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Video conferencing has become popular as a means of remote communication and collaboration for people and organizations in the current digital age. With the ability to connect with people from all over the world with just a few clicks, video conferencing has made it easier than ever to stay connected and productive. However, with so many people using video conferencing to conduct important meetings and discussions, recording these sessions for future reference has become increasingly important. Whether it's to review important details, share information with colleagues who couldn't attend, or keep an archive of past conversations, recording video conferences has become essential for anyone who relies on this technology. In this article, we will provide the best video conference recording you can use to record your virtual meetings.

Tips in Choosing an Excellent Recording Software

When selecting a video conference recorder, it's crucial to consider various key features that align with your specific needs and preferences. Here are the key criteria to keep in mind to ensure you choose the right video conference recorder:

Compatibility with Platforms: Ensure the recorder is compatible with the video conferencing platforms you frequently use, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and others. This compatibility ensures seamless integration and optimal recording performance.
Recording Quality and Resolution Options: The video conference recorder should offer a range of recording quality options, including different resolutions (e.g., 720p, 1080p, 4K). Higher recording quality provides clearer visuals, making your recorded meetings and presentations more professional.
Audio Recording Capabilities: A reliable recorder should capture clear audio from the participants and yourself. Look for features like noise cancellation, echo reduction, and the ability to record audio from multiple sources, such as microphones and system audio.
Screen Sharing Recording: A valuable feature is the ability to record the video and audio and the content shared on the screen during the conference. This is especially useful for capturing presentations, slides, or demonstrations.
Storage Options: Consider the storage options available for your recorded files. Some recorders offer local storage on your device, while others allow you to save recordings directly to the cloud. Cloud storage is convenient for easy access and sharing.
User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and user-friendly interface enhances your experience with the recorder. Look for features like easy-to-navigate menus, one-click recording, and straightforward settings customization.

criteria for video conference recorder

Best Video Conference Recording Tools

1. Aqua Demo

Salient Feature: Beyond the video recorder, it also has a feature as a game recorder, audio recorder, and phone mirroring and recording.
What is it best for? It is best for recording tutorials and presentations due to its annotation features.

AceThinker Aqua Demo is a versatile and user-friendly video conference recorder that lets users easily record online meeting. It stands out with its excellent compatibility across various platforms, including Zoom, Teams, Webex, and more. The recorder offers a range of recording quality options, up to 4K, ensuring clear visuals for your recordings. Its audio recording capabilities capture both participant voices and system audio with clarity. Local and cloud storage options make your recordings easily accessible and shareable. Furthermore, you can save the video recording in diverse audio and video formats, including MP4, MP3, M4A, WMV, and more.

aqua demo interface

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  • It enables you to preview the recorded video before saving it.
  • With the "Task Scheduler" of this video conferencing recording software, you can schedule a screen recording at a predetermined time.
  • You can share video files directly to your social media accounts.

  • This recording tool is not available on the Linux operating system.

2. OBS

Salient Feature: This video conference recorder comes with an audio mixer making your recordings more engaging.
What is it best for? Recording and streaming gameplay.

Next on the list is OBS. It is an open-source, free conference call video recording and live-streaming tool. It is well-known among gamers and others in related fields for its ability to stream live computer screens to social media accounts. Its high-performance features may also capture and combine music and video in real time and construct scenarios from various sources. These scenes consist of webcams, photos, window tab activity, capture cards, and other things. Additionally, you can take advantage of the audio settings of the tool, allowing you to cancel noise or gain. The tool's interface can be overwhelming for new users, but you can rearrange the layout according to your preferred outline.

obs interface


  • It allows you to monitor the CPU consumption to see how much it takes up space.
  • There are no watermarks on recorded videos.
  • You can set hotkeys for starting and stopping the video recording.

  • Though it does not limit you in recording, it doesn’t support cloud storage.

3. Screencastify

Salient Feature: Its toolbar includes stickers, shapes and tools that can help to emphasize information.
What is it best for? Recording and transforming online meetings into valuable resources

Another free online meeting recorder is Screencastify. It is an impressive free online meeting recorder, perfect for capturing virtual interactions effortlessly. Its compatibility extends to major platforms like Google Meet and Webex, ensuring seamless integration. With robust audio recording capabilities, it ensures that discussions are well-documented. One of its highlights is the ability to record both screens and screen sharing, enabling a comprehensive recording of presentations. Storage options are versatile, offering both local and cloud alternatives, making it convenient for users to store their recordings securely. The cherry on top is its simple interface, making the recording process intuitive for all users. Screencastify excels in transforming online meetings into valuable resources.

record using screencastify


  • It has a basic built-in video editor.
  • Videos can be recorded and edited without the need for downloads.
  • It lacks complicated processes, even for beginners.

  • This application does not support audio effects.

4. Movavi Screen Recorder

Salient Feature: The tool can show your keyboard to viewers and set up the mouse display in the recording.
What is it best for? Capturing any window, screen, or tab on your computer.

Movavi Screen Recorder emerges as a dynamic video conferencing recording software, significantly enhancing virtual interactions. With compatibility across platforms like GoToMeeting, BlueJeans meeting, and more, it ensures no conversation goes unrecorded. Diverse recording quality and resolutions like 720p, 1080p, and 4K choices guarantee optimal clearness. Besides, the tool's audio recording capabilities are robust, capturing dialogues with utmost accuracy. Screen-sharing recording is an evident feature, ideal for presentations and collaborative sessions. The storage alternatives also encompass local and cloud options, accommodating various preferences. The intuitive interface streamlines the recording process for all users.

movavi interface


  • It is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  • You can export your video recordings in MP4, GIF, AVI, MOV, and more.
  • It enables users to edit recorded video by cutting, trimming, and more.

  • With its free plan, there are watermarks on videos.

5. EaseUs RecExpert

Salient Feature: This recording software can record 2D/3D gameplay highlights.
What is it best for? Capturing any region on your PC screen, audio, or webcam.

EaseUS takes the spotlight as a comprehensive video meeting recording software, streamlining your virtual communication needs. Its compatibility with online meeting platforms like Teams and GoToMeeting ensures widespread usability. Varied recording quality and resolution options cater to diverse requirements, maintaining visual transparency. The tool's audio recording capabilities are top-notch, enabling users to remove unnecessary noise and precisely capture discussions. The screen-sharing recording feature of the tool empowers presentations and collaborations, allowing users to export video recordings directly to Vimeo, Google Drive, and others. Regarding the storage options, you can use the local or cloud-based, offering convenient archiving. The interface simplifies the recording process, ensuring accessibility for all users.

easeus interface


  • It has an advanced AI-powered noise remover and video enhancer.
  • The tool has the ability to compress videos.
  • You can add a customized watermark using this screen recorder.

  • The free trial of the tool only allows users to record a two-minute video.

6. Icecream Recorder

Salient Feature: It can record and upload the video to the server and share it with your team, and you can track the number of views in the app.
What is it best for? Recording your computer's audio and microphone to narrate while you record with background music.

Another reliable video conference recorder is Icecream Recorder. It is designed to capture and preserve virtual collaboration. This tool is compatible with Zoom, Skype, and others ensuring comprehensive coverage. The spectrum of the recording quality and resolutions options caters diverse needs of users, maintaining the visual precision of each video recording. Moreover, this MP4 screen recorder for PC supports recording of both computer audio and microphone. The tool excels in screen sharing recording, a crucial asset for presentations and shared content. Storage options, both local and cloud-based, offer flexibility in managing recordings. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless recording experience.

icecream recorder


  • It allows you to screenshot while recording.
  • You can enable the display hotkeys to show the hotkeys combinations while recording.
  • It can record in MP4, AVI, WEBM, and MOV.

  • When editing, sometimes the audio gets distorted.

7. ScreenRec

Salient Feature: It can screen record together with a webcam.
What is it best for? Recording meetings and sharing it with a link.
This lightweight video meeting recording software includes useful screen recording functions. Its user interface is clear and easy to use. It appears to be a single-line comic strip with four icons. On its settings page, you may adjust how your screen is recorded. For instance, you can record using your camera while also adding external audio sound using a microphone. The recording quality can be changed between SD, HD, and 4K. In addition, you can activate the Instant Share Link option to disseminate a link to the recorded file instantly. Additionally, users can open a free cloud account and share their recorded media instantaneously online.

screenrec recording


  • This tool has a built-in media player that allows you to preview the recorded file.
  • It can store recorded files on cloud services, which only requires a little extra storage on your PC.
  • It is appropriate for low-end PCs because it is lightweight and takes up little internal space.

  • The maximum length of each recording session is 5 minutes.

Tips for Recording Online Video Meetings

Effective video conference recording plays a pivotal role in capturing and retaining valuable interactions. Whether for documentation, training, or review purposes, following these tips can elevate the quality and reliability of your video conference recordings.

Pre-Recording Preparation

Test Equipment: Before the conference, ensure that your camera, microphone, and speakers are functioning properly. Conduct a test run to avoid technical glitches during the actual recording.
Select a Quiet Location: Choose a quiet and well-lit environment to minimize distractions and enhance the overall recording quality.
Notification Alerts: Disable notifications and alerts on your devices to prevent interruptions during the recording session.
Screen Arrangement: Organize your screen layout to allow you to view the participants, presentations, and any shared content seamlessly.

Optimizing Recording Quality

Bandwidth Check: Ensure a stable internet connection to prevent lag or disruptions in the video conference. A strong connection contributes to smoother recordings.
Recording Resolution: Select an appropriate recording resolution based on your needs. Higher resolutions are ideal for capturing detailed visuals but require more storage space.
Frame Rate: Opt for a frame rate that balances smooth motion with manageable file sizes. Standard frame rates like 30 or 60 frames per second are commonly used for video recording.
Positioning: Position your camera at eye level to create a more natural and engaging recording. Maintain proper framing to include both yourself and any visual content you share.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Audio Clarity: Use a high-quality microphone to ensure clear audio. Minimize background noise and ensure that participants speak clearly and audibly.
Screen Sharing: Test screen sharing functionality beforehand to avoid any hiccups when presenting slides, documents, or applications.
Backup Plan: Have a backup recording method or software if technical issues arise with your primary recording tool.
File Management: Organize your recorded files systematically for easy access and future reference. Consider using descriptive filenames.
Editing: You can edit the footage to remove unnecessary sections, enhance audio quality, or add captions for better comprehension.

tips for video conference

Comparison of Video Conference Recorder

Screen Recorder System Requisite Price Language Interface
Aqua Demo For Processor- Intel i3 or higher
For RAM - 4GB or above
Personal: $19.95 - $42.95
Family/Business: $79.90 - $199.80
English, Portuguese, French, Chinese, etc.
OBS For Processor - Intel i5 2500K, AMD Ryzen 1300x
For RAM - 4GB or higher
Free English, Japanese, Spanish, Deutsch, etc.
Screencastify Google Chrome with 1GB free disk space. Starter: $7
Pro: $10
Movavi Screen Recorder For Processor- 1GHz core Intel or higher
For RAM - 2GB or above
Personal: $39.95
Business: $49.95
English, Polski, Italiano, Netherlands, etc.
Screen Recorder System Requisite Price Language Interface
EaseUs RecExperts For Processor- 64 bit Intel
For RAM - 2GB or above
Personal: $39.95 - $ 69.95 English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.
Icecream Recorder For Processor- 2.66 GHz core Intel or higher
For RAM - 4GB or above
Personal: $29.95 - $ 78 Arabic, Danish, Greek, English, etc.
ScreenRec For Processor- Intel Pentium 4
For RAM - 512MB or above
Free Japanese, Arabic, English, Russian, etc.

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