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How to Recover Deleted Messages on Discord in 3 Ways

See Deleted Discord Messages

  • Download the data recovery tool and follow the installation prompts.
  • Allow the software to execute a device scan.
  • Preview the deleted Discord messages and start restoring them.

Discord Message is a chat app designed for gamers and online communities to communicate with each other. It enables users to create channels for different topics and supports voice and video chats. The app has gained popularity recently and is commonly used for social and professional communication. However, there are times that we accidentally delete important messages on this application. In such cases, recovering the deleted Discord messages is crucial, as they may contain important information that cannot be retrieved through other means. Fortunately, this post helps you to see deleted Discord messages and recover them easily.

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How to See Deleted Messages on Discord iPhone Using Advanced Tool

Distinctive Feature: It can recover all your files without backup.
Best For: It is best for users looking for software that can retrieve files without backup.

Is there a possible way how to view deleted messages on Discord? Using a recovery or advanced tool can help you to retrieve them. One of the trending recovery software online is the Acethinker iPhone Data Recovery. It is a flexible tool that can restore lost files, such as pictures, videos, messages, etc., from iPhone, iPad, and iPod models. Moreover, this program's users love that it has 3 different modes so they can choose where they want to restore their discord messages. Suppose it's recovered directly to their device, iTunes, or iCloud backup. However, if you're going to recover your discord messages but didn't perform any backup steps, we suggest using your device to retrieve them. Follow the guide below to learn the process.

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Step 1 Download the Software

How to check deleted messages on Discord? First is to download the software. Click the download button above and wait a few minutes to download the file. Afterward, click the downloaded file and follow all the prompts on your screen to install the software successfully. Next, open it and explore its functions.

fk-idr interface

Step 2 Link Your iPhone to Computer

Connect your iPhone device to your computer using a charger cable. Once done, go back to the program, and you will see a "Start Scan" button if the software successfully detects your phone. Click on the button to begin the scanning process.

fk-idr connect the device

Step 3 Tick Discord Messages

Once completed, you will see tabs for messages, media, and other types of files. Go to the "Applications" tab and tick the "Discord Message." The software presents you with all the deleted discord messages. Tick all the messages you want to recover and hit the "Recover" button.

go to applications tab and tick discord message

Step 4 Click the Recover Button

Once you click the recover button, a prompt pops up on your screen. Here, you can choose an output folder to save the recovered messages. Next, click the "Recover" button on the prompt to start the recovery process.

tick all messages and hit recover button

Step 5 See the Recovered Discord Messages

Once the recovering process is completed, go to your files and locate the output folder you choose. Here, you will see all the recovered discord messages. You can view them individually just by clicking it. So, this is how to recover deleted messages on Discord using AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery.

go to the output folder and see the recovered messages

Other Methods to Get Back Deleted Discord Messages

Method 1. How to Recover Discord Messages Using Discord Bot

Distinctive Feature: This platform offers a message-logging feature that records actions such as message editing and deletion.
Best For: It is best for users who want to recover deleted Discord messages using a reliable and user-friendly method.

Dyno Bot is a powerful multi-purpose Discord bot that has become popular among Discord server administrators. It offers a range of features, from moderation tools to music playback. Moreover, it is one of the Discord bots that can help you easily recover deleted messages. It is a popular Discord bot that offers a variety of useful features for managing and moderating Discord servers, including automated moderation, custom commands, and more. In addition, this application has a free and paid version. So here's the guide on how to find old messages on Discord.

User Guide:

  • On your computer browser, open the Dyno Bot's website. Then on its interface, click "Login with Discord" at the top right corner of the site. Next, enter the email or mobile number you used in the Discord app and hit the "Login" button.
  • Click the "Manage Servers" button beside your profile after logging in. Next, locate the "Modules" option and enable the "Action Log" from the menu. Afterward, click on modules again and select "Action Log" under it. Then, choose your desired server from the "Log Channel" option.
  • Next, tick the "Messages Deleted" from the given options. Once you successfully added the Dyno Bot on your server, Any time a message is deleted from your server, you'll see the message in your private channel.

view deleted messages on discord using bot

Method 2. How to Retrieve Deleted Discord Messages Using Better Discord

Distinctive Feature: It can customize the user interface to suit individual preferences.
Best for: Better Discord is best suited for users who want more control over their communication experience.

The Better Discord platform stands out among other communication platforms due to its distinctive features. Moreover, users who want to personalize their communication experience can create a unique look and feel that reflects their personality with Better Discord. Apart from its customization options, Better Discord also offers a way to recover deleted messages. To recover deleted Discord messages using Better Discord, one can use the "Restore Messages" feature in the app. This feature lets users retrieve messages they may have accidentally deleted or lost. Follow the guide below on how to see deleted Discord messages.

User Guide:

  • First, go to the official website of Better Discord and click the "Download" button there. After downloading, pass through all the installation prompts on your screen. Once the installation is complete, open your Discord account and log in.
  • Next, open the settings option by clicking on the gear icon in your screen's bottom left corner. From the options that appear, click on "Better Discord" and then click on the "Plugins" tab. Search for the "Restore Deleted Messages" option and toggle it to activate the feature.
  • Once activated, go to the channel where you want to recover deleted messages. Then, right-click on your server and select "Message Logger." Next, click the "Open Logs" and tap the "Deleted" tab under it. You will see a list of all deleted messages in that channel.

see the deleted messages on better discord app

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I see deleted messages on Discord?
Yes, there are ways to see deleted messages on Discord. However, you must have the proper permissions or use a third-party application. To obtain guidance, please refer to the detailed instructions provided earlier.
2. How can I see deleted messages on Discord?
You can view deleted messages in the Audit Log tab. However, this is only possible if the server owner has enabled the Audit Log feature. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps like Discord Message Tracker or Discord Bots to see deleted messages.
3. Can I recover deleted messages on Discord?
Yes, iPhone data recovery tools are available on the internet, like AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery. This software could recover your deleted discord messages even if you didn't back them up. You can see our guide above for more information on using this tool.
3. Why do people delete messages on Discord?
People may delete messages on Discord for a variety of reasons. They may have made a mistake or said something they regret. They may also want to keep the server clean and organized or remove potentially sensitive information.

Comparison Chart

Features AceThinker iPhone Data Recovery Dyno Bot Better Discord
It is Free? It has free Version and a paid version that costs $99.95 It has Free Plan and a Premium Plan that costs $3.99 - $7.99 per month It is free
Can Recover Deleted Discord Messages without backup? Yes No No
Supported Languages Japanese, English, Portuguese, French, and German English, Portuguese, German, Deutsch, etc. Japanese, German, French, English, etc.

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