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Five Reliable Ways on How to Backup Music on iPhone

backup iphone musicMusic is one of the fundamental mediums that developed our culture and society. It is also an art that enables musicians to express themselves. For the listeners who are not musically inclined, we tend to enjoy Music whatever emotions we have. Smartphones are one of the most used tools to stream and listen to our favorite songs. These devices are well-known due to the crisp and high-quality audio it gives. One of these compact gadgets is the iPhone. There's no doubt that this device is the pioneer for the song library. Like the iPod, released in the early 2000s, the iPhone also took the same approach when developing its sound system. However, due to some innovations and changes in music quality, saving Music as much as you want is not recommended. Music downloaded from different sites nowadays has larger file sizes. Also, iPhones have a minimal storage capacity and do not allow users to expand their storage with external drives. This scenario may affect the performance of your device, leading to some glitches and errors like losing some music files. So, to prevent these scenarios, utilize these five methods presented below on how to backup Music on iPhone.

iOS Data Backup & Restore
iOS Data Backup & Restore

Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.

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How to Backup Music to iCloud

iCloud is a standard service for iPhone users to backup and store their devices. As of 2018, this cloud-based platform has 800 million active users using its service. It offers users up to 5GB of storage capacity to its patrons. Also, the method of backing up your files is done wirelessly. This process means you do not have to rely on different tools to backup your iPhone data. Additionally, it can backup notes on iPhone and any information you have on your iPhone device. It can save music, photos, videos, documents, contacts, and more. To know how to backup Music to iCloud, follow the listed guidelines below.

  • First, on your home screen, make way for your Settings app to access different setups and functions on your iPhone. Tap on your Apple ID located at the uppermost part of the tool.
  • Second, you will be directed to the next screen, where you can locate the iCloud service. Go to the iCloud function and search for the music icon. Toggle the button to enable your device to include the music application in the backup process.
  • Lastly, tap the iCloud Backup function. You can see the iCloud Backup and Back Up Now options. Select the Back Up Now option to initiate the process to store Music on your iCloud.

backup your music using icloud

How to Backup Music on iPhone with iTunes

iTunes is a media player software developed by Apple Inc. Despite being solely intended for Music and video streaming, this tool also serves as a mobile management utility. This tool is functional on iOS, iPad, and iPod Touches. These three devices require iTunes activation to update and use mobile applications. The reliance of newer iOS versions on iTunes can all back up the iPhone files on your computer. To know the methodology on how to back up iPhone music using this tool, see the precise steps below.

  • To perform the process thoroughly, connect your iPhone to your computer using a lightning cable. At the same time, launch iTunes on your computer to link your device into its system.
  • On its main interface, click the mobile icon to access different available functions for your device. Then, tick the Summary option to locate different functions.
  • Lastly, on the Backup option, click the This computer button to save the music files on your computer. Afterward, hit the Back Up Now function to instigate the backup process.

backup your music using itunes

Backup Music from iPhone to Google Drive

Another solution that you can use to backup your iPhone music is Google Drive. This service is a file service and synchronization platform that enables users to store and share files. As of 2018, this cloud service has 1 billion active users. Each user is eligible with a maximum capacity of 15GB. Therefore, it is considered a great cloud service to store your music files. To have knowledge on how to backup iPhone music to computer, read through the guide beneath.

  • The first walkthrough you need to do is to download Google Drive on your device since it is not a pre-installed application on your iPhone. Do this step by going to your Apple Store and searching for the application to acquire the system.
  • Next, open the application and log in to your account. Tap the Add icon on the tool’s interface and select the upload option. This will enable the application to access your files.
  • Lastly, browse your iPhone files and look for the music you have on your device. Afterward, wait for the system to finish the upload process. Once done, you can also play and preview the music uploaded on this platform.

backup your music using google drive

How To Backup Music using Dropbox

Dropbox is a file sharing and hosting service operated by Dropbox Incorporation. With that, its primary function is to bring files together in one central place on a user’s computer. Each Dropbox user is offered and given two gigabytes of storage. However, extending or adding additional storage is possible with users who paid for the subscription plan that starts at$9.99 per month. As of March 2016, this platform has 500 million active users who store and compile their iPhone files. This data proved that Dropbox is one of the reliable solutions to backup iPhone videos, music, and more. To know the direct way to backup iPhone music using this tool, follow the ways presented below.

  • Since Dropbox is not a pre-installed application on iPhones, you need to download the app first on the Apple Store. Once the application is already installed, launch the tool to log in to your Dropbox account.
  • At the lower section of your screen, tap the plus icon to access the Create and Upload File location functions. Then, Dropbox will have access to your iPhone files and present the available music you have on your device.
  • Finally, choose the music files you need to backup. To save them on Dropbox, click the upload button to create a copy of the music files.

backup your music using dropbox

Backup iPhone Music to Computer

Distinctive Feature: It lists out every file you have on your iPhone device. This makes the backup process more organized and faster.

AceThinker iOS Data Backup & Recovery is an essential tool for every PC due to its ability to scan and create a backup for all iPhone data. With this tool, you can create a complete backup of your iOS information, or you can export selected information such as music. Nonetheless, it can also save and create a backup for other media files. These include documents, photos, contacts, videos, and more. Additionally, its backup process is limitless. Users can make and store backup files with as many versions as they want. This tool also does not override the previous backup you have created, which makes it the better function to utilize among the solutions presented above. To know how to backup iPhone music to computer.

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Step 1 Download the Computer Software

First, to instigate the process of backing up your iPhone music, you need to acquire AceThinker iOS Data & Recovery on your computer. Download its installer by ticking the button presented above. Run the file on your PC and pass through the installation wizards needed to install it fully. Once installed, launch the tool to access its main interface. You can also circumnavigate its functionality to have a better workflow experience.

ios data backup and restore interface

Step 2 Identify the Mode to Backup

From its interface, connect your iPhone to your computer with the aid of your lightning cable. Then, select the iOS Data Backup option, and you will be directed to the selection of backup modes. Choose the Standard mode to have access to your iPhone music easily. In this window, you can also see the previous backups you have created with this tool. Then, hit the Start option to get into the list of your iPhone files.

ios data backup and restore select mode

Step 3 Choose the Music App

Afterward, the list of the files will be presented on the tool's interface. With it, you can tick the Music app only. The icon for music is located in the Media tab. However, if you want to make a backup for all the files on your iPhone, you can tick the Select All at the lower part of the list.

ios data backup and restore select music files

Step 4 Finish the Backup iPhone Music Process

Lastly, once you have selected the files you want to back up, hit the Next button located at the bottom part of the tool. A new window on the interface will appear that will enable you to see the progress of the process. You can locate the backup files in the designated folder you have chosen.

ios data backup and restore finishing the process

You can use encrypted mode to backup your files if you want to add security and password to your files.
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Back up iOS data to PC and selectively restore them.
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