Step by Step Guide to Record CSGO Gameplay

record csgo gameplayCSGO stands for Counter-Strike Global Offensive. It is one of the popular games worldwide that most gamers are playing in competition. Also, it is a multiplayer first-person shooter mode game created in the 2010s. Aside from that, the game pits two teams against each other, the Terrorists and the Counter-terrorists. On the other hand, there are many streamers playing CSGO and recording their gameplay to share it on their social media accounts. Or, they can share it on any other streaming site to earn money based on their viewers and followers. With that said, you have to use some of the perfect video recorders to record CSGO with ease. Fortunately, we compiled some of the useful software that you can use. See them below.

Top 3 Tools to Record CSGO on Compute

1. Aqua Demo - Best Way to Record CSGO

One of the simple yet powerful screen recorders that we recommend you to record CSGO gameplay is Aqua Demo. It is a multi function tool wherein you can record CSGO gameplay in HD quality up to 4K and smooth audio. It also enables you to capture any task occurring on your computer screen. Due to its different screen recording modes, such as full-screen or selecting a specific region of your recording. Plus, it enables you to record your webcam, which is essential for game streaming. You can also save your recordings in several file formats like MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and a lot more. Besides recording, you can also use this best 4K screen recorder for PC to take screenshots. Now, you can capture your computer screen and add annotations if you want to do it. So, let’s take a quick guide on recording CSGO using this tool.

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Step 1 Get the Tool

First, hit the Download buttons above. Then, go through the steps provided in order to complete the installation of the Acethinker Aqua Demo on your computer. Afterward, open it and get familiarized with it.

sgp interface

Step 2 Set-up the Settings

From here, hit the "three-lines" or the Menu bar located at the upper right corner of the tool and select Preferences to customize the settings. You can edit it by changing its output, videos, audio, and other formats. After that, make sure that you click the "Ok" button to save changes.

scgo recorde sgp step 3

Step 3 Start the Recording the Process

Next, click the Record icon at the upper left part of the screen and choose your preferred region by selecting the drop-down menu. Then, play a CSGO game that you wish to record. Once done, click the Red button to stop the recording with this full screen recorder for PC.

scgo recorde sgp step 4

Step 4 Play the Recorded CSGO Gameplay

Lastly, go back to the main interface of the tool to see all the recorded videos. From here, right-click the file name and click "Play Video" to play the recorded CSGO gameplay.

scgo recorded sgp step 4

2. Bandicam - Windows CSGO Recorder

Our next screen recorder is Bandicam. This tool allows you to record CSGO clips on Windows with high-quality video. Besides, it can be used to record a certain area on a PC screen or easily capture a CSGO gameplay. Aside from that, it enables you to record various 2D/3D games with 4K UHD video and capture for up to 480 FPS. Additionally, it consists of various file formats such as MP4, BMP, and more. To fully understand how to use this tool, follow the easy steps written below.

bandicam main interface

User Guide:

  • First, visit the official website of the tool on your browser, then hit the "Download" button to install it on your computer.
  • Once installed, launch it on your PC, and select the desired region that you want to use.
  • Next, play a CSGO that you wish to record and click the “Rec” button at the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Once done, click the “Stop” button beside the ”Rec” icon to stop the recording. Choose your preferred folder on your computer to save the recorded CSGO gameplay.

3. OBS - Free CSGO Game Recorder

The last screen recorder that you may use is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). This tool is designed especially by gamers, bloggers, live streamers, and many more because of its exceptional service. Likewise, you can record CSGO along with the webcam which is suitable for game streaming. Plus, it contains numerous file formats, including MKV, FLV, and more. Aside from that, you can save your recorded CSGO gameplay for up to 4K if available. With that, we'll show you the simple methods on how to utilize this tool.

obs main interface

User Guide:

  • Go to the official site of the tool, then choose among the "Windows," "MacOS," or "Linux" button that suits your OS to install the tool on your PC.
  • Launch the software on your computer, then set up the tool's settings by clicking the "Settings" button located at the lower right corner of the tool.
  • Next, hit the "Start Recording" button above the "Settings" and play CSGO gameplay to start recording.
  • Once done, click the "Stop Recording" button at the lower right part of the tool to stop the recording of the CSGO gameplay.
  • Finally, click the "File" menu at the upper left corner of the tool, then choose the "Show Recordings" to preview the recorded CSGO gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

QIs CSGO free to play?

Yes, CSGO is a free-to-play game with new players able to access all game modes, join community servers, and play workshop maps.  Unranked matches, in which Prime players can participate, are also being added. This allows users to play matches outside of skill group restrictions without affecting their skill group.

record csgo faqs

How can I record CSGO games without losing FPS?

You should be aware that all recorders will require some CPU, GPU, and RAM to complete the recording, which will undoubtedly impact your gaming experience. However, you can record CSGO gameplay without losing FPS using professional screen recording software like the Aqua Demo.

record csgo faqs

Conclusion and Comparison Chart

Above all, these are the three best tools that you can use to record CSGO gameplay in HD quality. All of them have their respective features to use. Try to use them all and choose which one will suit your needs. In fact, we recommend you to use the Acethinker Screen Grabber because of its recording screen with audio. On the other hand, we will show you the comparison chart of the tools below.

Function ScreenGrabber Premium Bandicam OBS Studio
Price $29.95/year for personal use $59.00/year Free
It can add annotations Yes Yes No
Available Platforms Windows and Mac Windows Windows,Mac and Linux
It has a Task Scheduler option Yes No No

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