not for editing comprehensive movie files as Camtasia offers limited editing tools.

Trial/Pro: Camtasia comes with 30 days of free trial periods and then comes with a one-time payment agreement.

premium features

FlashBack Express

FlashBack Express is a fantastic recording tool that has excellent features to tweak around. The streamlined design and simple, straight-forward settings make FlashBack a great tool to get. FlashBack Express has a dedicated gaming setup to record games at a high ratio per inch. It is inherited by excellent audio and video quality. To record the mouse movement in FlashBack express, you need to tweak into some settings.

record mouse

User Guide

  • Go to tabs on the top and then choose “Effects.”
  • A window will appear; you will see the cursor highlight, cursor size, and clicks. Enable any of those required to you, then click “OK” to enable.

  • It records excellent audio and video quality.
  • Straightforward setting and tools.

  • Most of the features are paid and are not available in the free version.

Trial/Pro: It provides a 30 days trial period then asks for a paid subscription.

flashback express pricing

Acethinker Free Screen Recorder Online

Record your PC screen with smooth movements and no watermarks. Acethinker Free Screen Recorder Online is entirely free to use, and it is open-source software that provides a hassle-free video recording solution. Also, it can capture stunning photos on your desktop without having any difficulties. Besides, you can include or exclude the system sounds, configure the audio input options to use the audio from the system or via an external microphone. Aside from that, you can use this tool to record tutorial videos, record gameplays, and more.

Step 1 Visit the Official Site

First and foremost, visit the official site of the tool on your browser. Then, hit the "Start Recording" button. Once you hit the "Start Recording" button for first-time users, you will be asked to click the Download Launcher button after. It is 100% safe to download and install.


Step 2 Set the Settings

Once launched, you can customize the settings of the tool by changing the system sounds, region, or you can use its full-screen mode if you want to.


Step 3 Start recording

Once all the settings are set, you can now start recording your screen, simply hit the "Red" button from the floating toolbar then use your mouse to select the area that you wish to record.


Step 4 Stop Recording

To stop the recording, you can click the "Red" button located at the left corner of the floating toolbar. Then, the recorded file will automatically be saved on your computer.


Macro Creator

Macro Creator makes the job easy while scheduling a task to be done automatically. It can record mouse and keyboard clicks automatically if set with proper events. Macro Creator is a free macro recorder tool. Macro Creator is an automated tool where you can generate a script to capture any activities while capturing the screen. It helps to make mouse actions with the User interface or the hotkeys. The tool is complete automation for mouse settings.

macro creator settings


  • It saves lots of time and work.
  • Better suitable for gamers where you have to perform the same task again and again.
  • Hotkey generated actions make the job easy and quick to perform.

  • Macros cannot hold for large and complex tasks.
  • We need to learn the command to record mouse activities.

Trial/Pro: Macro Creator is a free mouse and keyboard recorder.

launch the softaware

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