Ways on How to Back Up Voicemail on iPhone

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Methods to backup voicemail on iPhone?
  • Connect PC and iPhone using lightning wire.
  • Get AceThinker iOS Data Backup and Restore on your PC.
  • Hit iOS Data Backup to save your voicemail directly to computer.

A smartphone is a portable invention or device that merges the telephone and computing functions into one unit. As time goes by, these gadgets stand as our assistants. The initial function that they brought to us is fast telecommunications. Most smartphones provide smooth and flawless communication features, one of which is the iPhone. Like many other flagship devices, this brand of mobile gadgets provides voicemail features. Voicemail is a particular function our mobile service provider provides to speak and create voice messages for our companions and friends. Although the iPhone provides better voicemail service, this device has a fallacy sometimes. Voicemail does not store forever on your iPhone. For most iPhone users, voicemails only last up to 30 days. Therefore it is requisite to know how to backup voicemails on iPhone for you to view them in the future. See the solutions below.

Different Ways to Backup iPhone Voicemail

1. How To Store Voicemail On Voice Memo

Voice Memo is a portable recording utility for iPhone users that allows users to record personal files, notes, classroom lectures, and more. Apart from the features that this tool provides, it also can aid you in backup and storing your iPhone voicemails. See the listed guide beneath to see the proper way of backing up voicemails on iPhone using voice memo or Note.

  • The initial step to backup iPhone voicemails on your Memos or Notes is to access the Phone icon. From there, make way to the Voicemail, which is located at the lower-right part of your screen.
  • Select the voicemail that you want to store and tap on the Share button. Select the Voice Memos on the list of selections where you can save your voicemails.
  • Lastly, go to the selected application that you choose, in this case, on the Voice Memo. You can play and preview the voice message to check if the backup is successful.

2. Share Your Voicemail using Note

Notes is a note-taking application pre-installed on both iOS and macOS. This tool enables users to make short text notes. Not only that, like Voice Memos, this tool can help you save and store voicemails on its application. See the guide below to know how to back up voicemail on iPhone with the Notes application.

  • On your iPhone screen, go to the Phone icon where you can locate your recent call logs and even contacts. At the bottommost part of your screen, you can locate different functions and features for your contacts and call history.
  • Choose and tap the Voicemail icon at the latter of the presented features. From there, you can view and browse the list of voicemails that you have on your iPhone.
  • Once you have selected the particular voicemail, you can tap the share button. Doing this will give you a list of options where you can save your voicemail. Select the Notes application and wait until the system stores your voicemail. You can double-check if the backup process is successful by going to the Notes application.

3. Backing Up Voicemails on iPhone With iTunes

iTunes application is one of the most used tools to store your data and files. Although it is intended for media players and media libraries, this tool was developed to become a mobile device management utility. It can store and backup all the files you have on your iPhone. Thus, it can create a backup for your voicemail and other telecommunication-related data. To see the backup voicemail with iTunes, read thoroughly the guide below.

  • First, on your computer, launch the iTunes application. If you are utilizing Windows, you need to download the application first on Apple website or in Microsoft Store. IF you are a Mac user, just read the following steps beneath as iTunes is already pre-installed on Apple devices.
  • Connect your device to your computer with the aid of the lightning cable. There will be a verification prompt that will appear on your iPhone screen. Select the Trust option to allow iTunes to scan your device.
  • Then, go to iTunes and select the device icon located at the uppermost part of the tool. It would be great if you were on the Summary tab to access different functions. Find the Backup Up and Restore section and hit back up now to save your iPhone files, including your voicemails.

backup voice mail using itunes

4. Backup iPhone Voicemail with iCloud

Does iCloud save voicemails? Yes. iCloud is a cloud-based cloud computing storage developed by Apple. It has 800 million active users, which was estimated last 2018. Thus, it is a well-known solution to store documents, photos, videos, and even recover deleted voice messages from iPhone. Thus, backing up voicemails with this tool is not an uncommon thing to do. It also provides 5GB of free storage capacity; thus, you can save voicemails as much as you can. However, it has no direct function to store voicemails on its platform. You need to store the voicemail first on your Notes or Voice Memos. To know the process of saving your voicemail with iCloud, see the steps beneath.

  • First, on your iPhone screen, make your way to the Settings app. From there, select your iPhone account or Apple ID name to access different functions.
  • On the Apple ID, select the iCloud functions from the list of features presented on your screen. You need to select the application where you saved your voicemail. In this representation, we used notes as the solution to save our voicemail.
  • Lastly, turn on iCloud Backup and hit the Back Up Now function to save the voicemail you want to store.

backup voicemail icloud

Advanced Way to Backup Voicemails on iPhone

Distinctive Feature: It allows users to create encrypted passwords on their voicemail backup for additional security.
Supported iPhone Device: iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone X, and earlier versions.

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore is a computer utility that provides an alternative solution for iTunes and iCloud to backup your iPhone files. It is equipped with an advanced and accelerated GPU that provides a fast and quick process to store your files. With this iOS backup & restire function, users can make a entire backup of their files. It can save messages, contacts, photos, Audio, Voice Memos, Calendar, Safari history, and even backup WhatsApp iPhone to PC. What is more, is it has no limitation on how many backups you create. Its functions are limitless, and it won't overwrite the older backup versions. Also, suppose users are trying to back up a single application or just the voicemail on your iPhone. In that case, this tool is suitable for you. It organizes and lists out the applications they can backup on your computer. Moreover, backing up voicemails on iPhone is entirely safe and secure. Due to its advanced processor, users will not be deleted since this tool will not compromise their files. Lastly, this tool is much more suitable to use to backup voicemails due to its ability to recover the backup files easily.

Key Features:

  • It supports most of the latest iPhone versions released up to date.
  • No verification code is needed to connect your device with its function.
  • It allows safe backup and directly saves files on your computer.

Try it for Free

Step 1 Install and Download the iOS Data Backup

Get the AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore on your PC as the first step in backing up your voicemail. Click the download button above to obtain its installer. Run the file on your computer and follow the steps to complete the tool installation. Once the installation procedure is complete, start the program and become familiar with its interface and workflow to improve your working experience.

ios data backup and restore interface

Step 2 Link Your iPhone With Your PC

Next, using your lightning cable, connect your device with your PC to allow the tool to scan your files. There will be a popup notification on your computer once the iPhone is connected to it. You can also check if the device is connected by ticking the iOS Data Backup button. The tool will give you a notification that your iPhone is not fully linked with the tool.

connect your iphone with ios data backup and restore

Step 3 Choose your Backup Mode

Then, there will be two modes that will be presented on your computer screen, the Standard mode and Encrypted Mode. You can select from these two modes; the Standard mode enables users to directly access your iPhone files. Encrypted mode enables you to input passcode on your backup voicemails.

choose between two modes

Step 4 How to Back Up Voicemail on iPhone

After selecting your preferred mode, a new window will appear, which provides you with different types of data. The voicemail option is located in the Message & Contacts section. There will be a box indicator to tick and untick every application listed on the window. Untick all the functions and keep the voicemail option ticked. Then, hit the Next button to initiate the backup process.

 choose voicemail to backup on ios data back and restore

Step 5 Finish The Backup Process

Lastly, wait for the system to finish through the backup process. Once finished, you can access the backup voicemail on its designated output folder. Preview and check if the backup files are fully saved on the folder.

preview the backup voicemail

This application can also be used as recovery tool. Find out by clicking this link on what other function it can offer.
AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Restore

Powerful Tool to Backup Files on PC
  • It comes with system recovery function.
  • You can transfer WhatsApp files.
  • Data extraction for deleted files is also possible within this app.

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