5 Ways to Record PC With Full Screen Capture Software

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Do you need a tool to record a full-screen?
  • Install Aqua Demo
  • Hit the Video Recorder and select full screen
  • Tap the REC button to initiate recording

Screen recorder allows users or PC owners to capture and record screen activity that can be exported into media files. They provide a valuable function for those users that need to share step-by-step instructions by capturing what is on their screen. Screen recording tools are popularized by different content creators that publish how-to tutorials, online video calling like Omegle, gameplay content, and more. Screen recorder is also helpful for business and for those working remotely. Instead of communicating through chat or phone calls, sharing captured instructions on their PC screen is very beneficial. Yet, what are the benefits of recording your screen with a full-screen recorder? First, you can catch any content on your screen easily. Second, Webcam can also be captured along with your screen activity. The last benefit is you can provide the entire process or activity you are recording without pausing, resuming, or stopping the recording. So, the million question is, “What is the best full screen recorder you should use?” Relax; this article collected the best five screen recorders to capture your screen in the entire region; read more.

Five Full Screen Capture Software

1. AceThinker Aqua Demo

Are you looking for a full-screen recorder that provides a plethora of features? Then, AceThinker Aqua Demo is what you need to capture your screen activity. This application allows recording full-screen, selected windows, browsers, and free-form regions. You can easily install this application by accessing its main product page and downloading its file installer, which is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. Check the features and steps on how to use this application.

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Step 1 Configure the Settings of the Software

The initial step or feature that you must configure is its settings. Here lies all the modifications and configuration of the output appearance or quality of the recorded file. You need to tap the Menu icon at the uppermost part of the tool and access the preferences option. Each tab can be configured. You can modify the recording function, output quality and location, sound input, camera input including webcam, mouse, and keystroke, change its hotkeys, and more. Tapping the Ok button will save the changes made to the application.

aqua demo settings

Step 2 Recording Full Screen on Windows 10

The next option for you to access the full screen option of the Aqua Demo is to tap the Video Recorder option. A new feature will be prompted on its interface. You will see the Full option, allowing users to capture the entire screen. Alternatively, you can tap the custom option to record a specific region, window, or free-formed area of recordings. Since we are tackling recording in full-screen, you need to utilize the Full-screen feature of the app.

access full screen on aqua demo

Step 3 Start and Stop the Recording Process

To initiate the recording in full-screen with this application, click the REC option. A recording panel will prompt on your screen. It will provide you with recording options, including pause, resume, and stop buttons. You can also annotate your recordings with shapes, colors, and arrows. Terminating the process can be done by clicking the stop button icon.

recording panel of aqua demo

Step 4 Previewing the recorded video

When you click the stop icon on the recording panel, the recorded file will be prompted in its inbuilt media player. You can preview the recorded file in this player by hitting the play button. You have two options here. You can either re-record the file or save it on your computer.

preview the recorded file

Step 5 Saving and Exporting the Recorded Video

The process of saving the recorded file is simple. First, you need to hit the Done button to save the file in your output folder. In addition to that, you can change the output location by tapping the Folder icon. Create a new folder and hit the OK button to save the recorded file in the new folder.

exporting recorded file in aqua demo

Step 6 Editing the Recorded Full Screen Video

The final stage of recording your full screen is to edit it within the application. You can use its advanced editing feature Media Metadata Editor, which can edit the metadata of your recorded file. You can also trim the clips using Advanced Trimmer to shorten the clip and remove unwanted scenes. If the file becomes too large in file size, you can always use its Video Compressor. In addition, you can merge files with its File Merger to combine recorded clips in one output. Lastly, suppose the recorded file format needs to be changed or converted. In that case, Aqua Demo has a built-in File Converter to save videos to different codecs and formats.

edit recorded file with aqua demo

So, if you are recording a BIGO live stream on your computer or laptop, you can record it on full screen easily. To learn more about the process of this topic, visit this written article.

2. Bandicam

Bandicam is a lightweight screen recorder that enables users to capture anything on their screen. This application is popular for gaming communities to capture high-graphic gameplay videos. It is possible to perform this process using its DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan graphics technologies. In addition to that, it comes with a high compression process which will reduce the file size of the recorded file while maintaining the quality output. See the steps on how to utilize this application with its features and functions.

Step 1 Changing the Settings of Bandicam

Modifying the settings of this application is quick and easy. All the buttons regarding its settings are located at the left portion of the tool. First, find the General icon, which will provide you with a list of menus to modify. Here you can change the output folder auto-complete function and more. You can change the application's framerate on its FPS icon while recording your screen. You can also overlay the FPS to monitor it during the full-screen recording process. The Video settings will allow you to modify the video input of the recorded file. You can change the format, codecs, overlay, hotkeys, and more.

change the settings of bandicam

Step 2 Recording Full Screen on Bandicam

To record full screen with this full-screen recorder is by accessing the Recording area icon at the uppermost part of the tool. Then, hit its dropdown menu to access different recording areas. Since we are only talking about recording with full screen, select the proper mode. Your entire screen will be added to the area where you can record the whole activity of your screen.

record full screen with bandicam

Step 3 Initiate and Terminate Recordings

When you have selected the recording area, the recording panel will appear on your screen. Since we have chosen the full screen area, the recording panel will prompt at the uppermost part of our screen. It will provide different options that you can use. You can hit the REC button to initiate the recordings. While recording your screen, you can annotate or draw different shapes and animations on your screen. You can also hit the pause and stop buttons to terminate the recording process.

initiate recording with bandicam

Step 4 Preview the Recorded Video

When you have terminated the process of recording your screen in the entire region, it will not direct you to the media player. Instead, it will still be in full-screen mode. Exit the recording panel to prompt the interface of the application. Access the Home option and select the Videos menu. Select the recorded file you previously recorded. Hit the Play icon to preview the file on your computer's media player.

preview the recorded file

Step 5 Save and Export Recorded File

When you have stopped the recording session, the tool will save and export the file directly to your output folder. It does not provide any option to re-record or disregard the recording. Instead, it will automatically save it to your output folder. So, what you need to perform when you mistakenly record any activity on your screen is to delete them manually.

save and export recordings on bandicam

Step 6 Edit the Recorded Video

Bandicam comes with built-in video editing tools that can be installed differently. If you still need to download the inbuilt mechanism, the device will direct you to install it first. It has different editing features, including cutting, splitting, and joining clips. You can tap on each clip to import your recorded files on each component. You can also add multiple recorded clips and edit them one at a time. You can also merge them as one single output.

edit the recorded video

This app can also be used as web browser recorder. You can use this link or article to learn more about this feature.

3. Camtasia

When you need to record or make videos for marketing and sales content, you need Camtasia. This application is a two-in-one application that contains a screen recorder and video editing option. It can capture full-screen activities and edit them immediately before publishing them on different media platforms. It is perfect for creating tutorials, personal videos, training activities, demonstrations, and serve as perfect screen recorder for teachers. You can check its features below on how to utilize this tool.

Step 1 Altering the Recording Settings

Before recording your screen, you can modify the settings of the tool. You can access it by tapping the Tools option at the uppermost part of the application. Select preferences and the device will prompt a new window that contains all the recording settings. It has the General settings, which you can modify the workflow. Under file settings, you can change the output folder and temporary storage. On the Inputs tab, you can locate the frame rate, encoder, and even the dimension. Lastly, on the Shortcuts tab, you can modify hotkeys to function with different recording features like a record, pause, resume, stop, and add a marker.

modify the settings of camtasia

Step 2 Record in Full Screen With Camtasia

This application can capture the whole screen without dragging the cursor on the entire screen. You need to tick the Region button on the first dropdown menu and select Screen1 to record the whole screen. However, you can choose from the list if you need to use a different recording region.

record full screen with camtasia

Step 3 Initiate Recordings with Camtasia

When you have selected the recording area with Camtasia, you can hit the REC option to initiate the recording process. A recording panel will be prompted on your screen. It will provide you with different features, including minimizing the recording panel, re-recording the entire session, pausing the process, and terminating it.

recording the entire screen

Step 4 Checking the Recorded File

After terminating the recording process, the tool will prompt the video editor, where you can preview the recorded video. It has no built-in media player, but you can preview the file on its video editor. First, you need to enable the process on the settings where the recorded process ended. Then, the video editor will prompt on your screen. Disabling this feature will disallow you from previewing the file on the application.

previewing recorded file with camtasia

Step 5 Exporting the Video

After recording, the tool will automatically save and export the recorded file to your designated output folder. It is much more challenging to preview the file since you are not aware of the outcome of the recorded file. The screen recording will not allow you to preview the recorded file before saving it on your computer. That is the only downside of this application regarding saving and previewing the recorded file.

camtasia exporting recorded files

Step 6 Edit Recorded File with Camtasia

Since this tool is both a screen recorder and video editor, its lack of previewing options is compensated with its editing features. You can perform essential editing functions with its video editing features. You can trim, split, merge, join, and delete unwanted scenes on the recordings. It is possible with its timeline editing panel that provides an efficient editing process. In addition to that, you can input visual effects, animations, and transitions. You can also input BGM on the recorded file to give a better output and professionalism with the recorded file.

editing with camtasia

4. ScreenRec

Do you need a lightweight screen recorder to capture the whole screen of your computer? ScreenRec is a tool you should try. Its delicate appearance will maintain the space required when recording your screen and doing an activity while recording. Therefore, it can capture small clips and activities on your screen. To learn how to record full screen with ScreenRec, check the following guidelines below.

Step 1 Changing the Settings of ScreenRec

Before recording your screen with this application, you must configure its settings first. In its delicate interface, you will see the last option's settings icon. Click on its icon to access and prompt the settings tab. You can modify its camera source for webcam, microphone input, and system audio. Also, you can tap select the recording quality up to 4K, which makes this tool famous. Despite its lightweight appearance, it is considered one of the best 4K screen recorders. Moreover, you can use a proxy server while recording your entire screen. Therefore, it is beneficial for users who are connected with an unsecured internet connection.

screenrec settings

Step 2 Record Entire Screen with ScreenRec

This application does not have any recording region to select. However, once you have clicked the Recording icon, it will provide your cursor an area where you can drag it on your screen to capture it. To record the entire screen, drag your mouse cursor until it captures the whole screen in the recording region. When you release your mouse, it will automatically record the activity on your PC screen.

record your screen with screenrec

Step 3 Initiating the Recording Process

As stated above, when you release or finish dragging the recording area, the tool will automatically record the whole screen activity. Then, a recording panel will prompt on your screen for you to use. You can use it to mute the microphone, enable the sound system, and change the camera input. Hitting the Stop icon will terminate and end the entire recording process.

recording on your screen with screenrec

Step 4 Previewing the Recorded File with ScreenRec

After terminating the recording process, a new window will appear. This new window is a media player which enables users to preview the previously recorded file. Users can hit the Play button to start playing and checking the recorded file. You can skip the part you need to watch by dragging the indicator on the media player to jump to a specific duration or time.

preview recorded file on screenrec

Step 5 Save or Export Recorded File

After reviewing the recorded file, you can save it, delete it, or do whatever you want to do with the file. You can save it directly in your output folder by tapping the save button at the lower part of the media player. You can also delete it by tapping the delete icon below the media player. In addition, it allows users to change the name of the recorded file or provide a link for an easy sharing option. Unfortunately, there is no editing function for this application. It can only edit the metadata of the recorded file.

export the recorded file

5. EaseUS RecExpert

The final tool that we can suggest to record full screen is EaseUs RecExpert. This application is a popular screen recording tool that can capture webcam, audio, microphone, and any activities on your screen. It is commonly used to record meetings, streaming videos, tutorials, gameplay highlights, and more. To know the function of this full screen capture software, follow the guide below.

Step 1 Change and Alter the Settings

Configuring the recording settings of this tool is the initial step before capturing the entire screen. You can easily configure it by accessing the gear icon at the uppermost part of the tool. A new window will prompt, providing a list of tabs and menus. You can alter the video and audio input, file path or output folder, hotkeys, recording settings, game mode options, and more. Hitting the Ok button will save the changes made to the tool’s settings.

easeus settings

Step 2 Record in Full Screen

It is easy to record in full screen with this application. What you need to perform is to tap the full-screen option. You do not need to drag any region or cursor on your screen. Nevertheless, suppose you need to record or highlight a screen area on your PC screen. In that case, you can always select the Region option to drag the recording area.

full screen in easeus

Step 3 Record Full Screen With EaseUs

To fully record the screen with EaseUs, hit the REC button or controller to initiate the recording process. The tool will prompt the recording panel, which you can use to enhance the recordings. The panel provides the number of file sizes the recording has accumulated. You can use the resume, pause, and stop buttons. In addition, you can annotate different shapes and colors in the recording area. You can also take a screenshot while recording. Hit the Stop button to save the recordings when your screen activity is finished.

recording panel of easeus

Step 4 Preview the Recorded File

The next step is to preview the recorded file after you stop the process. The tool will prompt a media player for you to preview the file. Tap the Play button to check the output file. You can skip the scenes by jumping the indicator for a specific time or duration.

preview the recorded file with easeus

Step 5 Export or Save the File

Suppose you are already satisfied with the output video and want to save it. Then, you can hit the Back option to access the main interface. The tool already saved the file in your output folder. You can choose if you want to delete it or keep it automatically. You can also import other files to be added to the recorded file if you wish.

save recorded file with easeus

Step 6 Edit Recorded File

The available editing options that can be utilized with this application are more numerous than other screen recording tools. For example, you can trim, extract audio, modify playback speed, take a screenshot, adjust volume, and more. In addition, you can change or modify the metadata of the recorded file to locate it quickly in the output folder. You can also manage files and sort them according to your preference.

edit recorded video with easeus

Tips for High-Quality Full Screen Recording

A better screen-recording tool is no longer enough to achieve one-of-a-kind video output. It would be best if you learned the tips on utilizing this high-quality full screen recorder to capture better outcomes. We have listed them in this part.

  • Optimizing your computer performance is an obvious tip that you should try. Most screen recorders consume large amounts of internal space and RAM, slightly lagging behind your screen. You need to uninstall different unused applications or software and clean up your space to have a better and smooth recording process. You can also check other screen recorders with no lag to help you achieve this performance. Check this article, as we listed different programs related to this topic.
  • Recording in a quiet area is necessary for users who need to input better microphone output. The noisier the microphone input, the lesser its credibility and the professional appearance of the output file. So make sure you have a quiet room when recording your voice overs.
  • We all know that only some of the raw output we have when we record our screen is readily available to publish on our social media platforms. Enhancing the video using proper editing tools and software is much better.

recording tips

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