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Must-Have Tool to Record World of Warcraft Gameplay

record world of warcraftWorld of Warcraft or WoW will always get the spotlight when we talk about a role-playing game. This game lets you play with your friends whereas you'll have to choose your fighter between Alliance and Horde. Thus, this online game is a battle of classes and races, whereas you'll have to fight villains from different races and dungeons to rank up. And isn't it always great to share how you leveled up? That's why it's best to record your gameplay so you can upload it online and brag about it with your friends. In connection to that, it's best to upload videos in high quality - both audio and the visual itself⁠ - so viewers will enjoy it. Meaning you should have the best screen grabber to record World of Warcraft gameplay professionally. Hereto, this article will show you the best tool to record your in-game with the best quality.

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Best Way to Record World of Warcraft Gameplay

AceThinker Screen Grabber Premium must be your tool for a lossless recording output. It's a user-friendly screen recorder that can screencast everything on your screen. These activities include gameplays, like your World of Warcraft gameplay. It also allows you to record your system's audio. Not only that, but it also supports different video formats like MP4, WMA, MOV, AVI, etc., perfect for streaming and sharing it anywhere and anytime. And you don't have to worry if it will work on your PC because this recorder can record screens on both Windows and Mac. Without further ado, below are its additional features and steps on using it to record WoW gameplay.

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Step 1 Install and Launch the World of Warcraft Game Recorder

Click the appropriate software installer for your PC on the Download button provided above. Then, follow the installation guide on the wizard window and launch it. After that, please familiarize yourself with its features to start recording your gameplay.

record vr gameplay sgp step 1

Step 2 Confirm Your Audio Settings

Before recording, you should set up your app first. On its main interface, click the Video Recorder tab. Then, slide on the toggle button of System Sound to record your PC's audio. On the other hand, you can also turn on your Microphone if you wish to record your voice. However, turning your Microphone may also record unnecessary noise in the background.

record world of warcraft step 2

Step 3 Customize the Recording Area

Next, set how you will record your screen. You can choose to screencast your full screen or record specific windows. To do so, select between "Full" and "Custom" from the first icon. But to only record WoW, it's recommended to choose Custom and click "Select region/window" and highlight your desired area to record.

record world of warcraft step 3

Step 4 Record World of Warcraft Video

After customizing the app, you can now start recording your WoW gameplay. Click "Rec," and as it is counting down to 3-2-1, go to the game's interface and start playing it. Once done, hit the Stop button on the recording's floating toolbar.

record world of warcraft step 4

Step 5 Save the Recorded World of Warcraft Gameplay Video

When you stop your recording, there's a new window that will appear. From here, you can trim an unnecessary clip from your recording. Finally, click Save.

record world of warcraft step 5

Step 6 Play and Share Your World of Warcraft Game Video

Go back to the app's main interface and click the Recording History button on the bottom-left corner. Once you see the list, browse the video you record, right-click and select Play. You can finally share your World of Warcraft gameplay with your friends and even upload it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

record world of warcraft step 6

FAQs of World of Warcraft Game Recording

1. Is World of WarCraft free?

World of Warcraft (WoW) has a Starter Edition that you can try to play for free up to level 20. So, to rank up the game, you have to pay and purchase a subscription.

2. Can you play WoW without a subscription?

Yes. You can still play WoW even without a subscription but with restrictions. Though it lets you play up to level 20, you can only gain 10g of gold which is not enough to complete the level since it requires more gold.

3. What game engine does WoW use?

World of Warcraft uses Unreal Engine 4. This platform is the most powerful 3D creation that can give users great graphics and a surreal experience.

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