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iPhone Backup Not Showing in Restore List? Fix it Here!

feature icloud backup not showing upEvery year, Apple Inc. teases its consumers its feature-packed mobile device, the iPhone. This gadget has become a household name due to its better software and hardware features. It always gives its users a great experience when using its beautiful attributes. These include its camera quality, chic design, exclusive iPhone processes, and obviously, the ability to use iCloud. This cloud-based program is a dedicated storing service for Apple devices. It provides and caters to up to 5GB of free service and storage. In addition, this platform can backup files, including contacts, photos, messages, and files from third-party applications. Yet, go to the Apple Support Community website. You will see that many users reported that their iPhone backup not showing in restore list. Although simple tweaks and tricks can fix it, letting this error happen can be troublesome. If you need to backup your iPhone device yet the iCloud is not showing up, you are in great trouble. Thus, you need to see the complete guides on fixing this fallacy. Continue reading below.

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Possible Causes Why iCloud Backup Not Showing

Before we tackle different processes on how to fix iPhone backup not showing up, we need to get into why this error happens. We have listed different factors that may cause this error; read them thoroughly.

  • The initial cause you should think about is if your device has enough internet connection. Network error is a common reason why the iCloud backup is not showing up. When doing a backup process, it is needed to have a well-established internet connection to make the process smoother and quicker.
  • The following reason might be an unsuccessful backup. It is for us to know that iCloud only has 5GB of free service. So if, in any case, you are trying to backup more than the maximum limit, it is most likely the process will be unsuccessful. This scenario will lead to the backup files getting corrupted and failing to show up.
  • Another reason is a corrupt or incomplete backup. This error can be caused by the first two scenarios above. Thus, these causes may lead to corrupted backup files that are unable to extract backup data.
  • Last on the list is when the Apple server has a problem. Sometimes, the iCloud server and Apple server may have a maintenance issue that does not allow users to check their backup files. If this is why you cannot see your backup files, you can check your Apple System status and wait until the service is up and running.

reasons why icloud backup not showing up

Reset iOS Device

Reset, or soft reboot, is a universal solution for every software issue most mobile devices have. This function provides a quick resolution to removing software bugs and glitches. It forcefully turns off the power cycle of your device, which eventually clears all memory that has a glitch or bug. Another feature of this solution has its ability to perform the task while not losing any data. This process is always necessary when an application or system starts behaving erratically or unresponsive. In some cases, soft resetting your device can solve temporary software issues. To know the process of fixing iCloud backup not showing on your device, see the listed guide below.

  • This process is for iPhone X and later versions. The initial guide is to locate the side buttons of your device as only these buttons are needed to restart your iPhone. Press and hold the side/power and volume buttons simultaneously until a power slider appears on your iPhone screen.
  • Then, drag the slider from the left to the right to fully turn off your device. Wait until 30 seconds before you turn on the device. After that, press and hold the power button to open your device.

solve icloud backup not showing up by reboot

Reset Network Settings

Suppose the reason why your iPhone backup is not showing up is due to network connectivity. In that case, you might need to check your network settings. The iPhone has a menu on its settings that collates every network setup of your device. Here you can see different functions, including WiFi network, VPN settings, Bluetooth function, and more. If one of these has software glitches, it can affect everything, which may cause your iPhone not to function normally. So, it is necessary to know how to resolve this issue as it is needed to fix the iCloud backup not showing up error. The listed guide is presented below; it is for you to read and follow.

  • On your iOS mobile device, unlock your screen and browse your application list. Locate the Settings up by tapping its icon. With that, you will have quick access to various iPhone menus and settings.
  • Afterward, go to the General option and tap the Reset function. Another list of menus will prompt on your screen. Hit the Reset Network Settings option and finish through the confirmation prompt. Please wait until your device restarts, and your network settings will be back to their normal status.

solve icloud backup not showing up by network reset

Remove Not Important Backups

Another reason why your iPhone backup is not showing up is because of not enough storage space on your iCloud service. If you have maximized the 5GB of free Storage and your backup files are more than that, it will lead to corrupted backup files. This error may occur for those users who are not filtering their backup files. If you do an automatic backup, your storage space may quickly get full since the automatic backup is constantly updating. Therefore, it is needed to filter out the backup files you have on your iCloud account.

  • The first guide on removing unwanted iCloud backup is by going to the Settings app. Tap on its icon to launch its menus and functions.
  • Then, go to the iCloud option and select Storage. After that, choose Manage Storage from the list of options. This will enable you to access all the files you do not need anymore. Tap and select them, and select the Delete Backup function.

manage backup files

Update iOS Version

An additional solution to fix iCloud backup not showing up on your device is by looking for the available update of your device. Most of the time, iPhone devices are not functioning smoothly due to some uninstalled iOS versions. We all know that Apple always provides quick updates for their mobile devices. This enables the gadget to eliminate the glitches and software fallacy that its system version has. Suppose you weren’t able to install these updates; it will compromise the process of your iOS device. Constantly, it will lead to severe problems, including iCloud backup not showing up, Apple music keeps crashing on Mac and iPhone, and more. To update your iOS version, follow the guidelines beneath.

  • On your iPhone device, browse the list of applications and locate the Settings app. Make way on its menus by tapping its icon. With that, you will see the list of setup menus dedicated to your device.
  • Then, access the General settings and go to the Software Update option. You can see the available update you have on your iOS device. Hit the Download and Install option to acquire the corresponding update.

update ios version

Fix iPhone Backup Not Showing In Restore List

Distinctive Feature: This computer software is a full-featured iOS utility that provides system recovery, backup and restores function, and other functions.
Supported iOS Models: This tool can fix, restore, and backup the latest iPhone models, including iPhone 13 Pro Max and earlier versions.

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is a prominent computer program that provides a sleek and smooth process. Suppose you cannot see your backup files on iCloud, or your device might have a problem with your screen; this tool can help. This tool allows users to backup iPhone media files and save them on their computer or other external storage. In line with that, this tool is compatible and can save backup iPhone contacts and other files on Mac and Windows. Its backup process is smoother than other backup utility apps. This process is possible due to its accelerated technology, making the process faster and quicker than before. Also, its backup quality is exceptional and phenomenal. Due to its lossless process, users can locate and see their backup as it is an original copy of the file. This tool allows users to choose which folder they should save their backup files, making this tool an intuitive solution to quickly locating your backup data files. Beneath this introduction are the steps to fix iPhone backup files not showing on your restore list.

Step 1 Get the iOS Data Backup & Restore

To instigate the process of fixing iCloud backup not showing up on your device, install the AceThinker Data Backup & Restore. You can acquire its installer by ticking the download button presented above in this step. Get and pass through on its wizards and prompt to install it on your computer thoroughly. You can launch and familiarize the tool to have a better workflow process.

idr interface

Step 2 Connect Your iPhone

Then, link your device to your Windows or Mac computer. Use your lightning cable to create a link with your device and with the application. Once you have connected it, you will be prompted to ask which backup mode you should use. This tool has two modes; the Standard and Encrypted mode. The Standard mode is to backup files without a password. At the same time, the Encrypted mode enables users to put a passcode on their backup files.

idr connect your iphone

Step 3 Select Files To Backup

Afterward, hit the Next button to proceed with the selection of files to backup your device. Here you can see various media files, including call history, messages and contacts, videos, and more. Tick the button on those backup files you have to backup. Then, click the Next option to proceed with the backup process.

idr select files

Step 4 Locate iPhone Backup

For the finale, choose the designated folder where you can save your backup files. Then, proceed with the backup process. Once it is finished, go to the designated backup folder to look for your backup files.

idr finale

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