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Straightforward How to Backup Contacts to iCloud Guides

feature backup iphone contacts to icloudThe 21st century instigated the introduction and growth of telecommunication. With the help of compact devices, including cell phones and sim cards, faster communication is way faster than in the previous millennia. Many technological industries have emerged; many devices are being introduced. One of these devices is the iPhone. Today, this small pocket mobile device is touted as the most prominent mobile phone. It is because of its ability to save and sync contact numbers to different cloud services, including iCloud. So, there’s no doubt that this flagship phone is a reliable device for saving all of your contact information. However, the world is uncertain to live in. Glitches and virus attacks are typical on our mobile devices. Having contingency is vital in saving all your information and contacts on your iPhone. With that said, we have collected different solutions on how to backup all contacts to iCloud so you can do it on your device. Assess the said solutions below to learn more.

iOS Data Backup & Restore
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.

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Why You Need to Backup iPhone Contacts

Losing iPhone files is a disastrous event, and it could be caused due to different reasons. That is why many web developers created different cloud services to serve as our backup storage. You can look at this different scenario as to why backup is a crucial thing to do.

  • Unexpected deletion is one of the most common ways why we lose different files, most especially our contacts. Due to wet fingers, we tend to tap the wrong option, unluckily removing all the contacts of your device. Take note that accidentally deleted files sometimes can not be retrieved or recovered.
  • Device Stolen is another factor why you need to backup your contacts and personal info on your iPhone. Most of the time, if our device is pickpocketed, we will not be able to retrieve it. Therefore, it is a must to support up your files to get back your files.
  • An additional reason why you need to do a backup regularly is due to a system crash. This fallacy is most likely to happen to devices that are old versions or have earlier processors. A system crash may eradicate some information on your device, so back your files.
  • Lastly, virus infestation on your device is a crucial thing you will have on your mobile phone. Usually, factory resetting is effective in eradicating all the virus intrusion. Therefore, your iPhone needs to be backed up.

reasons why you need to backup

How to Save My Contacts to iCloud

iCloud is a cloud-based storage service dedicated and developed for Apple device users. It can also serve as a cloud computing service to analyze the cloud storage and computing power even without direct active management of the user. As of 2018, this service has 850 million active users, and it rocketed from 782 million users dated last 2016. This number increased due to the ample 5GB of free storage for its new users. Additionally, this cloud is secured and safe from any possible threats of cyberpiracy. It has 11 companies dedicated to the operation and maintenance of cloud storage. With that said, this cloud-based service is a practical solution to backup your contacts. See the listed steps to follow the straightforward guide on how to backup iPhone contacts to iCloud.

  • The primary step on how to save all contacts to iCloud is by opening your device's screen. Browse the list of your application to locate the Settings app. Then, go to your Apple ID to access different menus.
  • Secondly, go to the iCloud option from the menu list presented on your screen. Locate the Contact function and see if its button is on enabled status. If it's disabled or turned off, toggle the button until it turns into a green button. There will be a verification that will ask if you want to Merge or Cancel the backup process of contacts. Hit the Merge to save your contact numbers on your iCloud accounts automatically.

save contacts in icloud with your iphone

How to Backup Contacts to iCloud Manually

iCloud has two ways to backup your contacts; automatically and manually. Both solutions will surely save your contacts. However, the manual backup process works for people who want to choose the backup files they want to save selectively. As we all know, 5GB of free storage may not be enough to save all your iPhone data. Therefore, choosing only the information you want to backup is an excellent thing to do. To know how to save all contacts to iCloud using a manual method, do the following guide.

  • First, in manually backing up your contacts, open your device and swipe to look for the Settings app. From there, look for your Apple ID and access its menu. By accomplishing this, you will have access to different functionalities, including the iCloud service.
  • Secondly, go to the iCloud menu and check the list of iPhone files that can be associated with the backup process. Look for the Contacts icon and see if its button is enabled. Once the contact option is added to the backup files, go to the iCloud Backup menu. There you can find the Back Up Now option. Hit the button to instigate the backup process, and wait until the system finalizes the process.

manual backup of contacts

Manual Backup Your iPhone Contacts with Mac

Our contacts aren't just addresses and numbers—they are connections for our businesses, loved ones, and more. Each contact contains sensitive information and essential data we do not want to lose. However, suppose you do not have enough space on your iCloud, storing many contacts wouldn't be possible. Luckily, we have some Apple devices that are interconnected to each other. Another device that can save iPhone contacts is Mac. This computer is equipped with different software applications that can be used to back up iPhone contacts. It offers a quick and straightforward process. Additionally, it can save as many important contacts as you have on your iPhone. Follow the listed guide beneath on saving the iPhone contacts on your Mac device.

  • The foremost thing we ought to consider is your iPhone contacts should be synched on your Mac device. Looking at this crucial information is critical to ensure that you are backing up the correct information. Then, on your Mac device, launch the Contacts app.
  • The next step is to tick the File option in the application's menu bar. You can see the button located in the upper left corner of the tool. On the dropdown list, click on the Export button. Two options will appear once more; one of these is the Contacts Archive. Name the backup file and select the output location and Save it. Suppose you are using another iCloud account on your Mac device. In that case, you can transfer or save it by uploading the backup file on the iCloud service.

 save iphone contacts using ma

Backup iPhone Contacts to iCloud on Mac/Windows

Distinctive Feature: This tool has three recovery modes to retrieve iPhone contacts. These are Recover From iOS directly, recover from iTunes, and recover from iCloud backup.

AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery is a dominant tool dedicated to recovering and retrieving iPhone data and information. Suppose your iPhone contacts got lost, and you could not back up your device recently; you can use this tool to get the lost information. It can recover different file types, including contacts and photos, and recover and backup iPhone videos, messages, and more. In addition, it can recover other types of data for social media applications, including Whatsapp, Messenger, Facebook, and other media applications. This device is compatible with different Apple mobile devices like iPhone, iPod, and iPad. It supports the latest versions of the iPhone, including iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, and earlier versions. Furthermore, this software is compatible with Windows 11, 10,8, 7, and Windows XP. It perfectly fits with Mac OS X 10.10 and the above versions. To know the process of how to backup iPhone contacts to iCloud with this tool, read the walkthrough thoroughly.

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Step 1 Install the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery

The first guide to perform the process of backing your iPhone contacts is by installing the AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. Click the download options shown above to get its installer. Run the file and finish the start-up wizards to install it thoroughly. You can open the application to assess its navigation and processes.

idr interface

Step 2 Connect iPhone to PC

The next part is to connect your iPhone to your PC. Access the Recover from the iCloud option to go to the signup page. Log in to your iCloud by inputting your Apple ID and Password. Then, there will be a two-way authentication process to log in to your iCloud. Go back to your iPhone screen to get the six-digit code to access your iCloud. Insert these digits on the tool and tap the Enter option on your keyboard.

idr connect iphone

Step 3 Select Data Type

Once the verification has been pushed through, you will be directed to the list of iPhone files. You can see different options here, which includes photos, contacts, note and attachment, calendar, reminders, or you can recover using iCloud backup. Unselect all the options except for contacts—tick the Start option to instigate the process.

idr select the contact

Step 4 Finalize the Process

Lastly, please wait until the process finishes its progress. The progress can be seen at the uppermost part of the tool. Then you can choose either if you want to restore your contact using Restore to Device or Recover on your computer. Hit Restore to Device to directly save contacts on iPhone.

recover iphone contact using ios data recovery

This application can make a backup of your device while doing the restoration process.
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Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.
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