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obs alternative Open Broadcast Software or OBS Studio is one of the best free and open-source screen recorders available nowadays. The recorder is available to download and install on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. It allows you to record many windows launched on your screen like games, apps, software, screen display, and more. It also provides more functions aside from screen recording. Yet, its main interface might overwhelm users, especially beginners. The main interface of OBS loads with many buttons, which can be confusing. If you wonder if other apps function as OBS alternatives, the answer is a big yes. Let us explore this article and find out the best solutions to replace that we can run to replace OBS Studio. Every solution is so you can determine which stands out among the others.

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Record computer screen with audio in high quality.

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Top 5 Alternative Screen Recorders to OBS Studio

1. AceThinker Aqua Demo (Windows & Mac)

screen grabber premium interfaceAceThinker Aqua Demo is a great screen recorder. It can capture your computer screen better than OBS Studio. It can add annotations like shapes, lines, texts, and arrows on the video, which OBS can’t do. Aside from that, Aqua Demo can include the audio coming from your system sound, microphone, or both. Of course, it can also record in full-screen, microphone, and external webcam. Another good thing about this software is its advanced feature called “Task Scheduler.” It allows you to set a specific date and time to record your computer screen automatically. You can also take screenshots while doing screen recording for thumbnail videos.

2. Bandicam(Windows Only)

bandicam interfaceBandicam is another replacement to OBS Studio that only takes a little space of your local drive compared to OBS. A unique function of Bandicam is that it can also screen capture an external device plugged-in to the computer. With this feature's help, you can connect a smartphone or tablet using an HDMI cable. Also, it can capture the other device's screen mirrored on the computer. Additionally, it can capture the screen in multiple ways. It presents various recording modes like "Full Screen," "Rectangle," and more. However, Bandicam is only available for Windows computers. But if you are fond of playing games, Bandicam is better than OBS Studio since it can record 2D and 3D games for up to 4K quality.

3. ScreenFlow (Mac Only)

screenflow interfaceIf you're looking for a professional video recording and screen capture software for Mac, ScreenFlow might help you. It is an all-in-one video editing and open source screen recording program. Also, it is packed with essential features to capture anything in your Mac. ScreenFlow is equipped with a retina display screen to ensure you'll get the highest recording quality available. With this, you can create amazing GIFs without any hassle. Furthermore, its editing tools will help you create a professional video tutorial that can be used for streaming.

4. Screencastify (Chrome Extension)

screencastify main interfaceIf you want an open-source recorder that is easy-to-access, Screencastify is the perfect replacement for you. Unlike other browser extensions, Screencastify is available to access offline, and you can also use its services for free. One primary reason is the browser extension's simplicity. Compare it to OBS Studio, you only literally need to click at least two buttons to start a recording session. Additionally, you can modify the resolution of the browser tab you want to record, unlike OBS Studio. Screencastify is a good replacement for OBS Studio if you are interested in saving the recordings into a GIF file. However, this recorder's major drawback is that it will only allow you to record for up to 5 minutes if you are only using its free version.

This tool is also can be used as screencast-o-matic alternative.

5. AceThinker Free Screen Recorder (Online App)

Occupation of Hard Drive Space: N/A
Platform: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and more

free online screen recorder main interfaceAceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online is an easy to use and fast online screen recorder. It is good for streaming live video tutorials since it can also capture your webcam. Additionally, you can save the recording in several formats, including MP4, AVI, MOV, and more. Also, it lets you share the recorded video to other platforms like YouTube, which is good if you are a streamer. Aside from its recording features, it has a built-in annotator that lets you edit the recording. Here, you can add shapes, icons, texts into the recording in real-time.

Top 5 Alternatives to OBS for Streaming

1. Xsplit Broadcaster

xsplit interfaceXSplit Broadcaster initially started as a screen capture device. Then, it was developed into a fully-fledged digital video mixer. With this OBS alternative, it can do live streamings. It can also perform screen recording, so it's up to the job whether you want to go live or record your screen for later broadcast. With the In-Game HUD, you can control anything from a single monitor or use several screens projection mode. It's also worth noting that the software works on mobile devices and is compatible with Android and iOS.

2. Lightstream

lightstream interfaceThe majority of live streaming software is designed for either Windows or Mac. If you want to broadcast from a Chromebook and don't want to install any additional software, Lightstream is a good option. It almost supports some cloud-based streaming services and browsers. Some of these browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. This OBS studio alternative is ideal for console gamers. It can broadcast without dealing with complicated settings. Personalization and third-party integrations are also possible. These features allow you to better communicate with your audience.

3. Streamlabs

streamlab main interfaceThis program like OBS has a wide range of tools and functions for live broadcasting. It has professional overlays that you may alter to make your video more appealing and can be used to customize streams. Not only can you broadcast to your preferred social media network, but you can also stream to many platforms simultaneously. You can access this and more for free. Compared to OBS, Streamlabs comes with more advanced features and capabilities. Some of these are overlays and chatbox functions to interact with their audience.

4. vMix

vmix main intefaceIf you want to stream in high quality, vMix is the way to go. It allows you to stream in 4K, giving your viewers the best possible experience with your material. This alternative to OBS also allows you to invite up to eight others to join your live broadcast directly without any third-party software like Zoom. Besides, it has additional features, including the ability to have two external outputs, two fullscreen outputs, and four virtual outputs at the same time with a Pro license. It comes with remote pan-tilt-zoom camera control. It allows you to move your video capture devices without having to leave your computer.

5. ShadowPlay

shadow interfaceThe last alternative to OBS is ShadowPlay. It is often compared to OBS studio in terms of its use and functionality. In fact, it is quite similar to OBS; however, ShadowPlay allows users to record and capture their streaming content. The recording software of ShadowPlay can record up to 8K HDR at 30 frames per second. Moreover, the application can automatically capture the game's highlights. So, you can share the highlights on your social media platforms or even during your live broadcast.

Comparison Chart of OBS Alternatives

Software Webcam Record Edit Video Microphone Audio System Audio
AceThinker Aqua Demo Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bandicam Yes No Yes Yes
ScreenFlow Yes Yes Yes Yes
Screencastify Yes No Yes Yes
AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Yes Yes Yes Yes
Software Webcam Record Edit Video Microphone Audio System Audio
Xsplit Broadcaster Yes No Yes Yes
Lightstream Yes No Yes Yes
Streamlabs Yes No Yes Yes
vMix Yes No Yes Yes
ShadowPlay Yes No Yes Yes

FAQs About OBS Screen Recording and Streaming

1. What is the purpose of OBS software?

OBS, or Open Broadcaster Software, is an open-source solution for offline video recording and live to broadcast. This program can blend a range of audio and video inputs into a single output. With that said, it produces creative video and broadcast applications thanks to its open canvas approach.

2. Is there anything that compares to OBS?

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro claims they are superior to Open Broadcasting Software (OBS). Why? This program has a simpler and more easy interface that allows you to easily record and stream. You may also upload the stored recording to YouTube, a popular game streaming service. It also contains a Task Scheduler function that allows you to simply set up an automatic recording.

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