How to Record Netflix Streaming Videos on Windows/Mac

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record movies from netflixNetflix is the most popular streaming site where people subscribe to watch special series that is otherwise not available anywhere else. Therefore, Netflix generally doesn't allow you to download its video streams, as it might make it possible to watch them offline after the subscription ends. On the other side, this is why someone might want to record Netflix streaming video to watch their favorite series whenever they want. In case you want to record movies from Netflix, here we have introduced some efficient tools you can try to record Netflix videos.

Aqua Demo - Windows and Mac

When it comes to the software to record Netflix, we recommend you to try Aqua Demo. It is an all-in-one screen recorder that can record a video from Netflix for up to 60 fps. Additionally, you can also schedule a recording when you are not available in front of the computer via the "Task Schedule" function, where the program will automatically start to record the display at the preset start time.

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Step 1 Install and Start Aqua Demo

First, click any of the "Download" buttons above to get a copy of the Netflix recorder. After that, install the wizard to save it to your device ultimately. Once installed, launch it and then click the "Settings" icon to launch the window. Then from the "Output" tab, click the drop-down menu then select "MP4". From here, you can also modify other settings. Once done, click "OK" to save the changes.

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Step 2 Start Recording the Netflix Movie

Now, access your Netflix using your web browser then select any movie, series, documentary, or TV episode you wish to record. Then, go back to the main interface of Aqua Demo to select the "Audio Input." Make sure to select toggle the switch into "On" for "System sound" to capture the audio of the video. Next, choose "Full" to record in full-screen mode or "Custom" to select a particular area. Once done, click "Rec" to start.

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Step 3 Save the Netflix Recording

Once the movie or show ends, click the recording toolbar's "Stop" button. A preview window will appear so you can watch the recording immediately. Click the "Save" button to keep a copy on the output folder. Then, a list of all the recordings will appear in a new window. Right-click the file name and select "Play" to watch it.

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AceThinker Aqua Demo

Record or capture any screen activity on your computer with great audio.
  • Record movies or live streaming videos from all popular video hosting websites
  • Save the recorded video in different formats
  • It supports both Windows and macOS

QuickTime Player - Mac

You can utilize the QuickTime Player to record Netflix movies or series on Mac. QuickTime Player is a built-in multimedia player developed by Apple Inc for Mac computers. The tool can handle several formats, like digital video, sound, panoramic images, and others. Moreover, you can use QuickTime Player as a screen recording tool that can capture for up to 1080P resolution. Plus, you can control it through shortcut keys for easy pause/resume or stop recording. Read the tutorial below to learn how to record Netflix with QuickTime.

Step 1 Start recording Netflix with QuickTime

Launch your QuickTime Player and navigate to the "File" tab on the top corner of the tool. Choose the "New Screen Recording" button from the options to access the recording toolbar. Now, you can edit the recording settings according to your liking. After that, hit the "Record" button to record a playing Netflix video.


Step 2 Preview the recorded Netflix

Once satisfied, click the "Stop" button on the toolbar of QuickTime to end the process. Then, a playback window will automatically appear on your computer screen. Here, you can watch and check the recorded Netflix video.

quicktime 2

This link or URL contains the best solution to download Netflix series and videos.

Built-in Screen Recorder - iPhone/iPod

You can record Netflix on iPhone or iPad by using the iOS Screen Recorder. As long as your iOS device runs in iOS 11 or later, your phone will have its pre-built screen recorder. It can include the audio from the video, and you can also use a microphone while you are screen recording. To know how to do it, you can follow the steps below.

record netflix iphone

User guide

  • Go to Netflix and play the video that you want to record.
  • From your iOS device, swipe up to access its Control Center.
  • Then, click the "Screen Recorder" icon and click on it to start recording.
  • Once done, click the "Stop Recording" to end the recording process.

AceThinker Screen Recorder - Android

If you use an Android smartphone, you can use AceThinker Screen Recorder for Android to capture Netflix content. This tool offers the best features to help you quickly save your favorite on-screen content. It can capture audio, which is essential when recording a video on Android phones. In addition, the app can capture your Android screen at 1080p in 60fps, depending on your Android phone's processor. Also, you can modify the recording settings, including bitrate, output format, watermark, audio source, and more. You can select between your "Microphone" or "System Sound" to record the audio or both alongside the Netflix video. On the other hand, we will list the steps to record Netflix shows using this excellent screen recorder for Android phones.

acethinker screencast interface

User guide

  • Go to the web browser of your Android smartphone and enter "AceThinker Screen Recorder for Android" on the search bar. Hit the "Free Download" icon and launch the app.
  • Tap the "Gear" button on the bottom part to modify the app's settings. Once done, hit the "Video" icon to start recording.
  • Launch your Netflix app and play the video you want to capture. Then, let the app record it. Tap the "Stop" icon from the floating toolbar to save the recorded Netflix video.

Record Netflix for Free- AceThinker

When you look for a great option to screen record Netflix, AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder is one that ranks the highest on the list of screen and audio recorder. It is a web-based free tool that you can use directly by going to the official website to record Netflix streaming without any difference, whether you use Mac or Windows computer. is entirely suitable for Netflix as it can record without any time limit. To record movies from Netflix using this tool, follow the steps provided below. Besides, you can visit this page to get more ideas on how you can record movies from Nrtflix.

Step 1 Launch the app and prepare the recording

First, open a web browser and visit the main site of the software. Open the AceThinker Free Online Screen Recorder and click on the "Start Recording" button from the main page of the app. Once you are in the interface, go to the audio input menu and put the option to record the system sound which is required for the Netflix show to be recorded properly.

record netflix online recorder step1

Step 2 Perform the tool's recording process

Afterward, press the “REC” button to initiate the actual recording process for the show. When the Netflix show is over and you are done, click on the appearing pause button as well as tick the icon to proceed with the next step.

record netflix online recorder step2

Step 3 Preview the recorded file

At the very end of the process, after you have the recording done, you can preview your newly created video clip and decide whether you wish to keep it and also to save it as a video file somewhere on your computer. In case you do it in this way, your video recording, in the end, will be stored in the specified output folder that you had chosen.

record netflix online recorder step3

Extra Tip: Download Netflix Content - CleverGet

When you need to watch movies or series offline, recording it on Netflix might be a laborious thing to do. Luckily, there are different options and solutions to get Netflix videos at ease. AceThinker CleverGet Movie Downloader is a powerful video downloader tool that is compatible with your computer’s OS. It comes with parsing technology, allowing users to capture videos on Netflix or other streaming websites to acquire a film or entire series. You need to log in on your account and preview the video on its platform. With that you can easily acquire the movie you wanted to watch offline and save it directly on your computer. Additionally, it comes with different video quality where users can choose the quality that they desire. You can get almost the same quality of the original video when you use this tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to record movies from Netflix?

Yes, it is, you can use a screen recording app especially the Aqua Demo. Here, you can record the Netflix show on full screen. Also, the tool ensures that you can retain the original HD quality of the shows in the recording.

faqs about recording netflix video

2. Is it illegal to screen-record Netflix?

Technically, it is not allowed to record them. Piracy is still a thing, and it lessens the profit of the producers. However, it is recommended to record shows and keep them in private to avoid this.

faqs about recording netflix video

3. Can you watch Netflix without the internet?

Yes, Netflix lets you download each episode of an entire series. This is available for mobile devices and has a feature called Smart Download.

faqs about recording netflix video


As you can see, the introduced programs are all great options capable of capturing your screen area, which displays your favorite Netflix movie. Therefore you can efficiently record streaming video from Netflix with them, which you can watch later on offline even when your subscription is over. However, based on your needs, you should decide on the best Netflix recorder tool for yourself. We recommend Aqua Demo, a highly robust and comprehensive solution that will fit your need with its intuitive and user-friendly system and versatile options. At the same time, you can also use AceThinker Free Screen Recorder Online if you plan to capture videos in a relatively simple way. Whenever you want to record videos from Netflix, follow this step-by-step guide to get it done efficiently and enjoy watching Netflix movies offline. By the way, if you know any better way to capture streaming videos from Netflix or download Netflix, you can share your idea in the comment area. If the solution is excellent, we will add it to the review later.

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